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Chapter 696: If Anything Happens, Call Me at Any Time~

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The two of them chatted for a while more.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that Xiao Wanfeng was an extremely talkative person.

It was just that he had an inferiority complex and his status was low in the First Pavilion in the Sky, so he kept to himself even if he had thoughts.

“If you have any thoughts in the future, you can always talk about them with me,” Xu Xiaoshou reminded him, “Remember, you are also an important member of the First Pavilion in the Sky, asking you to serve tea is just a formality.

Dont treat yourself as an outsider.”

Xiao Wanfeng nodded his head gratefully, though his real thoughts were unknown.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous ears twitched as if he sensed something.

He pondered for a moment, then took out a card from his ring and handed it over.

“Theres an important trade fair tomorrow night, and I want you to come along with me.

So now, take this card and get a set of luxurious clothes, the decent kind.”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

He didnt know if he should accept it or not.

“This is the dignity of the First Pavilion in the Sky!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted and looked at Xiao Wanfeng from top to bottom before saying, “Although I dont mind the clothes youre wearing now, if you always wear these sackcloths, youll only be making me lose face when you go out with me.”

“Uh…”Xiao Wanfeng lowered his eyes and glanced at himself.

Only then did he understand why Young Master Xu was saying this.

Indeed, in the First Pavilion in the Sky, he was the most shabbily dressed.

“Thank you, Young Master Xu,” In that instant, Xiao Wanfeng no longer hesitated and took the card, then thanked him.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and motioned him to set off immediately.

He added as he suddenly thought of something, “Oh right, take another 100,000 Spirit Crystal from the card as your remuneration for this months work, in case I forget.”

Xiao Wanfengs movement of standing up froze.


In the past, he had only seen bosses who were in arrears with their wages and would simply delay in paying their workers.

Why was Young Master Xu doing the opposite He had only worked for a few days, yet Young Master Xu was already thinking of settling his monthly remuneration

The point was, they had previously agreed that his monthly remuneration would be 10,000 Spirit Crystals, not 100,000!

Xiao Wanfeng felt that he had not done much hard work.

At most, he had risked his life in the Heaven Geomantic Battle.

However, he had broken through to become a master swordsman then, and just this as a reward was enough!

Why did Young Master Xu suddenly increase his monthly remuneration by ten times

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“Go on then!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, it was apparent he had no second thoughts about his decision.

Xiao Wanfeng confirmed Young Master Xus expression several times before realizing that Young Master Xu did not lack this bit of money.

Only then did he become ecstatic.

“Thank you, Young Master Xu!” With that, Xiao Wanfeng quickly ran out of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

“Remember to buy the more resplendent-looking clothes,” Xu Xiaoshou raised his voice and added, “It doesnt matter if they are good-looking or not.

The most important thing is that they have to be expensive! They must be presentable!”

“I know…” Xiao Wanfengs voice came from afar, and Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction.

After the young man left, the First Pavilion in the Sky was empty.

Other than a Sovereign of the Jiang clan who was still locked up in the cultivation room, everyone else had left on errands.

“Alright, come out!” Xu Xiaoshou looked around and said to the void.

“Ta, ta, ta.” A crisp sound came from outside the building just then.

Xu Xiaoshou was familiar with this sound.

This was the sound of crutches hitting the floor.

Even if he didnt go take a look, he knew who the people who came this time were.

Just now, he had sent Xiao Wanfeng away because of these two uninvited guests.

A seductive figure in a red dress was the first to pounce over.

Before he even saw the figures face, Xu Xiaoshou smelled a fragrant breeze.

“Yo~” The Storyteller appeared in front of the tables and chairs with a swish.

He crossed his legs and sat down.

The high-slit red dress slid down with his movements, revealing his smooth legs.

He held his chin and stared straight at Xu Xiaoshou with his big, sparkly eyes as if he hadnt seen his acquaintance in a long time.

His glistening red lips moved as he said, “Youre so imposing, having both money and power.

