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“Ghost Beast!”

In an instant, everyone turned their heads around together at the same time.

This beast roar came out of nowhere.

However, not to mention red-clothed people even the ruler of the red-clothed people, one of the two great rulers of the Holy Divine Palace, was present.

How could he not be able to tell what was going on

Rao Yaoyao immediately threw everything to the back of her mind and gave an order:

“Teng Shanhai, investigate the Yao Residence.

If you find out that its really Bazhunan, dont attack, just send me a message immediately and assemble everyone.”

Teng Shanhai nodded, “Okay.”

Rao Yaoyao repeatedly reminded him, “Remember, dont attack immediately after you find someone.

You cant win…”


Teng Shanhai dragged out his voice and laughed, “I am not Yu Mo.

How could I be so stupid choosing to fight that person one-on-one”

“Its good that you understand.” Rao Yaoyao snorted and waved her hand.Teng Shanhai turned around and disappeared.

Then, she turned her head to the north and called out, “Wang Dachui!”


The hunchbacked old man who had disappeared into the horizon appeared and said sneakily, “What mission does Fairy Rao want to give me, Old Wang Something like protecting that Demi-Saint Family(ies) ”

Rao Yaoyao glared at him and said, “Stop playing around.

The Jiang Clans descendant has theThree Loathsome Eyes.

Your mission is not easy.

Be careful not to capsize in the gutter.”

“That wont be necessary…” Wang Dachui shrugged and said indifferently, “No matter how much you capsize, will it be worse than facing the Bazhunan, Teng Shanhai”

Rao Yaoyao glared at him angrily and said, “You have to be wary of someone wearing a golden mask…”

“I know!”

Wang Dachui waved his hand and interrupted, “Its the Huang Quan of Yama which Ive been watching for a long time.

Ive collected a lot of information over the years since Ill have to face them sooner or later.

But thank you for Fairy Rao to remind me, right”

“You still want to make trouble if you have already known” Rao Yaoyao waved her hand again, “Hurry up and get lost!”

“This is just for delivering happiness to you while leaving nervousness for the battle…”Wang Dachui suddenly became affectionate.

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Rao Yaoyao immediately drew her sword.

The hunchbacked old man was so frightened that he immediately ran away without saying a word.

He hurriedly went to carry out the mission that was assigned to him.

“As for the two of you…”Rao Yaoyao looked at Ye Xiao and Yi, “Hide for the time being.

Free Man, take charge of this place!”

Ye Xiao did not say a word and his figure began to dim, and in the end, he completely disappeared from everyones sight.

However, Yi pouted, somewhat displeased.

He listened to the private telepathic communication by his ear that was completely different from the orders he received on the surface, which was from Rao Yaoyao,

“One person to one side at a time.

Ye Xiao will go to the west, and Yi will go to the north.

Theres no need to make a move, but she needs to keep an eye on the battle between the two of them at all times.

Send back information and progress.”

At that moment, Yi was rather displeased.

While he concealed himself in the Way of the Heavens, he asked through telepathic communication, “Cant the two of us be together”

Rao Yaoyao sneered, “Can you two be together Do you still think of fighting when youre together who was the one who went to the secular world to watch the fireworks during the battle last time”


This time, he had no way to refute.

He could only bite the Bingtanghulu in his mouth and endure the pain as he separated from Ye Xiao.

“Senior, What about us”

At that moment, Situ Yong saw that the chief of each division had accepted the mission and only his Path Division had nothing to do, so he immediately spoke up.

He was a person who was unwilling to be left behind, so he naturally couldnt be idle.

Rao Yaoyao turned her gaze to this side, and her expression softened.

She said gently, “Situ and Little Yu, follow me for now.

Theres no need to move.”

Situ Yongs expression froze, and he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

As expected.

She still treated him as a junior!

How could Rao Yaoyao not see the expression and understand the words from this young man

She immediately explained,

“The two of you are here to learn.

If you can take charge of the midfield, you should try your best to observe the overall situation

“It must be known that a true leader, you should be able to devise strategies within a command tent, and gain a decisive victory a thousand miles away.”

“Especially you, Situ!”

As Rao Yaoayo spoke, her voice turned loud and heavy,

“Your master has high expectations for you.

In the future, you will have to face not only a Saint Servant and a Xu Yue Grey Palace, but also all the dark sides of the continent

“So, dont stick to small details.

Learn to be open-minded, just like…”

As she spoke.

Rao Yaoyao turned to look at Yu Zhiwen, but she suddenly swallowed the second half of her sentence.

To be honest.

Rao Yaoyao felt that Situ Yongs temperament was too immature and he was mature and precocious enough.

On this point, even Yu Zhiwen was much better than situ..


It should be said as much better!

However, Dao Qiongcangs choice was not something Rao Yaoyao could control.

