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Chapter 619: The Buddha Stands Tall!

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White-clothed people arrived one after another.

Everyone thought that the battle was over.

Unexpectedly, at the last moment, Eighth Sword Deity made a comeback.

He even made a bold statement…

“I will break all the osmanthus flowers on the mountain”

The crowd was in an uproar.

Compared to the time he had just left the White Cave, Eighth Sword Deitys actions only made people feel that he had changed into a different person.

His actions and style were no longer as unruly and willful as in his younger years.

However, at this moment, hearing these, everyone felt as if they had seen that glorious young man once again.

That young man who was able to suppress all the other heirs of the various peak powers of the continent in the battle fighting for the seats in The Ten High Nobles of The Central Region…

Seemed to have returned

“Are you threatening me”

Different from everyone else,

Gou Wuyues eyes were filled with anger as he stared at the dried branches on Bazhunans hands.

He spoke coldly.

No matter how archaic everyone was.

He also knew that the person in front of him could no longer compare to the same person from back then.

He had been given a weapon prohibition order…

Two of his fingers had been broken…

“A person who cant even pick up a sword, what gave you the confidence to say such arrogant words” Gou Wuyue tightened his famed sword as his sword will be raged.

White-clothed people all stopped in their tracks.

They knew that this battle is unavoidable.


Bazhunans expression was indifferent.

“I never make empty statements.

If I say I kill, I kill.

If I say I fight, I will fight!”

As he spoke, he walked forward, and begonia flowers bloomed beneath his feet.

Eight fingers on a withered branch, he came with a wind of incense.


Gou Wuyue suddenly burst into laughter.

“Bazhunan, do you think today is still your era that you are still able to slaughter 700 white-clothed people and cover the entire mountain with Osmanthus Flowers”

“Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe is in the Central Region Holy Palace, and Hua Changdeng is in the Land of Screen and Candles.”

“You, dare to ascend”

Gou Wuyue laughed so loudly.

Before Bazhunan could speak, his laughter weakened, and his eyes were filled with disappointment.

“Bazhunan… have you looked at your current appearance”

“Unkempt, hunched back…”

“You couldnt even hold your sword steadily, sneak attacking others like a fly and a stray dog.”

“In the past, you were the Eighth Sword Deity with the demeanor of an immortal, but now, do you have any lingering charm on you !”

When white-clothed people heard this, their expression was complicated.

They knew that in the early years of The Ten High Nobles of The Central Region, Gou Wuyue had a very good personal relationship with Bazhunan.

It was just that later on, their paths were different, so they went their separate ways.

Gou Wuyue did not conceal the meaning behind his words.

Even the most slow-witted person would be able to understand what he meant.

And it was true.

The tragic death of number thirty-three was indeed a pity.

However, if it had been the Eighth Sword Deity of the past, he would not have done such a thing, backlashing someone from behind.

Todays Saint Servant Chief under the attack and belittlement from all sides probably only carried the name Bazhunan, but no longer had the power or character of Eighth Sword Deity of the past.

The strong wind blew in a desolate manner.

Begonia flowers bloomed one after another.

Under Gou Wuyues repeated questions, the Bazhunan walked forward slowly as if he didnt hear anything.

“Immortal-like Taoist bones… Heh.”

He smiled indifferently and did not reply loudly.

It was more like he was muttering to himself, and he only heard what he was saying:

“The immortal is the wind, and the Taoist is the bone.

What does it have to do with a plain appearance”

“If the sword wielder only cultivates his appearance and not his heart, if he only comprehends evil and drooked Dao, if he confuses right and wrong, and not seek to sweep away everything in his path, how is it possible for him to break through that realm”

“Realm “Gou Wuyue said sternly, “You want to talk about realm with me”

Even though Bazhunan was as loud as a mosquito, Gou Wuyue still knew that Bazhunan was talking to him.

It was just like how Bazhunan, who he couldnt figure out no matter how many times he thought about it, would be slashed by Hua Changdengs three swords to his current state.

The other party was also questioning his current actions and the Dao he was pursuing.

But could this be the same

Gou Wuyues heart was in turmoil.

He wanted to raise his sword and ruthlessly beat the person in front of him awake.

However, if they were to discuss the sword and Dao to this point, then the person who raised his sword first would have already lost.

The body could be slashed.

However, if the opponents Dao wasnt slashed, ones will never rest!


Gou Wuyue took a step forward.

With a bang, the sword energy in the void raged, directly intercepting the ten thousand square meter space.

The begonia flower was torn into pieces by the sword energy.

The flowers withered, and only one petal remained.

It could only support the eight Bazhunans swaying bodies.

Gou Wuyue smiled miserably.

“How can a person with broken wings fight in the sky”

Bazhunan finally stopped.

