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Chapter 613: Why Would a Dying Man Talk so Much

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“What nonsense are you talking about”

Elder Sang tilted his head and cursed.

His eyes were focused on the person who had just arrived.

The corner of his lips curled up.

“Old Brat Wuyue, long time no see.

I miss you very much.”

Gou Wuyue touched his sword, but his gaze skipped Elder Sang and landed on Xu Xiaoshou.

“Your disciple”

“Thats right,” Elder Sang narrowed his eyes.

“I thought he was Bazhunans disciple.”

“Then youre wrong.”

Elder Sang laughed.

Then he continued, “Bazhunan wanted to snatch my disciple.

Unfortunately, he couldnt do so.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Why didnt he know that he was so popular

“Xiao Shi Tan Ji…”

Gou Wuyue groaned.

Then, he asked, “Wheres Yu Lingdi”

He could feel the pure Fire-type Element here.

However, in the Great Path of Heaven and Earth, there wasnt even the slightest of Water-type Element.

Even the Water-type Order in this space had been cut off.

Without a doubt, Yu Lingdi was here before.

Yu Lingdi must have created the Elder Sangs Hundred Thousand Mountains and Dragon Melting Realm.

“You mean this”

The old man pressed down on the straw hat and stretched his fingers wide apart.

A water droplet seeped out from his palm.


A low humming sound was heard.

They might not have noticed it if they had not focused on this water droplet.

“This is Yu Lingdi”

Xu Xiaoshou was the first to be shocked.

He did not expect that the dignified master of Water-type Upanishad would fall into Elder Sangs hands.

Yu Lingdi was refined into a drop of liquid!

Gou Wuyue frowned.

Sword Will was rampant in the void.

It was clearly a warm space, but Xu Xiaoshou inexplicably shivered.

Killing intent!

Gou Wuyue wanted to kill people now!

“Dont worry, hes not dead yet.”

Elder Sang flicked his finger, and the water droplet danced in the air.

He smiled and said, “But, its hard to tell if you come a bit later.”

“Let him go,” Gou Wuyue said indifferently.


Elder Sang nodded and said, “Call all the White-clothed over.

Let the Saint Servant and Cen Qiaofu go, and Ill let Yu Lingdi go.”

Gou Wuyues eyes darkened.

That was impossible.

In the Eighth Palace, Cen Qiaofu had to fight while carrying the effect of the Blood Tree.

He held off Thirty-Three and most of the Cutting Path warriors among the White-clothed.

He was dealing with an extremely difficult situation.

However, the sequelae of the Blood Tree were too great.

It would not be surprising for him to be taken down by Thirty-Three in the end.

As for the Storyteller…

Although he had been continuously imprisoning White-clothed, it would be alright if he couldnt leave that place instantly.

After Gou Wuyue finished dealing with this straw-hat old man, the Storyteller wouldnt be able to escape.

The only rivals he would have trouble dealing with were Bazhunan and Haitang er.

How could Gou Wuyue give up his chief mission for Yu Lingdi

“Tsk tsk.”

Elder Sang was speechless.

He looked at the water droplet that was still struggling helplessly in his palm.

He shook his head and sighed, “Poor thing, youve been abandoned.”

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Elder Sang hadnt finished his sentence, but Xu Xiaoshou heard the old mans voice at the same time.

He was shocked and nodded slightly.

He realized that this was Elder Sangs telepathic communication.

“Head southeast.

The Storyteller is waiting for you there.

Go now.”

Xu Xiaoshou froze after receiving the message.

“What about you” He asked.

“Ill be there soon.”


“Of course.”

“If we dont…”

“You talk too much!” Elder Sang suddenly turned around.

His dark circles made his eyes appear deep with a sharp gaze.

Xu Xiaoshou pursed his lips.

He knew that he would only be a burden if he stayed here.

Whether Elder Sang could win over Gou Wuyue or not, he had no other choice but to have blind faith in Elder Sang.

After all, Elder Sang was a supreme existence who could escape from Gou Wuyues sword in the Central Region and Azure Dragon Prefecture multiple times…

After pausing for a moment, Elder Sang spoke again.

This time, he did not use telepathic communication.

“Watch carefully.

From what you know to what you dont know, the last way to die with the Element Body…”


“Absolute Power!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and cooperated.

He took half a step back and looked into his energy reserve.

His energy reserve was already full.

With Vanishing Technique and “Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step”, he could immediately escape.

The two of them had a good show.

Gou Wuyue did not notice anything.

He only saw Sang Qiye releasing all the power of the Great Path in his hand.

In an instant, the water droplet violently struggled and changed.

An extremely illusory figure materialized in front of Sang Qiye.

“Yu Lingdi…”

Gou Wuyues pupils started to tremble.

The figure was so weak that even the wind would blow it away.

It was as if just a spiritual figure.

If it wasnt for the familiar aura, it would be hard to tell that he was the Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi!

“Sang Qiye!”

Gou Wuyue yelled in a deep voice.

He carried his sword and flew up into the sky.

A bright golden light burst out, Stairway Style was seen.

