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Chapter 561: Turning the Tide, Turning the Tables

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even though there were a few people who could still keep up with Lan Ling and Yu Zhiwens rhythm, as well as their judgment.

But when the sentence “I am Xu Xiaoshou” really popped out from the mouth of the Second Brother of the Saint Servant in an extremely absurd tone.

No one dared to believe it anymore.

They didnt know whether to laugh or cry!

This was simply a ridiculous conclusion that made people not know whether to laugh or cry!

The Second Brother of the Saint Servant!

The person standing in front of him was the Second Brother of the Saint Servant, Sleeveless!

A peerless existence who could escape from the hands of the Wuyue Sword Deity more than ten years ago and even dared to fight Gou Wuyue alone more than ten years later.

As for Xu Xiaoshou..

Everyone knew that he was an innate expert.

No matter how powerful his side-effects were, such as Master Physique, Master sword intent, spiritual array, cauldron explosion, magic pill technician..

At the end of the day, he was just a mere innate expert.

He could still put on an act.

Aura, foresight, courage, big picture, and so on..

Could he do it

Could he really put on an act

Yu Zhiwen was able to calmly deduce in the midst of the war between the Sovereign and the Cutting Path, and she was able to state her views in an orderly manner.

This had already amazed all the red-robed.

However, this was something that she, as the direct disciple of Dao Xuanji of the Holy Divine Palace and the second on the Heaven Rollcall of the Path Division, could only have if she had an extremely rich background and resources.

All of this was enough to allow her to maintain a trace of calmness in such a situation.

She could stand up and say a few words without her legs trembling.

In this world, how many young people had such backgrounds and resources

And who was Xu Xiaoshou

A junior who had only taken a few months to grow from the Tiansang Spirit Palace to his previous realm.


His talent was good!

But what about his horizons and knowledge

How could he hide from the Storyteller and suppress everyone in the situation of the Sovereigns throne and the Cutting Path, making everyone keep it a secret

There was a 10,000% possibility..


Among the red-robed crowd, Lan Ling was laughing crazily in a low voice.

She had also understood and understood this point.

There were too many mysteries.

If it really came down to the root point…

Everything had already been explained.

Not to mention Xu Xiaoshou, it was impossible for him to have such strength.

Taking ten thousand steps back, if he really pretended to be the second son of the Saint Servant.

Would the Storyteller, who was also a Saint Servant, not be able to see it and allow him to scold him

He was at the peak of Cutting Path!

He was a peak powerhouse who had transcended the Nine Death Thunder Calamity!

If she could doubt Red-robed, how could she doubt the Saint Servants family

How could he doubt that such a powerful expert would cooperate with Xu Xiaoshou, who he had never even heard of, to act in the arena


In conclusion.

The starting point of the previous deduction was wrong in itself.

And any deduction based on a wrong starting point, which was like self-deception, was at best just self-justifying.

When a certain point couldnt be justified.

He could only go back and watch.

Then he would find..

A complete mess!

The existence of the Storyteller had already proved everything!


Lan Ling smiled bitterly.

She had let this girl down too much.

At the same time, she had placed too much trust in this girl.

No matter how outstanding she was or how big her background was, she had rushed over from the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace to assist.

Yu Zhiwens mission was only to help crack thethirty-six heavens sealed array.


No one had ever said that..

Even the higher-ups of the Saint Servant had never said that she, Yu Zhiwen, could play a controlling role in the battles of the high-end bureau.

If they really encountered a big battle…

Yu Zhiwen was only a child!

Lan Ling didnt blame her own thinking for being misled by Yu Zhiwen step by step.

She only hated herself for assigning such an important mission to that little girl because she was from the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace, allowing her to solve the situation in front of her that even she herself couldnt solve.

And the ending..

The word “Run” finally ended all delusions!


“Second Brother…”

The storyteller looked at his second brother who was laughing crazily and even wiping his tears.

