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Chapter 691: President Shi Ti, Please Wait! Theres Danger Over Here!

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A red figure descended, and the storyteller touched Lei Shuangxings cheek with a pained expression.

“Little Leilei, Youve said a lot today… theyve already said to let them come and you dont have to take such people seriously, really.”

Lei Shuangxing moved a step away, avoiding the storytellers hand.

He felt the warmth of the sun, as if he was explaining his sentimentality today.

“The kind of person youre talking about, he also dreamed of the light when he was alive.”

“Dreamed of my ass… Ugh!”

The storyteller pointed at the headless body and almost cursed, but he suddenly realized.

Dream of the light… Lei Shuangxing was not talking about others, but himself!

“I have asked for light, I really have.”

The storyteller wiped his sweat and carried the headless body into the world of the ancient book.

He said, “Calm down, calm down.

Theres no need to talk so much today.

Youve already talked more than all these years combined.”

The storyteller suddenly took out a pot of water, “Wet your throat”

“Lets go!” Lei Shuangxing did not take the water and turned to leave.

“Wet it”

The storyteller pulled out the stopper and took a sip.

He immediately followed and shouted, “Ive never drunk it before.

Its quite sweet, this water from the Imperial City… Aiyo, why are you walking so fast Wait for me!”

When they ran out of the alley, the two of them had already changed their appearance.

The storyteller leaned beside Lei Shuangxing and asked curiously, “When did you become the sovereign of the Way of the Sword”


Lei Shuangxing remained silent.

“Come on, Im still your senior, right” The storyteller asked.

“Its been a while.”

“Oh, what about Sword Cognition Did big brother promise to teach you When did you learn it”

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“Come on, I helped you hold down the fort just now and didnt let anyone disturb your first battle on the sovereign.”

“Mm, its been a while.”Lei Shuangxing returned to his usual reserved manner.

The storyteller was stunned for two seconds before he realized that Lei Shuangxing had replied to both questions.

He caught up with Lei Shuangxings footsteps once again.

“Are you planning to acknowledge her as your sister when you go to the First Pavilion in the Sky this time Is she really your sister The kind of biological one Are you two related by blood Same father and mother or same father but different mother, or different father and different… Ugh.”

“Biological sister.”

“When did you find out”

“Its been a while.”

“Thats the same answer again.

So, how did you find out”


Lei Shuangxing fell silent again.

“Come on, tell me…”the storyteller shook his hand.

Lei Shuangxing pulled his hand back and calmly said, “I found out the moment I saw the Spirit Palace.

Just treat it as a blood connection!”

Spirit Palace

The storyteller stopped in his tracks and started thinking.

He remembered that Lei Shuangxing had gone on a mission with his brother and the others to the Tiansang Spirit Palace in order to save that lass, Luo Leilei.

However, the two of them had met at the Tiansang Spirit Palace

“Youre lying.”

At this moment, the storyteller ran up and hugged Lei Shuangxings arm again, “Since youretaking it as, youre definitely lying to me.

The situation is definitely not as simple as you said.”

Lei Shuangxing stopped, turned around and calmly said, “My eyes.”

“Hmm” The storyteller had an expectant look on his face as he was waiting for the rest of the story.

But Lei Shuangxing already turned around and left as if he had finished explaining.

This time, the storyteller was stunned again.

By the time he reacted, the figure that was walking with a cane was already so far away that it was difficult to see.

“My eyes…”

As the storyteller pondered, his eyes gradually widened and he suddenly understood something that his nose suddenly felt sore.

He had roughly understood the tragedy of the Lei family, but he could not remember the exact year.

But Lei Shuangxing was still young!

When such a tragedy happened to his family, was he born

Even if he was born, he was still just a child at that time!

“Divine-beating Crutch…”

As the storyteller thought about it, he suddenly chased after him and somewhat understood why his brother liked this child so much.

At first, he thought that it was just for the famed sword the Divine-beating Crutch that his brother wanted to keep it by his side.

But now, he realized how much this silent child who was walking with a crutch had endured.

“Wait for me!”

The storyteller pounced on Lei Shuangxing and picked him up with his heart aching, “Its too tiring to walk.

Ill carry you to the First Pavilion in the Sky!”

Lei Shuangxing:

Dongtianwang city, Central Zone, Magic Pill Technicians Association.

As the headquarters of the Eastern Sky Realms Magic Pill Technicians Association, the Imperial City trial was just around the corner.

In the past few days, there was an endless stream of people passing by the entrance of the Associations headquarters.

Apart from the young alchemists nurtured by various factions, they would come over from time to time to inquire about the situation of thealchemy trial.