The virtual image of the golden stairs appeared again.

However, it was completely split into two by the sound of the sword.

Sword energy broke the domain and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the energy movement in his entire body was locked.

Even though the sword energy wasnt locked on him, the thick energy movement of death engulfed him.

In his ears.

Elder Sang wasnt worried at all.

His calm voice was heard.

“Morph forms with thoughts and attach them to the body; use the spirit to enter the mind and the illusion to form; reach the Way of the Heavens and combine the illusions.

The illusion is reality, and the reality is the illusion…”

The chanting was like a loud bell exploding in Xu Xiaoshous mind.

The obscure Upanishad chant was like a burning flame.

Although Xu Xiaoshou couldnt understand it, it was deeply imprinted in Xu Xiaoshous soul.

When the chant gradually disappeared, a memory was stirred up in Xu Xiaoshous mind.

Xu Xiaoshou felt time slowed down at once.

Gou Wuyues sword energy broke through the domain, it was a critical moment.

However, Elder Sang raised his sleeves slowly as if time was sealed with eternity to him, he was unmoved by the outside world.

“Penetrating Divine Senses!”

A faint white light was emitted from Elder Sangs body.

It was very faint and very soft.

It could only gently rustle the raincoat.

However, as soon as he finished his line, a magnificent power gushed out from the hundred thousand mountains.

It was as if Elder Sang summoned an enormous strength as daunting as the sun landing onto the earth.


It was not only “as if”!

Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened in shock as the Dragon Melting Realm that extended a thousand miles wide shattered within seconds.

The scorching white flame instantly traveled through time and space.

Then, it fused into Elder Sangs body.

It was faster than Gou Wuyues sword.

The whole world dimmed.

The vast white lights disappeared.

Everyone in the Dragon Melting Realm looked up at the sky.

After adapting to the intensity of the white flame, they fell back into reality.

They should have rejoiced, but they all went “blind” for a moment.

Darkness, for a moment!

At this moment, even the Stairway Styles golden light could not lit up the darkness!

Elder Sang raised his hands high.

Half of his face was covered by the straw hat.

“Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand.”


The raincoat sleeves were blown up by the breeze and made a sizzling sound.

From the fingertips, wrists, to the elbows, shoulders…

Elder Sangs skinny hands turned black and scorched at the speed of light.

High Temperature!

Extreme High Temperature!

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely far away.

However, he caught a glimpse of the scorched dark red hands.

His eyes were directly ignited by the white flame, and he immediately averted his gaze in pain.

“Penetrating Divine Senses…”

He was shocked.

Elder Sang knew Penetrating Divine Senses!

It wasnt a Penetrating Divine Senses as weak as the Monk Bu Le.

The “Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand” seemed to be as great as the “God Punishment Tribulation” created by the Chief of Ten High Nobles, Kui Leihan.

It was a superior Penetrating Divine Senses!

“Is that Absolute Attack”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was beating wildly.

He couldnt move at all!

His instinct told him that he should immediately activate the Vanishing Technique when these two big shots were fighting.

However, even his soul was locked by Gou Wuyue.

Xu Xiaoshous mind was frozen too.

He wanted to activate the Awakening Skill to free himself.

However, Elder Sang could create eternity with his thoughts, but Xu Xiaoshou could only think of eternity.

He wanted to, but he couldnt!

The Grim Reaper raised his scythe and waved his hand.

The world was dark with the glow of golden and white light.

Xu Xiaoshous face was ashen.

His soul had already been split apart before the sword arrived.

However, at this critical moment, Elder Sangs “Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand” traveled through time and space and blocked the sword energy.


He sneered.

He held out his charred black hand and bent two of the fingers.

He said, “I hate swords the most in my entire life.”


A muffled sound rang loudly.

It was as if the heart of the spiritual gods suddenly contracted.

Xu Xiaoshou spat out a mouthful of blood and his body was flung backward.

However, the sword energy that tore through the Stairway to Heaven seemed to have been stopped.

Elder Sang blocked the sword energy, it was hard for him to advance.

The next moment.


Thousands of miles of void suddenly exploded.

Steam gushed all over and filled the sky like a tsunami.

The Space Fragments scattered and melted in the fog.

The clouds turned into fog, and the sunset glow suddenly appeared in the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou felt stuffiness in his chest, and his head was dizzy.

He was mindblown.

He was not even near to the battlefield.

However, he could not withstand the slightest shockwave from the battle.

Was that the terrific battle scene of a true expert


The sword energy that had been blocked by the two fingers suddenly lit up with white flames.

Within half a breath, it was completely gone.

Elder Sang raised his head and smiled, “Old Brat Wuyue, do you know why I havent killed your subordinate yet”

Gou Wuyue withdrew his sword and immediately pounced forward.

He seemed to have understood something.

“How dare you”

Elder Sang lowered his eyes like a bodhisattva, showing no mercy.

“As a Sovereign, your subordinate messed with my disciple whos at Innate Stage.

How shameless he is! I will kill him in front of you, the Moonless Sword Deity!”