To be honest, the panic in his heart was no less than Lan Lings.

He had never seen Second Brother lose his composure like this.

He couldnt even stop laughing.

This was simply..

“Am I crazy What on earth am I doing”

“Just because of a few words from that little girl in Red-robed, youre suspecting my Second Brother”

“No matter how outstanding that Xu Xiaoshou is, can he be like my Second Brother, like hes carved out of the same mold”

“Even twins cant be like this, right”

“Ability, appearance, behavior, demeanor…”

The Storyteller pressed on his chest and retreated step by step.

Luo Leileis voice seemed to still be in his ears, but this time, he directly blocked it.

No one could imagine what the completely crazy Second Brother would do next.

He didnt even dare to be distracted!

“Second Brother, you…”

The Storyteller swallowed his saliva and said with difficulty, “Are you okay”

“Cared, passive points 1.”

“Im fine…”

Xu Xiaoshou panted and waved his hand.

When his breathing became smoother, he seemed to come to his senses and said, “Sigh, Im fine, Im fine.

What can happen to me, Xu Xiaoshou”

“Even you guys are subdued by me.

Is there anything in the world that I, Xu Xiaoshou, cant do”

“Doubted, passive points 19.”

The corner of the Storytellers mouth began to twitch.

“Second Brother, take it easy.

No, dont do anything rash.

Xu Xiaoshou and the others are joking!”

“Those people…”

He pointed at the scattered Red-robed and sneered, “Ordinary fools, theres no need to lower themselves to their level.”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded and met his gaze.

He said solemnly, “But with you, we really need to experience it, dont we”


The Storyteller was speechless.

His hair stood on end.

He almost blew up the ancient book space and ran for his life.

Brother, save me..

Second Brother wants to kill me!

“Heehee, Heehee…”

“He is not, he is not…”

The Storytellers eyes rolled quickly and focused on the Cardinal Wheel in Second Brothers hand.

He suddenly had an idea.

He changed the topic and said,

“Wasnt she scared by your Cardinal Wheel”

“This thing wasnt said by that little girl.

It was on that Xu Xiaoshou”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed deeply.

“Whatever Red-robed says, youll believe it… Storyteller, thats what you mean, right”

The legs of the Storyteller went soft.

“Feared, passive points 1.”

“Thats not what I meant!”

He explained in a panic, “Its because what they said was too real.

I, I…”

He turned around and swept a glance at the dazed Lan Ling.

At this moment, the Storyteller truly realized that he had been led by the nose by Red-robeds attitude earlier.

Look at Lan Ling.

This loss of composure meant that they had also realized the reality — could this person in front of them not be that so-called Xu Xiaoshou faking it

If that was really the case, then what was there to doubt!

This was the second brother who was truly standing in front of them.

But just because of a few words from Red-robed, he had doubts about him

At this moment, the Storyteller was really going to die from his stupidity.

He wished that he could slap himself a few times to dispel the hatred in his heart.

“Then this Cardinal Wheel…”

Although his heart was shrinking, the Storyteller also understood that at this moment, he must not let the second brothers attention be on him.

Otherwise, he would definitely use him to vent his anger.

Shifting his gaze, he asked him where the Cardinal Wheel came from.

That was right… the Storyteller had an idea.

“So, you also obtained it from that Xu Xiaoshou” The Storyteller evaded his gaze and asked.

“Im really going to be laughed out of my mind by you guys.”

Xu Xiaoshou flipped his hand and retrieved the Cardinal Wheel.

As he followed his breath, he shook his head and sighed, “I did meet a junior earlier, but I dont know him.”

“The Cardinal Wheel wasnt my intention.”

“These things…”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“Im not interested at all.”

Red-robed and the others were stunned.

If youre not interested, why are you taking it

“Belittled, passive points 12.”

Not even interested in the Cardinal Wheel

Lan Ling suddenly realized that she had overlooked an important factor in all her deductions.

“A coincidence!”

