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Chapter 706: Zhou Tianshen Tried His Best to Match Secret Codes

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The trade fair was still in full swing.

At this moment, the door of Room 183 was pushed open.

Three beast-masked people walked out.

The first person was carrying a huge bathtub.

The next person was carrying a golden saber.

The last person was holding a huge white sword upside down.

The moment this combination appeared, everyone stopped the trade and looked up at the corridor outside the private room on the second floor.

At the same time, the people in the private room also turned their heads over.

“Damn, theyre here, theyre here!”

Some of the young men on the private seats were excited.

They had completely forgotten about another trader on the bidding platform.

They focused on the trio that walked out of Room 183.

“Why are they in such a hurry Is the Magic Pill Technicians Association really going to give away the treasure”

“The point is that this group is a little bit of eyesore, right That bathtub, saber, huge sword… Are they from the Magic Pill Technicians Association for real They look more like theyre going for a fight.”

“Thats right.

More importantly, why are they carrying the bathtub…”

“Also, didnt they agree that Room 172 would go and take the treasure How big of an honor is that! They want the headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association in the Imperial City to come and send the treasure”

“How big of an honor!”


At the trade fair, there were a lot of young people who followed their sect elders to get more exposure.

They had been rooted in the Imperial City for many years, so they surely knew the Magic Pill Technicians Associations deterrence.

Seeing how the mighty Magic Pill Technicians Association was begging others now, they couldnt help but feel a little surprised.

However, the elders of the various factions quickly controlled the commotion.

Obviously, the Magic Pill Technicians Associations actions today proved that Room 172 was even more mysterious than expected!


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It was impossible!

“Young Master Xu, theyre here.”

In Room 172 which became the center of attention, Liu Lu received a signal and opened the door.

The three of them walked in.

Xu Xiaoshou saw the iconic golden saber and the huge white sword.

He was immediately enlightened.

He now understood why people of the Pill Pagoda were so nice to him.

It turned out that they were on the same side…

It was the same saber, it must be Zhou Tianshen.

The huge white sword was a new one, but it remained a heavy sword.

Obviously, it was Su Qianqian.

As for the person who was leading the trio…

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the slender girl, who was carrying the huge bathtub that didnt fit her figure.

He reckoned that she should be the real person in charge.

After all, Zhou Tianshen and Su Qianqian wouldnt have that much money to buy the Bodhi Root and give it to him.

Putting everything aside…

“Why does this big bathtub look familiar” Under the beast mask, Xu Xiaoshou squinted at the girl in the lead and hesitated.

Mu Zixi was also confused.

Outsiders could only tell that it was a bathtub.

However, after Elder Sangs teaching, she could clearly tell that this was an alchemy cauldron.

It was the signature alchemy cauldron of the Infernal lineage!

Subconsciously, she wanted to turn around and say something to her senior brother.

Yet, since Mu Zixi was unsure of their intentions, she held back her impulse.

At this moment, perhaps the other party intentionally showed the alchemy cauldron to test her and Xu Xiaoshous first reaction!

“Youre here”

Xu Xiaoshous gaze moved away from the large bathtub.

He didnt hide his amazement too much.

After all, a normal person couldnt help but take a few more glances at such a large bathtub.

The door was closed.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment before he waved his hand and ordered, “Liu Lu, help this friend unload this precious spiritual weapon.

It must be very heavy!”

Liu Lu was speechless.

He had a bitter expression on his face.

He was the only outsider in this private room.

Yet, Young Master Xu ordered him around as if he was one of them.

Well, it was fine if he was ordered around, but must Xu Xiaoshou call out his name

Was the beast mask supposed to filter only the air… Liu Lu rolled his eyes.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“This way, please.”

Despite cursing in his heart, Liu Lu still acted like the owner.

He gestured to the sofa next to Mo Mo and wanted them to sit down.

Next, he helped to take Hua Yings bathtub.

However, Hua Ying waved her hand and said, “Get out of the way.” She pushed his hand away.

“Hiss…” Liu Lu was in so much pain that his face turned purple.

He immediately retreated.

Her casual force almost shattered his bones.

“What a great strength, this girl!”

“No wonder she could carry such a heavy weapon…”

Liu Lu let out a silent cry.

He looked back at Young Master Xu with tears in his eyes, not knowing what to do next.

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised by the girls actions.

She didnt seem to be here to give away her treasure.

Instead, she seemed to be here to cause trouble

“What are you doing Youre here to beat someone up” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

Hua Ying was stunned when she heard this.