You even have to buy the most expensive clothes”

“Hehe…” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Storyteller and leaned back slightly, making the chair he was sitting on retreat a little as well.

Only then did he let out a hollow laugh, “Senior, you must be joking.

Its all because of status, all for the mission.”

“Why are you calling me senior like were not familiar with each other!” The Storyteller frowned.

His pretty face was full of displeasure.

“Call me big sister.

It sounds intimate.”

Xu Xiaoshou:

“Big, big sister” He was simply speechless, even his fingers were twitching.

“Uh-huh,” The Storyteller narrowed his eyes as if he was intoxicated, and contentment suddenly appeared on his face.

For a moment, Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss for what to do.

He turned his head and watched as Lei Shuangxing walked to the table with his two crutches, who also unceremoniously pulled out a chair and sat down.

Ever since the bonfire outside the White Cave last time, Xu Xiaoshou had ever had such close contact with the two Saint Servants.

And at this moment, Bazhunan was not beside him to support him either.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou simply felt out of place.

If these two wanted to do something, he reckoned that he, who was alone and helpless, would not be able to resist.

“You two, why did you come here Do you have any new instructions” Xu Xiaoshou forced a smile and asked.

He came to Dongtianwang City with the mission of “Being a Saboteur” as issued by the Eighth Sword Deity.

Outsiders might not know his identity, but any Saint Servant would be able to figure out who Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into without using much brain power at all.

Even if the Saint Servant was previously ignorant, he could figure it out if he just went around the city and asked around.

Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou was not surprised that the Storyteller would come to the First Pavilion in the Sky to get him.

“The wordinstructions is simply too unpleasant.

I simply came over to take a look because I havent seen you for a long time and I miss you,” The Storyteller played with his fingers and blinked his eyes as he spoke in a delicate voice.

“Seduced, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could almost die on the spot when he saw the information bar.

He felt a chill and leaned back again, pulling the distance between him and the Storyteller essentially.

“Wheres the Chief Is everyone here Have they all entered the city” Xu Xiaoshou quickly changed the topic.

The first thing that Xu Xiaoshou mentioned was his biggest backer in hopes that this could stop the Storyteller from acting recklessly.

“Yeah…” The Storyteller shrugged.

He was quite aware of what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking, so he dragged his voice for a long time before he continued, “Its impossible.

Big brother has his matters to attend to.

Right now, the majority arent here yet, and Im one of the first-stringers… the kind who cant wait to meet you, which is why I came first!”

“So thats the case…” The corners of Xu Xiaoshous eyes twitched.

He looked at Lei Shuangxing and decided to change who he would talk to.

“So what important wind blew the two of you into the First Pavilion in the Sky”

“There are two things,” Lei Shuangxing said in a low voice.

He was also fed up with the Storyteller and did not want that guy to continue to flirt around by his side.

He said, “Firstly, your pace is too slow.

The trial is about to begin, but the imperial city is not in chaos yet, so the Chief sent me here to rush you.”

“My pace is still considered slow” Xu Xiaoshou felt that he must have heard wrongly.

“Do you know that Ive only been in the imperial city for a few days, and Im already close to understanding the situation here This job is extremely difficult, and I still have to conceal my identity…” After a pause, Xu Xiaoshou continued, “Moreover, the Night Cat has just spread their rumors.

If you come a few days later, youll be able to see the chaotic situation in the imperial city, as well as the turmoil because of the news of theAbyss Island.”

“All in all, you guys are here too early!” Xu Xiaoshou concluded.

The Storytellers expression became serious as his thoughts were put on proper business.

He said, “The Holy Divine Palace will not allow you to cause trouble.

They have many tricks up their sleeves.

It may be so that your rumor will be suppressed before it even has the chance to be spread.”

“That wont happen,” Regarding this, Xu Xiaoshou was still quite confident.

“Oh” The Storyteller was surprised.