What if Xu Xiaoshou and the Second Brother of the Saint Servant met in this small White Cave


“There cant be such a coincidence.”

“Unless the Second Brother of the Saint Servant personally went to find Xu Xiaoshou and snatched the Cardinal Wheel from his hands.”

“But this is also a suspicious point.” Lan Lings thoughts spun wildly.

“The Saint Servant, Sleeveless, should be an alchemist.

He wouldnt be interested in the Cardinal Wheel.

I can tell from what he said just now.”

“He didnt find Xu Xiaoshou because of this…”

Lan Ling didnt have time to feel guilty.

She cast her gaze on the Storyteller who was deep in thought.

Although there was a hint of fear in her eyes, she was still waiting for an answer that could be acknowledged.

If even the storyteller knew why the Second Brother of the Saint Servant wanted to find Xu Xiaoshou and not the Second Brother of the Saint Servants explanation..

Then his previous deduction was a joke.

Because the last crucial factor was that Xu Xiaoshou was dead!

The Second Brother of the Saint Servant had gotten everything from him!

So, what could it be

It would cause a peerless expert to target a mere innate expert who was as insignificant as an ant


The Storyteller was also confused by the Second Brothers words.

He pondered for a long time.

Suddenly, the scene he saw in the spirit fusion swamp appeared in his mind.

When he rushed to that place, the icy realm had already collided with the aura of flames and exploded.

But at that time, everyone was looking for theThree Days Frozen Calamity.

Even he was attracted by theThree Days Frozen Calamity.

After all, the Infernal Original Seed on the other side was a ghost that he didnt want to come into contact with.

Those juniors were even more helpless.


At that time!

On the eve of the second explosion, although the scene flashed by, he still saw an obscure figure jump out from the Infernal Original Seeds direction.

It was Xu Xiaoshou!


The Storytellers eyes lit up, and he suddenly slapped his forehead, causing cold sweat to spray out.


“Im really stupid to the extreme!”

“This wave…”

The Storyteller was so ashamed that he almost buried himself in the spatial crack.

No one dared to touch the Infernal Original Seed.

Because Xu Xiaoshou had obtained a bit of luck from his Second Brother, he dared to search for it and even dug it out.

Later on, Xu Xiaoshou and the Seal Ghost Beast came out of the ancient books space.

He didnt feel any infernal aura from the Seal Ghost Beast either.

This meant that the Infernal Original Seed had landed on Xu Xiaoshou.

And no one dared to touch the Infernal Original Seed, which they feared like thunder.

To Second Brother, it was a great tonic!

When he had gone to look for theThree Days Frozen Calamity, he had also thought that if he could get the Infernal Original Seed, he might be able to help Second Brother recover from his previous injuries

Now, Second Brother himself had entered the White Cave.

Feeling the power that came from the same source as his own, coupled with the battle with that guy surnamed Gou, his vitality was greatly damaged and he urgently needed to be replenished.

Under such circumstances, would he not look for the so-called Infernal Original Seed

And the Infernal Original Seed was on Xu Xiaoshous body..

At this moment, Second Brother had also obtained the Cardinal Wheel.

Didnt this mean..

“Its very simple!”

The Storyteller hugged his head and squatted down in mid-air.

He was about to cry from his stupidity!

Wasnt everything very simple

“So Second Brother, you sensed the aura of the Infernal Original Seed, found Xu Xiaoshou, and took something from him”

“Along the way…”

The storyteller raised his head with tears in his eyes.

“Along the way, you also recovered from your injuries”


Hearing this, Lan Ling felt weak all over.

She staggered and fell into Xins arms.


All wrong!

So the last factor really wasnt a coincidence.

The Second Brother of the Saint Servant came to find Xu Xiaoshou only because of the same source of power and the Infernal Original Seed.

It was only because he urgently needed to recover from his injuries after the battle with the Wuyue Sword Deity

So, he swallowed the Infernal Original Seed on Xu Xiaoshou

Lan Ling felt that her heart was breaking.

