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Chapter 595: My Name Is Bazhunan!

“Do it!”

However, Gou Wuyue did not move.

Instead, Chang Yi, who was clothed fully in white, shouted and immediately turned into a shadow before flying into the sky.

He knew the outcome of the discussion between the two big shots did not matter, the rules of this operation would never change.

Even if Elder Wuyue really owed this Saint Servant a favor, some issues could not be resolved by just owing someone a favor.

As Elder Wuyues personal assistant, he had to be decisive when making decisions that even the elder himself couldnt make.

He had to be impartial and not let his own personal interests and emotions affect him.

Saint Servant versus Chang Yi…

Elder Wuyue couldnt really decide between these two!

Therefore, it was up to someone else to make this decision for him, even if the consequences of this decision might be difficult to bear…

“Pulsation of light!”

Chang Yi did not hesitate at all.

He threw his hands behind him and immediately exploded into sparkling spots of light that merged with the Way of the Heavens.

In the next second, it seemed like the world had instantly darkened for a moment, before lighting up once again.

However, the light that appeared again seemed to be different from the previous light.


The masked mans feet paused in mid-air, and his body steadily came to a stop.

Cen Qiaofu and the storyteller, who were both following closely behind, immediately realized that something was wrong.

The two of them stopped at the same time, and even their breathing stopped.

However, Xu Xiaoshou followed behind with his thoughts in a mess.

His mind was still thinking about other things, and he could not react for a moment.

When he heard the sound, even if he wanted to stop, he had already taken a step forward.


A ripple appeared in the air.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to move one bit.

Cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Whats wrong”

He asked in surprise.

Why did everyone stop moving suddenly

Even those clothed in white were frozen in place.

Everyone around who was moving was all frozen mid-movement.

It was an amazing sight with different types of positions showing.

After Chang Yi made his move, it was as if time had been stopped.

There was not even the slightest bit of movement from everyone.

Even breathing had become silent.


The sound of the rain could be heard.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that something was wrong.

Rain should be falling drop by drop from the sky.

However, these raindrops seemed to have been sliced up into hundreds of thousands of pieces as they fell, before shattering and turning into a hazy mist that scattered in all directions.

The rain had suddenly turned into a super large humidifier that was spraying mist everywhere randomly.

The rain and mist flew everywhere.

This could not be called rain at all.

The sky was spraying mist!


Xu Xiaoshou swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

As if it was a butterfly effect, by the time he reacted…

“You have been attacked, passive points 9999.”

“You have been attacked, passive points 9999.”

“You have been attacked, passive points 9999.”

Three messages popped up in the information bar.

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately shocked.


Thats the f*cking limit!

“In just a flash, I took three heavy hits”

Xu Xiaoshous heart set off boundless waves.

It was only at this moment that intense pain came from several parts of his body.


A sizzling sound could be heard.

The right leg that Xu Xiaoshou had just stepped out of exploded, turning into a hazy blood mist.

Even his bones and flesh were turned into fine powder, drifting off into the rainy mist.


With another sizzling sound, Xu Xiaoshous Adams apple exploded, and a pillar of blood shot out.

The position where his Adams apple was rolling due to the swallowing action had been sliced flat by an unknown force.

Not a single piece of flesh was left, and the cut was unusually smooth.


With another sizzling sound, his lips which were mouthing the word “Why” were also turned into minced meat.

Fresh blood flowed out.

Xu Xiaoshous entire body stiffened.

The intense pain almost made him scream.

However, the inexplicable injury brought about a fear that originated from his soul.

It firmly restrained his body from twitching in pain.

Xu Xiaoshou knew very well that at this moment, if he were to move, his entire body would be destroyed on the spot like the rain and fog.

“What the h*ll is this”

Feeling shocked, Xu Xiaoshou focused on his “Perception”.

Only then could he faintly notice that the light in the surroundings was a little brighter than usual.

He took a closer look.

This light seemed to have been artificially controlled.

At this moment, it was formed by countless fine light rays interweaving.

The light was originally intangible.

However, that Chang Yi had actually compressed the light into a tangible form and turned it into a ray with extreme cutting power, using it to seal off an entire area of space.