Almost all of the counties and cities, as well as the major alchemy association branches, would bring their most proud disciples of the elixir masters to the headquarters.

At this moment, almost all of the factions wanted to seize this opportunity.

This was because not only could the heaven geomantic arena obtain the quota for the Imperial City Trial, an elixir master who could obtain a ranking in this alchemy trial could also bring two guardians to enter the Imperial City Trial.

The key was that these two guardians only needed to have a cultivation level below master (stage) .

Regardless of their status and qualifications, they could enter the trial!

This move made those who were interested in even more excited.

“Is this the place”

At the entrance of the elixir masters headquarter, a young and beautiful girl approached.

This girl was wearing a light pink silk dress with a brocade and white jade at her waist, and a spirit pearl and Phoenix hairpin on her head.

Her temperament was outstanding as if she was a fairy that had fallen from the heaven.

However, what was out of place with this fairys temperament was the huge bathtub on her back that almost completely covered her body.

“Magic Pill Technicians Association…”

Hua Ying stopped at the entrance of the headquarter and softly read out the words on the plaque.

She immediately felt as though she was going home.

She had rushed all the way from the central region.

Even though she was sitting in the various valuable teleportation portal across regions and barriers, she was still exhausted after rushing over.

But it was fortunate that she could experience the pugilistic world outside the Holy Palace, which was also something that she had always dreamed of.

Therefore, Hua Ying was enjoying it and she didnt feel the hardships even if she was tired.

Staring at the plaque, the young ladys sapphire-like eyes lit up, and she heavily nodded and said, “This is it!”

After saying that, she stepped in.

The elegant and noble Magic Pill Technicians Association was filled with rich and noble people.

These people either had the demeanour of a calm and confident elixir master, or they were the representatives of the major clans and factions who came here to discuss important matters of cooperation.

No one had ever stepped into such an elegant place with such a stunning appearance, carrying such a huge bathtub into this glamorous place.

“Who is this”

As expected, the young lady attracted the attention of the crowds inside, the moment

the moment she entered the Magic Pill Technicians Association.

One had to admit that this huge bathtub ruined the atmosphere.

A normal person should know that in such a place, one had to pay attention to their manners.

How could she brazenly carry such a huge bathtub in

What was she trying to do!

Even if this person had a very noble face, she shouldnt be so bold and indecent!


The receptionist at the reception counter of the Association walked over.

She walked around the large bathtub and approached the girl who was covered in the shadows.

While she was somewhat amazed by the mismatch between this face and the bathtub, she asked in puzzlement, “Miss, do you need help”

The receptionists first reaction was that she should help this delicate-looking girl to unload her super heavy load.

“No need, you cant help either.”

Hua Ying waved her hand and said indifferently.

She was used to such small scenes, she only said, “Ill call you the boss of your Association… Uh, President.

Call the President out.

If the president isnt here, the vice-president is fine too.

Anyway, call someone who can manage something to see me.”

Hua Ying almost went along with the fighting tone she used in the Holy Palace.

As the first thing she said was to call the “Boss” and “Leader”of the major organizations or something similar.

Fortunately, she reacted quickly enough and was extremely smart.

She could change her words at the speed of light, so no one could tell what was wrong with her words.

At least, that was what she thought.

The receptionist hesitated for a long time as she felt that this girl was here to cause trouble, but looking at this extremely captivating face, she felt the other around.

But after all, appearance can be deceptive, so the receptionist became vigilant.

She obviously could still manage to politely greet her, “May I know your name, Miss Do you have an appointment If not, what keepsake can prove your identity”

“I dont have an appointment.

Im just here to look for someone.”

As Hua Ying spoke, she placed the alchemy cauldron on her back on the ground with a bang, even slightly shaking the ground of the Pill Pagoda.

Only then did she point to her big treasure and say, “As for the keepsake, as a staff member of the Pill Pagoda, cant you recognize what this is”

“Ah –”

The interior of the alchemy cauldron was shaken by her, and an ear-piercing scream suddenly rang out.

This time, the people who were standing around and watching were all dumbfounded.

“F * ck, if I didnt hear it wrong, was that a human screaming just now”

“Oh my god, theres someone bathing in this little girls big bathtub”

“Pfft, what kind of joke are you making Did you bath and make such a scream I see that this big bathtub looks like an alchemy cauldron, but inside, its not alchemy, but refining people”

“Brother, you must be joking.

Can this be called an alchemy cauldron” Someone questioned the size of the cauldron.

Another person spoke up, “Brother, you dont understand, do you A few days ago, I personally saw plenty gold companies purchase and customize this type of alchemy cauldron.

Although it doesnt seem to be that exaggerated, but the size is enormous.”