At this moment, her worldview seemed to be crumbling, collapsing, and it was difficult for it to take shape again.

Night Guardians heart suddenly tightened.

According to this deduction..

“Xu Xiaoshou is dead”

“Doubted, passive points 1.”


“Is it difficult to understand”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in mid-air, could not help but laugh.

“Isnt this obvious”

He was silent for a moment.

He looked at the completely silent crowd.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that he had lost Yu Zhiwen.

Even Lan Ling, who had been completely misled by the word “Run” and could not get back on track, had completely lost her judgment.

No one present could use their brains.

The Storyteller had thoughts.

The Night Guardian also had thoughts.

However, their thoughts werent really thinking in terms of the overall situation.

They simply couldnt control the arena.

At the very most, their thoughts could only be considered to be battle thoughts.

It was the kind of battle thoughts that could subtly grasp a certain detail in a battle and turn the tides of the battle.

The arena was controlled by two leaders, Yu Zhiwen and Lan Ling.

Xu Xiaoshou said bluntly.

No one in the arena was a match for him!

He pondered for a short while.

After the crowd managed to recover their emotions, he slowly flipped his hand.

“Hum –”

In an instant.

Not only did the Fourth Sword in his other hand tremble, even the sabers in the red-robed were trembling non-stop.

“Famed sword, Flame Python!”

Night Guardians eyeballs popped out.

At this moment, the second Saint Servant took out the Flame Python that was constantly struggling and trembling.

He was the one who gave away the ownership in the name of the Red-robed and gave it to Xu Xiaoshous famed sword — Flame Python!


“Xu Xiaoshou…”

The light in Night Guardians eyes dimmed.

He had indeed seen Xu Xiaoshous upright character and admired him greatly.

But at the same time, he could also predict it.

According to that fellows temperament, if he were to develop on his own, there would come a day when he would encounter an external force that he could not resist by relying on his own strength.

And for a person like Xu Xiaoshou, to put it bluntly, he would rather die than submit!


Night Guardian shook his head, still in disbelief.

He had expected the outcome.

But he had never expected that just because of such an accident, just because the second son of the Saint Servant had entered the White Cave, he had also coincidentally fallen in love with the Infernal Original Seed.

Xu Xiaoshou was 10,000 steps ahead of him and encountered that kind of force majeure!

“Whats wrong with him”

Night Guardian took a step forward and unconsciously asked.

There was even a hint of killing intent in his words.

“Received concern, passive points 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar and turned around with a light smile.

“Very impressive.

Didnt that little girl just say that Xu Xiaoshou is his friend He can even teach her a lot of things.”

“What Im asking is…” Night Guardians heart was filled with anger, and he said unceremoniously, “What did you do to him”

“He also has a lot of things.”

Xu Xiaoshous reply was not right.

He weighed the famed sword and Flame Python that was constantly “Resisting”.

He turned to look at the Storyteller and smiled, “Another famed sword, an unexpected gain.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

The Storyteller nodded like he was pounding garlic.

His intestines were turning green with regret.

Even the matter of his brother wanting to collect the famed sword was still remembered by his second brother.

Why did he have to provoke this big trouble

Storyteller, are you crazy to suspect Second Brother

Youre simply sick!

“Second Brother, so that Xu Xiaoshou… is dead” The Storyteller asked weakly.

He did not dare to change the topic at all.

When he saw the meaningful look in Second Brothers eyes, he felt that his neck was very cold, very cold..

“Hes not dead.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and kept the famed sword in his ring.

Night Guardians heart suddenly relaxed, and even his breathing unconsciously calmed down a lot.


He saw the Second Brother of the Saint Servant straighten his straw hat and added, “I said hes not dead, can anyone still believe me now”


This time, the Night Guardians body stiffened and his face turned as white as paper.

“Glared at, passive points, 1.”


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