Like many of the higher-ups in the Holy Divine Palace, Rao Yaoyao was very frustrated.

Why would Dao Qiongcang choose someone who was so outstanding in the Divine Secret that he could be the top of the younger generation, but whose temperament was slightly inferior, to be the successor.

It must be known that the position of the next Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace was actually more important than cultivation level.

However, the older generation could look down on Situ Yong, but they could not deny Dao Qiongcang.

Kui Leihan, Bazhunan, and the unpredictable Dao Qiongcang.

They were the three giants of the previous era.

Especially Dao Qiongcang, who was famous for his unpredictable Divine Secret and his diversified tricks.

The choices made by this type of person would definitely have the true third side hidden beneath the first and second sides that ordinary people could see.

And even the fourth and fifth sides!

And this so-called hidden side should be the one that Dao Qiongcang had really paid attention to.

Rao Yaoyao felt that it was completely understandable that she did not understand and that the world did not understand.

Because once even she could see through it, the world would also be able to see through it.

Then Dao Qiongcang would no longer be the Dao Qiongcang who was known for being unpredictable.

Take ten thousand steps back and say it!

Looking at Situ Yong who had fallen into deep thought because of her words and then had a look of realization on his face that Rao Yaoyao knew of.

This young man was actually not bad.

What he lacked was just that little bit of the most crucial, “self-enlightenment.”.

“Perhaps, after experiencing more setbacks, people will grow up.”

She didnt think too much about it.

Rao Yaoyao had always treated these two future stars of the Way of the Heavens with equal respect.

When she saw that these two people respected her orders, she turned to look at Lan Ling.


Now, its your time.”

Lan Ling and the others couldnt hold it in any longer.

After receiving the order, they started to move.


At the venue of the trade fair.

Time went by a little.

Ever since the appearance of the Night Guardian and the suppression of the crowd.

The arenas atmosphere had always been very solemn.

The trial of the red-clothed people and white-clothed people was not here, but outside.

Therefore, they watched as the people in the private seat was taken out one after another by the guards of the Holy Divine Palace and then disappeared.

Everyone understood.

Those who went out either returned home with nothing to do.

Or they would only be taken down silently!

The atmosphere in the arena became stagnant again and became more and more oppressive as time passed.

Even the Sovereign (stage) and Cutting Path (stage) seemed to be unable to resist the situation where people were simply waiting for the trial and death..

This was because almost no one in the entire arena was clean.

The higher ones cultivation level was, the more dirty matters they got involved!



Was this a joke

At this crucial moment, whoever made the first move would be the most suspicious!

No one dared to resist.

At this moment, even the Great Flux Heaven Sect, Guiyin Pavilion, and the other overlord-class factions obediently returned to their private rooms and waited for the white-clothed people and red-clothed people to interrogate them.

Since they were like this, the others didnt dare to act rashly either.

In private room No.


Huang Quan sat in the middle position and didnt move.

However, under this frozen atmosphere, the blue-robed masked man, Spider Lily, couldnt sit still any longer.

“Lord Huang Quan…”

The moment he spoke, Huang Quan replied with a smile, “Theres no rush.

Lets wait a little longer.

Our private room number is at the back, so it wont be our turn for the time being.

Once the time is up and the operation on the other side succeeds, youll be able to escape from the sea of bitterness, and…”

As he spoke, Huang Quan looked out of the window and muttered, “There are so many people.

There will always be a few who will be the first to lose their footing.”

Spider Lily was silent.

In his eyes, they were the only private room present that would not be able to withstand the trial.

So, why wait

If they didnt disrupt the scene quickly and stir up waves, causing everyone to explode and take the opportunity to leave.

In that case, it would be too late!

Time passed by slowly.

Just like the Spider Lily, the number of people who were feeling uneasy increased.

At this moment, Huang Quan who was sitting in the central seat, suddenly moved his ears and turned his head to look behind him.

It was as if he was staring at the wall behind him.

However, his gaze was clearly looking through the wall and go into the distance.

“Lord Huang Quan…”

Spider Lily and the Nine Serenities Ghost Child warily glanced over.

They saw Lord Huang Quan secretly make a move and block the Way of the Heavens energy movement with space-time energy surged out of his hands.

“Times Up!”

The two of them simultaneously came to an enlightenment that the operation on the other side that had already ended.

Although they didnt know if it was a success or a failure, it was obvious that it was time for Yama and the others to leave this place.

However, it was also at this moment.

When another group of white-clothed people entered Box 6, they werent able to successfully bring them out like before.

On the contrary, Box 6 let out an angry beast roar.

“Roar –”

This roar stunned everyone present.

“Ghost Beast !”

Everyone finally understood.

There really was a ghost beast in Box 6

So, the vigilance from the red-clothed people and the Holy Divine Palaces blockade were actually justified


A sound of destruction was heard.