“How big of a project is this”

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” scanned through the entire area and shockingly, he could see that the effect extended over a radius of a few kilometers.

This was the dense version of the infrared cutting field — filling the entire area with domains!

“Bounded domain”

“Pulsation of light”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood why everyone in the area seemed to have paused in time, and none of them dared to move.

As all space had been sealed off, any movement would result in the laser that was inserted into the cells and pores of the body taking away a persons life in the blink of an eye!

“You wont be able to escape.”

Chang Yi withdrew his hands from the air and looked coldly at the four people in front of him.

He formed a seal with his hands.

“Let the light and shadow penetrate the body.”

“Hum –”

With a light sound, a light curtain of light appeared on the bodies of the white-clothed people.

When the light curtain appeared, the white-clothed people finally let out a sigh of relief and started moving once again.

They all went back to what they had been doing.

However, the four Saint Servants werent covered by the light curtain.

This meant that once thebounded domain of light was manipulated, the four Saint Servants would instantly die!

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.


His eyelids trembled and turned into a bloody mist.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt have time to be frightened and immediately wanted to telepathically communicate with the masked man.

However, how could the masked man not thought of an attack method that even he could think of

“Cen Qiaofu!”

The masked man let out a cry.

In this Grim Reapers predicament, it was as if he had entered an uninhabited state.

His body trembled and he directly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had already landed in front of Chang Yi.


A huge bloody mist exploded out in front of him.

Chang Yi was stunned on the spot.

Wasnt this suicide

He had never expected the masked man to appear in front of him so recklessly and to be even willing to sacrifice his entire body.

“Seeking death”

This thought had just flashed through his mind.

However, in the blood mist, an arm-shaped object that was drawn out by the sword energy that was traveling at high speed and continuously cutting was stretched out and grabbed his neck.

“A hand”

There was a screeching sound beside his ears.

It was the ear-piercing sound that came from the high-speed shooting of the sword energy.

Chang Yi was shocked.

“Arent you afraid of pain”

His voice was difficult to speak.

Because the arm in front of him was too shocking!

It had no bones, no tendons, much less flesh and blood.

But it was like a solid arm.

After grabbing Chang Yis neck, it did not hesitate at all and started exerting force.


Chang Yis neck was broken, and his head fell from the sky.


The masked man asked in return.

The silhouette of a human figure, which was outlined by the white sword aura, stepped out of the blood mist.

The light did indeed cut through his body.

In the span of a breath, it could cause thousands of injuries.

However, the masked man did not even tremble.

He lowered his head and looked at the hand of the white sword aura that he spread out.

He sighed and said, “If you say its a shock, then it is indeed a little bit.”

“But this little bit of pain is nothing to this crippled body of mine.”

As he spoke, he slowly turned around and looked at Gou Wuyue.

“I said…”

His voice paused.

“Dont move!”

The masked man bent his fingers.


Chang Yi, whose head had been separated from his body, was about to turn into a speck of light and escape.

But suddenly, an endless amount of white Galaxy Sword Aura shot into his body and head, pinning him to the ground.

The masked man raised his hand.

Chang Yis head, which had been pierced by the sword energy, flew in a circle and reformed in Chang Yis hand.

“Ive said it.”

Only then did the masked man finish his sentence.

He looked at Gou Wuyue and said, “If you really want to fight, your subordinates will suffer even more losses than mine.”

The masked mans gaze focused on the man whose hand was twitching non-stop and whose white robe was dyed red with blood.

He laughed lightly.

“Cutting Path Level, light type… his potential is indeed very good.”

“You should also cherish this type of people very much.

Thats why you brought him along and personally nurtured him, right”


“Do you want him dead or alive”

All the white-clothed people present were stunned.

After taking off the shell of his acquired cultivation level body and revealing his true sword body, only then did everyone understand why the masked man looked so weak earlier.

Just by being alive, he was continuously suffering the damage from the high-speed sword energy in his body.

How could such a person be like the others who had a bright and beautiful appearance

It was already a miracle that he was still alive, Alright !

“Indestructible Sword Body”

There were swordsman in the crowd, and there were also people who saw what kind of method this was.

By cultivating ones Galaxy Sword Aura, one could cast away ones weak body.