If he didnt stop, he would fall.

At this moment, he had already entered the battle and was more than a hundred feet away from Gou Wuyue.

This distance was the best time to draw his sword.

He slowly raised his eyes and raised the withered branch in his hand.

“Although my wings are broken, I can still float in the air.”

“Like a flock of geese riding on an eagle, you look glorious, but when you need support…”

Bazhunan glanced at the many white-clothed people outside the arena and shook his head.

“You are still only alone!”

“But wheres your sword”

Gou Wuyues voice was trembling.

He knew that Bazhunan was speaking the truth, and it would be difficult for him to refute it.

The headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace had long since seen the power of the Eighth Palace.

Up until now, there had been no help, and it was only because he had entered halfway and was living under someone elses roof.

He was not of the same race, so was his heart different

However, looking at the Bazhun, who could only point a withered branch at him, not to mention Gou Wuyue, even the famed sword slave, the capital of nulan, let out a mournful cry.

“Now that things have come to this, you can only point a broken branch at me and lecture me”Gou Wuyue roared angrily.

“Wheres Your Sword”

“My Sword”

The Bazhunan let out a light sigh of relief and looked into the distance.

“My sword guards the continent.

I will take it when I need it in the future.

The Voice of Nulan is covered in dust…it has gone astray!”


Gou Wuyue could not hold back the anger in his heart.

He raised his sword, and a green light flashed.

With a swoosh, a green torrent gathered in from all directions, and thousands of Mo swords took shape.

The sword realm descended and turned into a Green River, cutting off Bazhunans way forward.

Gou Wuyues fingertips trembled slightly.

If this sword slashed down, the person in front of him would forever lose his light and die.

In the end, the reason why he did not want to attack was that he was still attached to this person.

In other words.

When the Bazhunan appeared from the crack in the White Cave,

He had never thought that his sword would fall on the person in front of him.

Whether it was the death Yu Lingdi in battle or diminishing of number thirty-three, none of these things could compare to their past friendship.

He could not slash this sword down at all!

“You can go.”

Gou Wuyue sighed.

Under the astonished gazes of the white-clothed people, he finally voiced his inner expectations.

“I can not return Sang Qiye to you.

Before I change my mind, take the people of Saint Servant and get out of the Eighth Palace!”


White-clothed people was stunned.

No one would have thought that elder Wuyue would say such betraying words when the mission was at hand.

He was one of the Seven Sword Deity of the continent, and one of the two rulers of the Holy Divine Palace.

Could these words be said in front of the white-clothed and Holy Divine Guards

Could these words be heard by the people of the Holy Divine Palace

“He must be crazy!”

The low voices of the white-clothed people began to clamor.

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit strange.

“Elder Wuyue, this…”

“Lord Yu Lingdi and senior thirty-three are already gone.

How… How dare he”

“If these words were to fall into the ears of Hallmaster Dao and Lord Cangsheng, elder Wuyue wouldnt be able to clear his name at all!”

“The headquarters is still treating him as an outsider…”


Some people with discerning eyes could already see that something was wrong.

If Gou Wuyue wanted to make a move, he probably wouldnt have waited until Yu Lingdi and No.

33 died before making a move.

He should have done his best to take down Bazhunan the first time he appeared.

Now that he said this, it further illustrated the importance of the Eighth Sword Deity in his heart.

Since he hadnt made a move at that time…

Then at this moment, it was very likely that he really couldnt make a move.

And being stuck at this juncture…

Some words could be heard by white-clothed people and passed on later.

But without a doubt, at this moment, they couldnt be discussed!

Bazhunan lightly smiled as he glanced at the white-clothed people and indifferently asked, “Arent you afraid of death”

Gou Wuyue heavily closed his eyes.

“My heart is as clear as a mirror.

My action, my choice, is the choice they gave me.”

“Since they dare to do this, then they have to be mentally prepared that I will act like this someday.”

“But I dont think so.” Bazhunan denied it.

Gou Wuyue found the ignorance of the dying person in front of him funny.

Just as he was about to say something, Bazhunan said again, “I came here to kill people, not to leave.”

This time, not only was Bazhunan stunned, even white-clothed was dumbfounded.

Everyone thought that what he said earlier was just a joke.

Who would have thought that the person who spoke alone would take it seriously

“Does he want to slaughter seven hundred white-clothed and fold all the osmanthus flowers on the mountain”

White-clothed was stunned.

This was a fantasy!

There might still be a small possibility if he was the Eighth Sword Deity in the past.

But now, one of the Seven Sword Deities was right in front of him.

Bazhunan, how could he still dare to say these words seriously

He even dared to ignore Gou Wuyues proposal to let him go and to still run rampant in this place

The white-clothed crowd was excited.

