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Chapter 637: Damn! He Was Careless!

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The old fellows who were making a scene at the door were all astonished.

“A Tenth-grade Elixir Master created the Amber Juice.

How is this possible”

“In any case, I dont believe it.

It was either created by the elders of his family and Young Master Xu took the name, or hes more than a Tenth-grade Elixir Master.”

“I agree! As far as Ive lived, Ive never seen such an ingenious design.

It retains the essence without taking the original form.

Its not in the form of elixirs, yet it can still retain such medicinal properties… Its a once-in-a-lifetime discovery!”

“Yeah, the Amber Juice is simply a masterpiece.

Its not something that an ordinary person could make.”

“Moreover, the medicinal properties are estimated to be at the very least.

With just this jar of medicinal ointment, I guess its shelf life would be at least half a month.

To add on, thats when its without the jade box.”

“Yes, I agree.

The medicinal properties of Amber Juice should be about 70-80% more effective than the Red Gold Pill.”

“Thats right.

It seems that he has only given the lowest standard for everything.”

“Perhaps, he has a better Amber Juice”


Hearing the whispers behind him, Elder Chous thoughts became active.

A priceless treasure!

No one knew the value of Amber Juice better than the elders of the Spiritual Medical Division.

While the elders were discussing it behind him, he verified it with Xiaolian.

Amber Juice could be mass-produced and the cost was not high.

The aftereffects were negligible.

What did that signify

A medicine that could replace the Red Gold Pill was about to appear out of nowhere in this room!

Regardless of who the creator was.

At least, the only person who could rule the pill market throughout the Dongtianwang City was sitting before him.

He had to seize this opportunity.

“The rest can leave now!”

He waved his hand and ordered everyone out, disregarding the objections of the elders.

Only Elder Chou, Xiaolian, and Xu Xiaoshou were left in the room.

After confirming that the door was tightly shut, Elder Chou waved his hand and closed the window.

He activated the Soundproof Barrier and blocked all external interferences.

Then, he said, “Young Master Xu, dont worry.

Its fine to speak now.

The three of us are all on the same side.”


Xu Xiaoshou looked at everything he had done indifferently.

When he took out the Amber Juice, he had already expected that this would not be an easy transaction.

At least, it would not be successful just because Xiaolian wanted it.

Elder Chou pondered for a moment and said, “Young Master Xu, other than Amber Juice…”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a smile.

Xiaolian was stunned.

At first, she did not know what their plans were.

After thinking for a moment, she was shocked.

Elder Chous eyes immediately brightened with joy.

He knew that the man before him should be a smart person despite looking like a spoilt rich kid.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldnt be able to suppress Jiang Xian.

With a “Yes”, it immediately drew his attention from Amber Juice to the young man in front.

This was a man who mastered all the high-grade modified versions of the pill formulas in the major markets.

Apart from Amber Juice, he had everything from the Spirit Cultivation Juice, Origin Court Juice, and so on!

One could tell at a glance which was more important.

“Lets skip the others for now.

I would like to know if you have any questions about the Amber Juice” Xu Xiaoshou gave him a signal to calm down.


How could Elder Chou calm down

His lifelong goal was to improve on the various basic pill formulas.

There were indeed improvements, but it was not much better anyway.

The thing that Young Master Xu created was a true blockbuster.

“I have cleared most of my doubts.

As for the other tiny flaws, the Plenty Gold Company will be able to make up for them.

I just dont get it…”

He rubbed his hands together and asked, “If you want to sell Amber Juice on the market, how much do you plan to sell it”

“I dont care about that little bit of money.”

Xu Xiaoshou said indifferently, “You are in charge of providing me with the spiritual ingredients, alchemy cauldron, and other miscellaneous items for refining elixirs.

Meanwhile, I am in charge of providing Amber Juice to you… Well divide it for ifty-fifty.”


Elder Chou was shocked.

Even Xiaolian who was at the side, was shocked by the fifty-fifty split.

Providing spiritual ingredients, alchemy cauldron, and the others was a piece of cake.