In the future, one would use acquired energy to forcefully transform the body of a mortal into a sacred physique.

Such a technique was too terrifying!

“Is this true…”

“This guy is still conscious How could he still be alive”

“No wonder he couldnt even fly when he had acquired cultivation level.”

“Under such circumstances, how could he keep his soul from collapsing, let alone maintain his acquired cultivation level”

“Is he even human”

“A Saint Servant… f*cking Saint Servants are crazy! No one would cultivate with such means, right”

“Cultivate I dont think so.

Maybe this isnt his sword energy”

“Hmm What do you mean”

“Look at this sword energy.

If he could control himself, would he choose to injure himself instead of stopping the sword energy”

“But hes a lunatic!”


No one could say anything right now.


Judging from the current situation, the chief Saint Servant was really a lunatic.

In order to cultivate, he didnt even leave any flesh and blood behind.

Regardless of whether it was self-harm or him being crippled, with his tenacious willpower, no one present dared to disrespect him.

“Indestructible Sword Body…”

Gou Wuyues gaze became serious.

He could smell a very familiar strand of sword energy from the sword body.

“Hua Changdeng”

Gou Wuyue did not directly respond to the masked mans words.

He did not even look at his closest guard, Chang Yi, with a hint of worry.

He only stared at the person with sword energy in shock as he spoke.

“Like I said, do you want him dead or alive”The masked man also spoke to himself.

“Who are you”

Gou Wuyue was extremely furious.

The Voice of Nulan was immediately unsheathed.

He pointed with the tip of his sword, and a black line appeared in the air, directly piercing through the head of the sword energy.

However, the masked man remained unmoved.

There was no more blood on his body that could be shed.

“No blood, no tears”

“Then one of you will die first!”

With a sigh, the masked man moved his fingers.


Endless white sword aura exploded, turning into countless white sword aura in all directions.

With the momentum of 10,000 swords becoming one, they pierced toward Chang Yis body.

“Save him!!!”

A shrill scream came from the white-clothed man.

The light from the void spiritual array was finally stitched together again, and another layer of golden barrier covered it.


Just as the sword energy was about to pierce through Chang Yis body, a light figure descended from the sky, enveloping Chang Yi.


The masked mans sword energy hit nothing.

The person in his hand had already been teleported away.

“A Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield”

The masked man raised his head to look at the golden barrier in the sky.

He seemed to want to laugh, but his face was blurry, and there was no fluctuation on it at all.

At this moment, there was already a trace of blood on his chest.

After the blood color appeared, it did not take long for his heart to be formed.

Following that, his bones, tendons, and blood were regenerated.

The final human body appeared, and even the black robe that covered his face was restored.

The slightly bent and weak figure once again materialized in the void.

However, at this moment, no one dared to underestimate this person who seemed to only be at the acquired realm.

This was a non-human!


The masked man coughed lightly and stopped his voice.

Worry appeared in the eyes of the storyteller behind him.

He knew that every time his brother made a move, his vitality would be greatly damaged.

The current commotion was much greater than before.

After this battle, his strength had fallen to an unknown extent.

How could his brothers body withstand it

“Put down the sword.”

On the other hand, the masked man himself seemed to be unharmed.

His gaze was fixed on Gou Wuyues sword.

“In this world, no one dares to point a sword at me.”

White-clothed immediately went into an uproar.

This was the Moonless Sword Deity, one of the Seven Sword Deities!

Even if this masked man had an indestructible sword body, where did he get the courage to say such words

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He had heard similar words before.

At that time, Xiao Qixiu pointed his sword at the masked man.

The latter had even said something even more arrogant, “Among those who dare to attack me, you are the weakest!”!

At that time, he thought that the masked man was just showing off.

Who would have thought that the chief saint servant would still be so arrogant in front of one of the Seven Sword Deities!

Gou Wuyues pupils violently trembled.

Others might think that the masked man was crazy.

But when this familiar tone and familiar words fell into his ears, it directly pulled him back to the memory of the battle decades ago.

“You, who exactly are you”

The masked man silently smiled.

He slowly turned his head and looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Is the name really that important”

“Huh” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Then he remembered that he had also asked the masked man several times about Gou Wuyues question.