He could easily burn Gou Wuyues Stairway Style with his two fingers.

At this moment, Elder Sang stretched out his entire arm!

A completely charred arm that was extremely hot!


Yu Lingdis body in front of him quickly struggled and began to twist.

The vague outline of his face was faintly discernible.

There was panic in his eyes.

However, he used all his might to spit out a light spot with a weak roar.

“Old man, do you really think you can kill me I have sinful sins on my hands…”


The black hand blade slashed.

It was supposed to be splashing water.

However, both Gou Wuyue, who had just arrived, and Xu Xiaoshou, who had been thrown away, could clearly see that.

The Element Body seemed to be completely ineffective in the face of the Absolute Power of the Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand.

Blood splattered everywhere.

The first hand blade slashed.

The moment Yu Lingdi was decapitated, his entire body and the splashing blood evaporated on the spot.

The other party was not given any time to react.

Elder Sang lowered his arm and nodded his head.

Under the straw hat, he gave a sneer.

“Why did someone talk so much before he dies”

The scene was deathly silent.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbstruck.

He watched from afar.

He could not understand why the other Saint Servants had such iconic names in the past.

Storyteller, Old Woodcutter, Eighth Sword Deity..

As for Elder Sang, he was just an ordinary “Sleeveless”.

But today, he saw the figure of the straw hat elder who dared to slash the Seven Sword Deitys subordinate, the charred and rotten hands, the raincoat sleeves that were unrivaled by the Great Path after activating Penetrating Divine Senses..


Xu Xiaoshou muttered softly.


He should not be called “Sleeveless”, he should be calledInvincible!

“Sang, Qiye!”

Gou Wuyues voice became completely cold, as cold as ice in the depths of hell, the coldness spread throughout the whole domain.

He knew that this old man did it on purpose!

It wasnt that Gou Wuyue couldnt save Yu Lingdi.

This old man had been waiting.

He had been waiting for Yu Lingdi to be burnt and refined to the weakest state…

He had been waiting for Gou Wuyue to fall into the trap.

And as Gou Wuyue began to spark the slightest light of hope…

As Yu Lingdi could see the tunnel of light from hell and the beauty of heaven…

He would kill Yu Lingdi with his own hands!

Yu Lingdi had actually died a long time ago.

Sang Qiye used his two fingers to block the sword energy and stopped the time!

He stopped the time where the old and new grudges were particularly distinct.

He used his famous skill to provoke the anger of both sides to the extreme.

It was the most unbearable!

Gou Wuyue heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

He knew what Sang Qiye was going to do.

Sang Qiye only wanted him to stay and fight.

That would completely stop him from becoming backup support for others.

In this third fight, he wanted to completely settle the previous two unfinished battles.

It was obvious that Sang Qiye had succeeded.

Gou Wuyue stopped in mid-air.

He sheathed his sword and lowered his sleeves.

He mourned for Yu Lingdi for three breaths before raising his eyes.


Green energy rose from the ground within ten thousand miles.

It transformed into thousands of Mo Swords, slowly rising into the air.

A strong wind blew, causing Gou Wuyues robe to rustle violently.

For every inch that the Mo Swords rose, the ground would sink for three feet.

“Hum, Hum, Hum…”

Rhythmic sword cries rang out, piercing through the surroundings.

Even Thirty-Three, who was in the midst of the battle in the Eighth Palace, joined hands with the White-clothed and looked into the distance.

They took down Cen Qiaofu, who had been drained by the Blood Tree.

On the other side, the battle of the Moonless Sword Deity seemed to have just begun.

In fact, the voice from the sword realm seemed to be vowing an oath to everyone.

“In a life-and-death situation, no one is allowed to enter!”

It was clear.

That included the Cutting Path and even this Divine Puppet of his.

“So powerful.”

Xu Xiaoshous head was about to explode.

Even his soul seemed to crack in the sword cries.

At this moment, thousands of Mo Swords were forming a one sword formation in the air.

In the center of the formation, Elder Sang, who was wearing a sleeveless raincoat, stood with his arms hanging down.

He seemed to be smiling.

If there was a lifelong enemy in this world…

Then Sang Qiye seemed to be enemies with Gou Wuyue, one of the Seven Sword Deity, since several decades ago.

He would not be able to get rid of Gou Wuyue for the rest of his life.

There was the first and second battle, but it had to end at the third time.

This was the battle he had been longing for.

Similarly, it was the same for Gou Wuyue.

But before the battle…

Elder Sang turned around and stared with his lips and teeth closed.


A word came to Xu Xiaoshous ears, and he immediately felt that the shackles around his stiff body were broken.

He regained mobility.

He nodded his head, knowing what was the best thing to do at the moment.


Before he could mumble anything in his heart, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.



Xu Xiaoshous heart pounded violently out of a sudden.

He did not understand what was going on.

He was stunned for a long while before he remembered that this was a special perception that was brought about by “Perception”, Whim.

However, there had never been a Whim that was so terrifying that it would cause his master physique to spit out blood for no reason!

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