“Are you sure”


“Then the custom-made ones also have screams”

“Uh, I dont know about that…”

The surrounding crowd was obviously excited after hearing this scream, but Hua Yings calm and composed expression seemed as if this kind of small scene… was nothing new!

The corners of the receptionists mouth twitched as she looked helplessly at her superior.

Her boss put down the work in her hands and walked over, “Miss, the Magic Pill Techniciains Association forbids killing.


“I didnt kill anything, I just refined it.”

Hua Ying calmly explained and she remained calm in such a minor situation, “As you can see, my looks are not ordinary.

Usually, when a weak woman like me who comes out and wandering around places, its easy to be targeted by villains.

Thats why I have to carry my great alchemy cauldron out to intimidate those little rascals!”

The receptionists superior was stunned.

Your words seemed to make sense.

But, great alchemy cauldron

The superior looked at the great alchemy cauldron of which one could clearly sense the trembling as a result of the violent struggles from the creatures inside…

Was this for real

This was called an alchemy cauldron

“What Youre refining here is a human, right” The superior took a step back.

One could not be judged by their appearances.

This girl was very likely to be a terrorist.

“No,” Hua Ying shook her head.

“This is a toy and the screams can be controlled.

Take a look at it if you dont believe me.”

She turned her head and patted the alchemy cauldron.

“Ah –”

The alchemy cauldron shook, and another scream came out from inside.

Hua Ying looked back and blinked her big eyes, “Look, when I pat it, the toy screams, and so does the shrieking chicken.”


Everyone was shocked.

This pat was because the high temperature inside was unstable, and it woke the person up from coma!

A few well-equipped security guards suddenly rushed out from the Association.

They immediately dispersed the crowd around them and surrounded Hua Ying.

“Im a good person.”

Hua Ying was speechless for a moment.

Why did no one believe her

“Miss, please explain your purpose of coming here.”the receptionists superior said.

Hua Ying repeated it again and again as these people were one of hers so she would not make a move, “I said, Im here to look for someone.

Your seniority and qualifications are not enough, so I cant tell you.

Call your President over.”

“Who are you looking for” The superior asked.

“My Masters brother!” Hua Ying loudly said.

Even though they were one of hers, she could not hold back her emotions anymore, “Dont ask anymore.

As for other things, I said that your qualifications are not enough, so I cant answer uou!”

At this moment, almost everyone knew that this girl was here to cause trouble.

Perhaps this was an assassin who wanted to assassinate the President of the Magic Pill Technicians Association… Some people were thinking about this.

“Youre an elixir master” The receptionists superior was nervous, but she could still methodically inquire about her identity.

If the other party could prove that she was an elixir master, then it didnt matter if her behaviour was a little strange.

After all, the Association also had identity records.

One could be known as good or bad with a single look up.

“I am.”Hua Ying nodded.

“Alright then, Miss.

Please Show Me Your Alchemist Badge.” The receptionists superior said.

“That wont do…”

Hua Ying immediately shook her head.

As the sole descendant of the infernal lineage of the Holy Palace, she only had the level ten Alchemist Badge.

Was this something that could be casually taken out to embarrass herself

“No Then what other evidence do you have to prove that you are an elixir master”


Hua Ying choked for a moment.

“Theres no need to ask about the badge anymore.

I dont have any other keepsakes that can prove my identity.

Go and look for your President and describe how big my alchemy cauldron is.

He will know who I am!” Hua Ying added.

Everyone was stunned.

Just by describing how big the alchemy cauldron was enough for him to identify her

This method of self-identification was really rare in the world!

“Miss, please wait a moment.”

The receptionists superior rationally restrained the impulse of the guards to make a move.

He summoned people to find the President.

Then, he stabilized the situation and stretched out his hand, “Miss, please come with me.

We can go to the private room to talk.

Theres no need to stay here.”


How could Hua Ying not know that these people wanted to control her

“Im very obedient.

Before your President arrives, Ill wait here.

I wont cause any trouble.

You guys do your own things.

Dont worry about me.”

As she spoke, she looked around at the vigilant guards around her, and her expression changed.

“What are you looking at Go back to your own things!”

“This huge Magic Pill Technicians Association has to be afraid of a little girl Seriously, youre useless!”

“…” everyone looked at each other speechlessly.

This wasnt a question of whether they were afraid or not, it was a question of you showing up here!

At this moment, another group of people walked into the entrance.

The higher-ups of the reception staff were still hesitating on how to resolve this matter.

When they saw the elder at the front of the group, they immediately recognized him and knew that things werent looking good.

“President Shi Ti, please wait! Theres Danger Over Here!


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