“How so”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“The people I entrusted the matter with are naturally reliable.

At least for this matter, the Night Cat will definitely spare no effort in doing it.

As the leader of the underground intelligence, as long as they dont want to, the rumors will not be suppressed.”

“How can you be so sure that they will spare no effort to help you” The Storytellers face was full of disbelief.

“In this imperial city, if ones surname is Saint, it is not the Saint of the Saint Servants, but the Saint of the Holy Divine Palace.”

“Hehe,” Xu Xiaoshou shrugged indifferently.

He thought of the day when Yuan Haisheng and Elder Jian were scared out of their wits by the Seven Sword Deity, Mei Siren.

The corners of his lips curled up mysteriously, and he did not explain further.

“Dont worry, Ill do my job.

You guys just watch.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 2.”

The Storyteller was silent for a moment.

Lei Shuangxing was quite skeptical as well.

Both of them knew how difficult Xu Xiaoshous mission was.

Without the help of the Saint Servants higher-ups, Xu Xiaoshou had to be the saboteur of Dongtianwang City and protect himself from being suspected…

This was an extremely difficult mission, to begin with.

Where did Xu Xiaoshou get such confidence from

“Just watch.

If theres really a problem, I can still ask for help, right” Xu Xiaoshou took out the communication bead and shook it.

With this, the Storyteller felt a little more at ease.

His big brother was the one who had given Xu Xiaoshou the communication bead.

As long as he needed it, Xu Xiaoshou could contact the Saint Servants higher-ups at any time and get help.

It was originally because the Storyteller was uneasy as nothing had come over the communication bead for more than half a month, which is why he came to investigate the situation himself.

He didnt expect that it wasnt because he had forgotten that Xu Xiaoshou hadnt used the communication bead, instead it was that Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could handle the mission of being the saboteur of the imperial city himself

“Tsk tsk, how charming!” The Storyteller licked his red lips, somewhat charmed by Xu Xiaoshous confidence.

“Loved, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately shivered and hurriedly looked at Lei Shuangxing.

“Whats the second thing then The other mission”

“Its not really a mission…” Lei Shuangxing said calmly.

He took out three palm-sized black command tokens from his ring and slapped them on the table.

These three command tokens were completely black and there werent any carvings on them, not even spiritual arrays or divine path patterns.

But the moment they appeared, a mysterious aura spread out.

Xu Xiaoshous expression changed slightly as he casually picked up one of the tokens and examined it carefully.

Other than it being pitch black, there werent any other patterns, words, or even any traces on it.

“What is this” Xu Xiaoshou put down the command token and asked in confusion.

“This is thevoid token, three of them, all from the Chie to you,” Lei Shuangxings calm words stirred violent waves in Xu Xiaoshous heart.

“The void token!” Xu Xiaoshou stood up with a dazed and incredulous expression.

He recalled when Xiao Wanfeng had told him about the scene of how he had dug out the command token.

At that time, Xiao Wanfeng had indeed said that thevoid token was completely black, but he did not say anything else.

Through these few days of intelligence gathering, Xu Xiaoshou was even more aware that if he wanted to enter the Sacred Secret Land, the Abyss Island, he had to have thevoid token in his possession.

It was necessary.

Therefore, he had not and dare not imagine that the command tokens that Lei Shuangxing had taken out were the void tokens that the Holy Divine Palace and the most powerful factions in the imperial city were all fighting over!

And a total of three at that!

“Are you guys serious” Xu Xiaoshou sat back down and swallowed hard.

“Uh huh~” The Storyteller nodded at the side, picked up a command token, and said, “This is the void token, this is what it looks like.

Remember it well and keep it well.

Well, I have no idea what big brother is thinking regarding this second mission, but since he said to give the command tokens to you, you must be able to do a good job.”

Xu Xiaoshou was moved by Bazhunans strength and frankness.

To think that he was able to get three void tokens without anyone noticing under the strict control of the Holy Divine Palace.