This was nothing to the Plenty Gold Company.

But a 50-50 split…

At first, Xiaolian was thinking of buying out the pill formula.

Later, she realized that it was unrealistic.

So she went on with the negotiation of a 20-80 or at most a 30-70 split.

This was because Amber Juice had to be added to the market by the Plenty Gold Company.

So even if the other party insisted on a 90% share, they would consider it.

After all, a 10% share in a monopoly was completely different from the so-called 100% share in the competition between the major trading companies.

But this Young Master Xu…


Elder Chou repeated in disbelief.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

After the confirmation, the two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

Elder Chou was shocked as if he came to a sudden realization.

The expression on his face slowly changed as he looked at Xiaolian.

His eyes widened slightly, and a mysterious smile crept onto his face.

That was an expression saying, “Well done”.

Xiaolian was stunned.

She immediately realized that Elder Chou thought the wrong way.

Her face turned red instantly.

She was just about to explain when she got interrupted.

“I understand.”

Elder Chou nodded solemnly and stopped her from speaking.

He even winked at Xiaolian, “I will keep this a secret, but this credit will definitely be on you!

Xiaolian understood Elder Chous gaze and broke down on the spot.

What the hell

Nothing was going on between us!

Yet, she began to doubt herself now although there was nothing.

Young Master Xu wasnt stupid.

He should know the extent to which he had given up his share.

Why then

For the Plenty Gold Company


There were no internal records of transactions with Young Master Xu.

In other words, it was his first time dealing with Plenty Gold Company.

Was it because of me then

Xiaolians thoughts ran wild and her heart began to beat faster.

It couldnt be!

However, there was no better excuse than this

For the first time, Xiaolian was shocked by Young Master Xus heroism.

She had heard of how crazy an aristocratic family member could go in order to chase after a girl.

But she had never thought this madness would happen to her.

Furthermore, it was a “madness” to this extent!

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 1.”

“Agreed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Accepted, Passive Points, 1.”

Elder Chou steadied his mind before he gulped and asked, “Young Master Xu, apart from the fifty-fifty split, do you have any other requests”

He had a feeling that it wouldnt be so simple.

Perhaps Xu Xiaoshou wanted the Plenty Gold Company to owe him a huge favor, so as to help him achieve another purpose that was worth it.

In that case, he had to make everything clear before the agreement was signed.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“Ive said it, right Spiritual ingredients, alchemy cauldron! Oh, right, in order to prevent any mistakes in refining elixirs, you have to prepare a few more sets of spiritual ingredients.”

“Of course.”

Elder Chou agreed certainly, “What else”

“What else” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment.

The scene fell silent.

Xiaolian suddenly turned her head away.

Her ears turned red and her face became a little shy.

Elder Chou looked at Xu Xiaoshou with an expectant face.

It was as if he wanted to say, “Hurry up and tell me, so that I can give this girl to you! How could a young man act so awkwardly

Yet, Xu Xiaoshou could not understand his anticipation.

“Thats it,” he spread his hands.

“Thats it” Elder Chou didnt buy it.

“Yes,” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“I have quite a good impression of your company.

I mean what Ive said.

If you dont believe me, we can sign an agreement.”

Elder Chou took a deep breath as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

Thats right!

Good impression…

Screw it!

The old man only had a good impression of this place for its unlimited supply of spiritual ingredients and funds.

It was Xu Xiaoshous first time here and he had already figured everything out.

How could he have a good impression of the Plenty Gold Company

To be exact…

He didnt have a good impression of the company but of the person.

That was the main point!

Elder Chou nodded heavily and said, “Got it.

Regarding pricing, marketing, and all subsequent activities, we will be in charge.

Young Master Xu just wait to get the money then.”

He understood it.

The descendants of these powerful families knew nothing about money and the working process.

They were only interested in the outcome.

However, if they felt troubled during the process of making money, the cooperation might end inexplicably.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction.

He enjoyed doing things without much hesitation.