When the Beasts roar fell, the door to Box 6 instantly exploded.

The wall cracked and rubble flew everywhere.

A few blood-stained figures of the guards of the Holy Divine Palace were instantly thrown out.


In the midst of the rising ghost fog, a black scorpion tail that was dozens of feet tall and as thick as three peoples arms was shot out from Box 6 with a bang.

It heavily hit the center field of the trade fair and blew up endless airwaves.

Everyone was shocked.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

Almost at the same time, most of the gates of the boxes were opened, and everyone stuck their heads out.

Seeing this black scorpion tail, everyones hearts were in chaos.

“Ghost Beast!”

“Damn, its really a Ghost Beast!”

“Damn it, run, everyone, run! If a fight breaks out here, the aftermath of the battle will be enough to destroy everyone!”

“Run –”

It was unknown whether it was intentional or not.

The appearance of this black scorpion tail seemed to have fired another shot at everyone resisting the blockade.

Everyone fled the private room in a panic and ran toward the main entrance of the trade fair as if they had gone mad.

Some people even began to bombard the Arena Guardian Barrier when they saw this chaotic scene and wanted to open the Heavens Gate and spread their wings to fly high.

“Silence –”

At this moment, a few red-clothed people flew out of the gate.

Killing intent burst out from the Night Guardian and instantly suppressed the chaos.

“Everyone, if there are any troublemakers, treat them as the accomplices of the Ghost Beast and the whole clan will be implicated.”

These words were quite domineering, and everyone fell silent on the spot.

It was related to the Ghost Beast.

Had the whole clan implicated was not an exaggeration but a real statement.

The chaos was suppressed by the power of the Night Guardian for a moment, while there were still people who angrily said,

“Seniors of the red-clothed people, run, we dont have to run.”

“But if you want us to be quiet, the most important thing is to ensure our safety!”

“Ghost Beast isnt some childs play…”

Some people pretended to be in chaos.

But most people were really panicking at this moment.

Ghost Beast, started at the Sovereign (stage) with no limit at the top.

Those who had heard of Ghost Beast legends, even if there were many people present, they only knew the surface and didnt know the details.

Furthermore, most of these people had come into contact with the most sinister aspect of Ghost Beast.

What about being invincible among the same stage, and death upon contact with ghostly energy..

What about one Ghost Beasts life would cost the death of ten at Cutting Path (stage) …

Therefore, when that terrifying and thick black scorpion tail appeared, it was as if an ancient giant beast was about to tear open the extradimensional space and descend upon them.

Even the Guiyin Pavilion was panicking.

“Pavilion Master!”

In Box 7, guardian Mo Qing was on the verge of going crazy and jumped up in shock.

He had been trembling in fear and trepidation as he waited for Box 6 to end while Box 7 went to receive his trial.

Who would have thought that the Ghost Beast was beside me

What others saw was only a black scorpion tail.

Box 7, as the neighbor of Box 6, saw when the wall of the adjacent room shattered after the boundless ghostly energy and black mist rose.

Inside Box 6, the complete mutation process of the two ghost beast host body!



At that time.

A woman wearing a cute cat mask in Box 6 was touched by the guards of the Holy Divine Palace, and her body suddenly convulsed violently.

Ghostly energy exploded, and the walls cracked.

Her entire body became bulky, forming a black scorpion armor.

She crouched on the ground, and a thick and terrifying scorpion tail grew out of the tail bone at the end of her waist.

That terrifying scorpion tail instantly lashed out at the stunned Sovereign (stage) guard of the Holy Divine Palace, causing him to bleed out and faint.

On the other side of the scorpion-tailed Ghost Beast.

At the same time, a tall lion-headed masked man shot a glance at Box 7, and his body turned into black mist, disappearing into Box 6.

Mo Qing was almost scared to death by that glance.

“At least two Cutting Path (stage) …”

He could instantly come to this conclusion.

That scorpion-tailed Ghost Beast was too terrifying.

With one whip, the Sovereign (stage) was gone.

This was definitely not a low-level Ghost Beast.

It had been hiding in the Shengshen Continent for a long time and had been disturbed by the sudden blockade of the red-clothed people.

“Swish Swish Swish!”

Several figures descended at the same time.

The moment the black scorpion tail appeared, the red-clothed peoples Night Guardian, Xin, Pitch Black, Cheng Ji of the Holy Divine Palace, Nangong Yin of the Night Cat, and their attendant, the higher void (level) , descended at the same time.

With six people, theres the hexagram formation.

Before the scorpion-tailed Ghost Beast could react, it descended at the same time.

“Roar –”

The scorpion-tailed Ghost Beast was clearly shocked by the red-clothed peoples exceptional reaction speed and let out a low roar.

At this moment.

In Box 7 next door, Mo Qings weak voice rang out,

“Everyone, my Pavilion Master seems to have been kidnapped….”


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