She was just not used to someone touching her treasure.

She used to use much stronger force than this in the Holy Palace.

Why would she hurt someone intentionally

However, when she heard the tone of the beast-masked man who seemed to be Young Master Xu, a hint of coldness appeared in his voice.

Hua Ying instantly recalled how her master Bai Lian looked after failing the mission.

She quickly explained, “No, no.

Youve misunderstood.

I didnt mean to hurt anyone…”

As soon as she said this, the people from the First Pavillion the Sky were shocked.

Even Xu Xiaoshou was a little stunned.

How did this person cower so quickly

Where did that boldness go

Zhou Tianshen watched anxiously from behind.

He hurriedly took a few steps forward and shielded Hua Ying.

“Wait here, let me do it!”

As he passed by, he deliberately sent a telepathic communication.

They were still uncertain whether the person in front was the one Hua Ying was looking for.

Elsewise, it would be terrible when Hua Ying got angry later.

After all, Zhou Tianshen could already gauge Hua Yings combat strength from the large bathtub she brought.


Zhou Tianshen walked in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

He rubbed his hands and swallowed his saliva.

He organized his words and said, “Well, my friend here is looking for an old friend of hers!”

He held out his hand and pointed at Hua Ying.

He even deliberately emphasized the word “old friend” and hinted at Young Master Xu.

When he saw no response from Young Master Xu, Zhou Tianshen was slightly disappointed and continued,

“However, my friendsold friend went missing… for some reason!”

“After that, she found me.”

Zhou Tianshen pointed at himself.

He said, “After all, Im also a mutual friend of thisold friend.”

“I think youre… Well, lets put it this way.

We think that thisold friend is currently in the First Pavillion in the Sky.

Well, hes also myold friend.”

“So, we came here!”

As Zhou Tianshen spoke, he clapped his hands, spread his arms, and shrugged.

“You know what I mean, right Its not too hard to understand, right”

Liu Lu went blank.

He was confused by what he heard.

After listening for some time, he couldnt make up a complete story line from these simple sentences.

So what was this beast-masked mans purpose, and what was he trying to express

Xu Xiaoshou who was listening aside, almost laughed out loud.

Liu Lu did not understand.

Yet, as the person he meant, Xu Xiaoshou totally got the story.

Obviously, the girl that Zhou Tianshen brought came to find him.

Since she could gain Zhou Tianshens trust, she should be a friend and not an enemy.

However, he wondered what she was after

A woman carrying a big bathtub came from afar… Xu Xiaoshou was a little suspicious.

Could she be Elder Sangs illegitimate daughter

As his thoughts ran wild, Xu Xiaoshous body trembled.

Startled, Passive Points, 1

Hua Ying was anxiously waiting for the feedback.

Xu Xiaoshou kept silent.

At this moment, he could not figure out why Zhou Tianshen was beating around the bush.

Perhaps, it was because there were outsiders and he could not express it directly.

Or could it be that this fellow had always been so tongue-tied and hadnt improved at all

But this didnt stop him from playing along, “So, youve found your way here.

Is that person youre looking for in the First Pavilion in the Sky”

This indifferent tone made Zhou Tianshen feel like he had met the wrong person.

He paused.

His intuition told him that the person in front who neither look, feel nor sound like Xu Xiaoshou, was most likely the correct person!

That was because the person standing next to Young Master Xu was the short Mu Zixi with pigtails and green clothes!

“I have yet to confirm it,” Zhou Tianshen answered calmly.

Xu Xiaoshou calmly reached out his hand, “You guys agreed to give me the Bodhi Root first.”

Obviously, the price of this “confirmation” was worth 3.1 billion.

The corners of Zhou Tianshens mouth twitched.

This familiar feeling made Zhou Tianshen even more certain of Xu Xiaoshous identity.

Nevertheless, the situation was still unclear.

If he took out the “Bodhi Root” now, what if it was a fake Xu Xiaoshou

Zhou Tianshen refused to take out the “Bodhi Root” yet.

Meanwhile, Hua Ying was at the side and subconsciously handed over the treasure.

Seeing this, Zhou Tianshen immediately reached out to stop her.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, took advantage of the situation and said, “If I dont get the item, you can only confirm it with your eyes.”

This time, Zhou Tianshen froze.

Confirm it with his eyes… What the hell!

They were all wearing beast masks, so all that he could confirm was the body figures, right

“Give it to him!” Zhou Tianshen helplessly compromised.