“You guys decide on the unit price.

I dont really know about the market.

You guys can make all the decisions.”

After a pause, he thought, “Im concerned about how much you can give me every month after this transaction.”

Elder Chou pondered seriously.

How much…

It was hard to say.

The sudden appearance of Amber Juice would definitely upset the market balance.

At that time, the profits would really be unquantifiable.

Perhaps the early stage of breaking the ice would be a little less profitable.

However, the value of Amber Juice would be passed down through the ears.

In less than a month, it was estimated that besides the entire Dongtianwang city, the entire Eastern Sky Realm and even the eastern region would undergo a transformative change.

By then, how much would the Plenty Gold Company who owned the exclusive monopoly rights get

And how much could they give Young Master Xu

Elder Chou suddenly thought of a crucial point, “Will anyone be able to decipher Young Master Xus prescription in a short period of time”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed when he heard this.


What a joke!

Not to mention that the Infernal lineages elixirs were different from the market.

If someone were to deduce the elixir formula of Amber Juice, how would they be able to refine it without the Infernal Fire Seed

As for the Boiling Soup method, nobody would be able to think of it even if he cracked his brain.

Whats more, it was a group of Elixir Masters who were restricted by the stereotype and only knew the conventional ways.

Perhaps, there would be someone who could decipher Amber Juices elixir formula.

However, that person should be currently squatting in a dark prison.

How could he possibly have the time and leisure to do such a boring thing

Even Xu Xiaoshou himself did not care much about Amber Juice because it was really easy to make it!

“Impossible,” he sneered.

However, Elder Chou could tell from his indifferent tone that he was extremely confident.

As expected, the successor of the Demi-Saint family was full of confidence!

With that, he had enough confidence to reply.

“In that case, the profit from this Amber Juice is conservatively estimated to bring Young Master Xu this amount in the first month,” he raised five fingers.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed, “50 million”

Elder Chou and Xiaolian were speechless.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

“Suspected, Passive Points 2.”

Xu Xiaoshou sensed something wrong and frowned.

It couldnt be!

According to his expectations, the value of the Amber Juice should not be too low.

Even if it was a fifty-fifty split, the value he could get should not be too low.

“Is it too much Or is it too little” He was a little uncertain.

Elder Chous expression suddenly became strange.

He felt that Young Master Xu was fooling around with him.

What was the reason for him to suddenly go from being arrogant to being such short-sighted

Even if it was a daydream, he shouldnt be so conservative, right

He was Young Master Xu!

Elder Choud opened his mouth, “Too little.”

Too little

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised.

“Five hundred million” He guessed again.

Elder Chou felt that he could not hold on any longer.

He did not dare to let Young Master Xu guess anymore, so as to prevent himself from dying on the spot.

“Five billion!”

Clenching his fist, Elder Chou said excitedly, “That is the lowest estimated number in the early stage when we promote Amber Juice.”

“If the response is good, we can create an advertising effect within ten days to half a month and this number will double.”

“Later on… In about a month, or not more than three months at most.

After the pilot promotion in Dongtianwang City is completed, our company will launch Amber Juice throughout the Eastern Sky Realm and the eastern region.”

“At that time, as long as Young Master Xu can supply it, this number will increase tenfold, a hundred times… No problem!”

Xu Xiaoshous body on the sofa suddenly trembled violently.

“Startle, Passive Points, 1.”

His eyes instantly lost focus as if his soul had left his body.

He became dull.


What did he just say

Five billion

He just sat on this sofa for a while and had a discussion.

With that, he made a monthly income of… five billion

And that was only an estimation

It could probably be increased by ten times or a hundred times


At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou roared in his heart.

He finally understood why the other party was so shocked when he said “fifty-fifty” just now!

So it turned out that the elixirs that Xu Xiaoshou had casually developed…

It was so valuable

And the deal he had made just now was worth five billion


Thats not right!

It was 5 billion a month.

In a years time… That would be 60 billion

Damn, he was too careless.

He totally made a great loss!


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