How capable was he!

Xu Xiaoshou had heard that the void tokens were monopolized by the Holy Divine Palace, and outsiders could at most find the so-called “command token clues”.

How could three void tokens suddenly appear out of nowhere here

“I can keep the command tokens, but what do I need to do…” Xu Xiaoshou said in puzzlement.

He didnt ask how they got the tokens.

After he calmed down, the first thing that came to his mind was that the Eighth Sword Deity had been to the Abyss Island before and had even said something like “both black and white veins will be under my command”, so perhaps Bazhunan didnt get the tokens from the channels controlled by the Holy Divine Palace, but directly from the internal channels.

“To cause trouble!” The Storyteller smiled sweetly and replied, “The mission remains the same.

Now that you have three command tokens, you dont have to rely purely on bluffing… Even if the rumors spread by the Night Cat you mentioned were to be suppressed by the Holy Divine Palace, as long as you indicate that you have the command tokens, nobody would be able to suppress the news of Abyss Island.”

Xu Xiaoshous veins were throbbing violently when he heard that.

Previously, he had never thought that his way of carrying out the mission was insufficient.

On the contrary, he even felt that it was a little more extravagant than what he had done in the past.

After all, this was Dongtianwang City, and he was creating trouble right under the nose of the Holy Divine Palace.

Even if what he did was a small matter, if his identity was exposed, he would most probably be killed!

But now…

Touching the three void tokens on the table, Xu Xiaoshou truly realized what the Bazhunan meant by “starting a war.”.

The Saint Servants were not joking.

They were serious in wanting to stir up waves in the imperial city and make a big scene!

They were also serious when they said that whatever he had done was insufficient!

In that case…

“Okay, I understand.” Having made up his mind, Xu Xiaoshou kept the command tokens into his ring and nodded heavily.

With this thing, it was as the Storyteller had said, “Nobody would be able to suppress the news of Abyss Island.”

— The powers in the imperial city are about to change!

“Im off then~” After relaying the mission, the Storyteller spread his hands.

The Storyteller wanted to stay for a while longer and have a good chat with Xu Xiaoshou in his room, but his spiritual senses were telling him that someone was coming to the First Pavilion in the Sky now, so he immediately stood up to leave.

“I wont send you off,” Xu Xiaoshou acted like he was sending off the god of plague.

He didnt bother sending them to the door as he merely watched them leave.

“You…” However, after Lei Shuangxing stood up, he did not leave immediately.

Instead, he lowered his eyebrows and spoke with some hesitation.

The eyes of the Storyteller were immediately filled with interest.

He looked back and forth between Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Shuangxing as he covered his mouth and snickered.

“Why, is there something else” Xu Xiaoshou realized that Lei Shuangxing was talking to him.

Lei Shuangxing hesitated for a moment before tilting his head slightly and without looking at Xu Xiaoshou, asked, “Where are your friends”

“Friends” Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

What did he mean

He suddenly realized that Lei Shuangxing was probably talking about Xin Gugu and the others.

“They went out and have not returned for the time being…”

“Nevermind,” At this moment, Lei Shuangxing waved his hand as if he was answering his own question.

He turned around and walked out of the building with his crutches.

“Da, da, da,” The crisp sound of crutches hitting the ground could be heard as Lei Shuangxings figure gradually disappeared.

Xu Xiaoshou was somewhat baffled by the question.

He turned his head to look at the Storyteller in confusion.

“Take care~” Unknowingly, the Storyteller was by his side.

His delicate hand gently patted Xu Xiaoshous cheek as he exhaled softly, “If anything happens, call me at any time~”

He was actually blowing hot air into Xu Xiaoshous ears!

Xu Xiaoshous hair stood on end and he hurriedly dodged.

The Storyteller, however, was like a maggot in his bones..

In a flash, he changed to the side of Xu Xiaoshous other ear and exhaled again, “If theres nothing, you can still call me.

Ill be here immediately as soon as you call~”


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