Hua Ying respectfully handed over the “Bodhi Root”.

In her eyes, this was Young Master Xu, who was also her masters senior brother!

Respect, that was a must!

Even if she failed to confirm his identity eventually…

It didnt matter.

She could easily snatch back the treasure and kill him in that case… there was barely any loss.

But if the other party was Young Master Xu, there would be no way to make up for it if she disrespected him!

“Respected, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou reached out and took the “Bodhi Root” from the devout girl who bent her body over 90 degrees, holding the treasure with both hands.

He was a little surprised.

Who on earth was this

One couldnt fake such a respectful manner at all.

It was even acknowledged by the system.

Could it be that it was not Elder Sangs daughter but his granddaughter

That old fart! Did he have so many affairs in the past

After opening the Jade Box, Xu Xiaoshou confirmed that it was surely the Bodhi Root.

He didnt look at it too closely.

Instead, he threw the treasure into the ring before coming back to his senses.

“Ask all you want!”

Zhou Tianshen nodded.

He walked past Xu Xiaoshou and came in front of Mu Zixi.

He took off the beast mask and revealed an expectant and nervous face.

“You know me, right”


Mu Zixi was really frightened this time.

She took a few steps back.

Knowing that Xu Xiaoshou could not reveal his identity now, she subconsciously wanted to deny it.

However, when she saw her senior brother taking the gift… Mu Zixi hesitated and nodded.

She did not deny it.

“I guess so.”


Liu Lu could not help but burst into laughter.

Even he could see that Mu Zixi changed her words because of the treasure.

Zhou Tianshen glared at Liu Lu, but he didnt give up.

He continued to ask,

“Good, its good that you know.”

“Let me ask you, if there was such a library, where would the most powerful spiritual technique be located”

Mu Zixi had to admit that this emotional trick had made her fall into deep thought.

In her mind, the scene of her and Zhou Tianshen searching in the Spiritual Library Division appeared.

Images of them looking for the so-called peerless spiritual technique from every corner flashed back in her mind.

Mu Zixi took a deep breath and answered, “On the bookshelf.”

“Youre lying!” Zhou Tianshen was furious.

Mu Zixi almost broke down, but she immediately held back.

She gritted her teeth and said, “If its not on the bookshelf, where else can it be”

“Youre lying! On the bookshelf, my ass! Theres nothing good on the bookshelf!” Zhou Tianshen was so angry that he stomped his feet.

He pointed at the corner of the room with his one arm, “Did you forget about all of this Cant you remember I dont believe you!”

Mu Zixi shrunk her head back.

She could feel Zhou Tianshens true anger and loneliness.

It was the kind of anger and loneliness that he felt when his friends had all moved to different places, but he was left alone in the team.

He was still at the same place, all alone.

When Zhou Tianshen saw that “Mu Zixi” kept quiet, his heart suddenly felt sorrowful.

He turned to look at “Xu Xiaoshou” and said seriously, “As for you, you should know me, right” He pointed at himself.

At this moment, many warm images flashed in Zhou Tianshens mind.

There was once when he stood up for justice after the battle with Xu Xiaoshou.

He firmly believed that Xu Xiaoshou was a gentleman since he wouldnt covertly attack others.

There was another time when Xu Xiaoshou had won first place but could not enter the Inner Yard because his spiritual cultivation level was too low.

That time, Zhou Tianshen even refused to get into the Inner Yard because of the unfair situation.

There was even another time…

“I can also recognize you.”

The scene in his mind was replaying.

The beast-masked mans indifferent words shattered all of Zhou Tianshens hopes.


Liu Lu burst out laughing once again.

This time, he covered his mouth and held back his voice.

Zhou Tianshens face stiffened.

He didnt think that was necessary.

He knew that in this private room, the Night Cat would be watching them.

If it was really Xu Xiaoshou, no matter how much he feared getting exposed, he wouldnt have to reject Zhou Tianshen so coldly!

He could at least give Zhou Tianshen a secret signal, right

Or he could just give a random message!

He was obviously Xu Xiaoshou, she was obviously Mu Zixi.

But why… arent they

Zhou Tianshen wasnt willing to give up.

He was asking for more.

As if he was clinging onto the last glimpse of hope, he stammered, “To get afraid before you fight, its a big taboo against the enemy.

To run away without fighting, its spiritual cultivation…”

“What are you talking about”

Xu Xiaoshou cut him off rudely.

“Are you saying that you want to fight with me”


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