Immediately, two people wanted to attack.

But after thinking for a moment, number 33s inexplicable death…

Was it a coincidence just now

On the other hand, Gou Wuyue was truly enraged.

“Bazhunan, do you want to put up a stubborn resistance”

“To kill…”

With an angry and hilarious expression, he pointed at the withered branch and then looked at that person.

“With what !”

“With on this tattered branch in your hand”

“With the cultivation level that you need someone to support you even if you want to fly”

“Or with your backbone… that you cant even straighten after being crushed by the present world”

Gou Wuyue laughed loudly.

After a long while, his expression became serious, and his voice became completely cold.

“Bazhunan, do you want to exhaust all of my patience and calmly face death to deserve of all of my sacrifices”

“I have never expected anyone to sacrifice for me.”

Pausing for a moment, Bazhunan turned around and gave Gou Wuyue a deep look.

He seemed to be implying something.

“I have never wished for it either.”

Hai Tanger, who was hiding in the spatial fragment, trembled.

She realized that she had done something wrong this time.

Why would the Eighth Sword Deity need help from others

“Then what exactly do you want !” Gou Wuyue roared in anger.

His words were filled with frustration.

“To kill.”

The two simple words fell.

Everyone felt that this person had gone crazy.

If he didnt grasp this chance to escape, would he only give up when the earth was on Lord Suis head

Gou Wuyue could no longer suppress his impulse.

“Rampant! !”

He roared, his voice like thunder.

At this moment, heaven and earth shook, and the wind and clouds surged.

Even the way of the heavens was shaken by his anger.

From sunny to dark, with black clouds at his head, the cold wind was bleak, space collapsed, and mountains collapsed with a single word.

The voice of nulan, the famed sword, tilted.

“Swish, Swish, Swish…”

The green-colored torrent of the Bazhunan swept from east to west, directly piercing through the place where the Bazhunan was.

“Be careful.”

Haitanger cried out in alarm.

The remaining petals under the feet of Bazhunan stood up as if they wanted to block this wave of attack for Bazhunan.

However, how powerful was the BazhunAns sword technique

With just a single attack, the petals were torn into pieces, completely torn into powder.


Haitanger was about to pounce out of space.

Even if the Chief was determined to go his own way, he would not allow the chief to die here!

However, as the spatial crack was about to open, Haitanger suddenly stopped.

She looked at the torrents of the Mo sword from afar as if a shocking sword will have been stirred up.

— a sword will that was completely different from Gou Wuyues!


When the green torrent swept past, everyone originally thought that Bazhunan, even if they had an indestructible body, would not be able to block the power of the higher void and the damage from Mo sword.

In this wave, even if they did not die, they would still be taken down on the spot.

However, all of a sudden, the rising sky sword will rise into the sky from the green torrent and smash it into pieces.

It was unrestrained, free, and fearless…

In a trance, Gou Wuyue felt that the person from the past then had returned.

His thoughts only paused for a moment, and a golden light blossomed from the green torrent.

Then, as the Buddhas voice swept through the green torrent, it increased the size of a Buddha!

“Om Mani Padme Hum…”

A low, six-word Buddhist chant rang in everyones heart, and the speed at which it was spoken became faster and faster.

Everyone felt their temples swell, and their heads seemed to be about to explode from the chanting.

They all averted their gazes and sealed their six senses, not daring to face it directly.

Gou Wuyue, on the other hand, widened his eyes.

He stared fixedly at the moment when the Buddha reached the clouds, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“How is this possible…”

“Weapon Prohibition Order”

He was stunned.

Under the weapon prohibition order, how could Bazhunan activate his spiritual technique again

Was this move a joke

The Weapon Prohibition Order that Hua Changdeng had placed down in the past was useless

“Did Hua Changdeng really once become a Saint”

A black-light rose into the sky and stood on the peak of the Buddha.

Bazhunan seemed to know what Gou Wuyue was thinking and sneered, “Without becoming a saint, who in the world would be able to suppress me, Bazhunan”

That disdainful look, that unassuming hair…

At this moment, Gou Wuyues expression changed.

It was as if a lifetime had passed.


The painful moans of the white-clothed people finally woke him up.

Gou Wuyue returned to his senses.

“Bazhunan, are you going to make a move”

There was no reply.

Bazhunan, who was standing on the top of the Buddha statue, had an aura that was rising.

He suddenly looked up.

Sword cognition flashed in his eyes.


Gou Wuyue felt a pain in his chest.

Bazhunans fingers were withered, but he didnt move.

His blood-red light shot out, and his whole body was pierced through by sword cognition, which nailed him to the spot.

“I wont kill you..

Just watch and wait.”


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