“Its important…”

Glancing at Gou Wuyue, Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.


“Is it important”

The masked man repeated in a low voice and slowly looked back.

“Put down the sword first.”


Gou Wuyue roared angrily.

He lost control of his emotions, and even the hand holding the sword trembled slightly.

The masked mans gaze moved down and landed on the famed sword, the Voice of Nulan.

“He dared to point his sword at me, and you dare to point the tip of your sword at me”

Everyone was confused, and the famed sword trembled.


It was as if it was choking.

The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, bent, and the tip of the sword slowly lowered.

It was as if a famous general had met a king.

No matter how arrogant one was, it was impossible for him to raise at a king.

Everyone felt their hearts tremble.

The sword of the Moonless Sword Deity lowered its head towards the masked man!

The masked man nodded slightly and raised his head.

“My name can not appear under this sky that is covered by dark clouds.”

“If it wants to see light, then it must see True Light.”


The golden barrier in the sky was pierced through by his sword-like sharp gaze.

The swaying rain and dark clouds seemed to be swept by an intangible giant sword as it swept through the sky.

The sky had brightened.

It had brightened by more than a minute!

Everyone felt that the situation was somewhat out of control.

Some of the swordsmans bodies trembled slightly as if they had seen a miracle.

Their eyes were filled with shock and excitement.

Even Xu Xiaoshou, who had been suppressed in the darkness of his heart and had planned to not dare to rummage through the box to find the answer to the question, could not help but think of it.


I think that it is only a code name.

It can not represent anything.

Thus, for decades, I have not spoken of it.” The masked mans turbid gaze looked straight at Gou Wuyue, unperturbed.

“Say it!” Gou Wuyue roared.

“You already have the answer, why do you need me to say it”

“I dont have the answer at all!”

Gou Wuyues eyes were red.

His body leaned forward, and because of his excitement, he couldnt stand steadily.

It was as if he was about to fall.

“Another person who doesnt have the answer…”

The masked mans gaze shifted to Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists tightly.

For some reason, he was furious.

At the same time, he could see the meaning that the masked man wanted to convey from his turbid eyes.

It was just like the confusion he had experienced in the white cave.

The storyteller could not give an answer.

Cen Qiaofu could not give an answer.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, also could not give an answer.

But the masked man could.

“I can give the answer that they cant give to you!”

Why could the masked man do something that others couldnt

If others couldnt, why could he

The answer he could give… What was it

It was dawn, and the rain was clearing up.

Everyone held their breaths, and the whole place was silent.

The masked man was still hunched over.

His gaze landed on Gou Wuyue, and then passed through his body to the space behind him.

Raising his head, he seemed to pierce through the sky, breaking through a region and landing on the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace in the central region.

His gaze moved away from the place where people worshiped and broke through the five regions.

He saw the order of the great path and the invisible giant hand behind the order.

It was just as Gou Wuyue had said earlier.

The arena was not a battle between dozens of people.

Outside the arena, there were seven to eight hundred Holy Divine Guards operating the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield according to the instructions of the Holy Divine Palace.

Everything that happened here would fall into the eyes of the Holy Divine Palace and be heard by those people.

But the masked man did not care.

His answer was not to confuse Xu Xiaoshou in the first place, and it was not just to answer Gou Wuyue.

After all, only one person with the water-type ability could hear the Saint Servants declaration of war from the White Cave.

Could it reach the ears of those people, and then spread across the continent

These were the questions.

Then, if the name was important, it could be used as a symbol to convey the Saint Servants declaration of war, causing those people to start panicking.

Since he said it, he said it!

The masked man stood with his hands behind his back.

The light of heaven and earth shone through the broken “Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield” and scattered everywhere.

Everyone was waiting.

His slightly hunched shadow seemed to be lengthening as the waiting time dragged on.


The masked man coughed lightly.

The moment he broke the silence, he could also smell the bloody smell on his nose and mouth.

He did not care.

Under the mask, the outline of his mouth moved.

His voice was calm and of the perfect volume.

It was very much at ease.

However, in an instant, it seemed to spread across the five domains of the continent.

“My name is Bazhunan!”


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