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Chapter 776: Taixiang Xu Family of the Northern Region, Thats Nonsense!

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“Can you not repeat what I Said”

“I didnt repeat what you said, second senior brother.

I was learning… second senior brother, are you jealous that I broke through before you hehehe.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, you dont care about junior brother”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother is angry at me!”

“Youre rebelling! Do you still have a second senior brother in your eyes !”

“Im not rebelling! Uh, what Im saying is that Im not rebelling.

The sound of arguments coming from behind were simply driving people crazy.

The leader of the swordsmen in green who was holding his sword held his forehead and looked back.

“Are the two of you done Isnt it enough for you to quarrel all the way here No matter what you say, in the outside world, you can already be considered a king.

Why are you still arguing like a child”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Im sorry.”

“Eldest Senior Brotherr, Im sorry.”


Now that youve grown up, you dont see me as your Second Senior Brother Anymore, do you !”

“Second Senior Brother, youre also sorry.”

“Thats more like it!”

swordsman holding the sword, Gu Qingyi

The three senior brothers were naturally the three brothers of the Burial Sword Tomb.

Ever since they went to the White Cave, preparing vicious sword, which turned out to almost separate the competitors from life and death while battling between Lijian Grassland and Fourth Sword.

But eventually still missed the vicious sword.

These three were called back to Burial Sword Tomb by the

Supreme Master through extremely powerful teleportation.

Things happened after did not involve the three of them, so they were unaware of anything after.

Halfway through the mission, they were suddenly stopped by their Supreme Master.

Naturally, the three brothers were also confused.

Actually, they could still fight for the Fourth sword.

Gu Qingyi had not made a move yet, so they still had a chance to take down the target of the mission.

It was just that their junior brother was seriously injured, so they did not really care about the matter of snatching the sword.

After the white cave incident, the news spread.

Only then did the three of them know that there was actually a Fourth sword.

There was no longer a need for them to fight for it.

In the battle in the eighth palace, it was suspected that the Eighth Sword Deity had appeared.

Outsiders might not believe it yet, but Xin Wuheng and Bazhunan did.

However, the three brothers knew about the friendship between their master and the Eighth Sword Deity.

If Bazhun‘an didnt want to personally retrieve the Fourth Sword, they wouldnt have had to fight to the death.

In the end, they were suddenly forced to stop the mission and were captured and brought home.

However, because the mission had been terminated, they didnt know what would happen next.


The so-called saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, and the other two couldnt be related to the other Xu Xiaoshou.

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“Senior Rao Yaoyao is the seven sword deity.

The saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, can block the red dust sword, which is equivalent to him being able to withstand a sword from his master.”

“If this really is the Xu Xiaoshou that we know, then he must have been possessed by someone else.”

Gu Qingyi hugged his sword and analyzed in a soft voice.

It was precisely because their three masters were one of the Seven sword deity, Wen Ting, that they were able to better understand how terrifying the Seven Sword Deity was.

If the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, was able to withstand a sword strike from the Seven Sword Deity, he should at least have a cultivation level of the Cutting Path (stage) , right

As for the legendary saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, who was an Innate (stage) junior..


If an innate was able to withstand the sword of the Seven Sword Deity, what was the point of having a cultivation level like a Master (stage) or a Sovereign (stage)

Even when the Bazhun‘an was at the innate stage, it was impossible for him to withstand the sword of the Seven Sword Deity!

According to the legend, it was just for fun.

“If it wasnt that Xu Xiaoshou, who else could it be” Gu Qingsan also doubted the legend.

He had fought with Xu Xiaoshou before, so he knew what this person was capable of.

If this guy could withstand Rao Yaoyaos sword, didnt that mean that Eldest Senior Brother could kill a sword deity

“Its useless to think too much.

The most important thing now is to take the quota for the imperial city trial.”

Gu Qinger carried the nine swords of the sword wheel on his back, he was also analyzing the mission, “Master said that the Abyss Island is an opportunity.

Not only Eldest Senior Brother, but junior brother and I are qualified to participate in this mission.

Others need to bring seniors here, but we dont

need them.”

“Thats right!”Gu Qingyi nodded.

“This is not just an opportunity for me.

When your strength rises, you can also fight for it.

However, the difficulty of this mission has skyrocketed.

The competitors we need to face are all at least at the beginning of the Cutting Path (stage), higher void (level) is considered


The three of them looked solemn.

The foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

Those who might be attracted were all qualified to become saints.

And this kind of people.

Were either at the peak of the higher void (level) , only one step away from becoming a saint.

Or had extraordinary talent, and could see the threshold of the Holy Path at the Sovereign Path (stage) and Cutting Path (stage) .

If one could obtain the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, one would become a demi-saint in time.

It was rumored that there was a foundational roots of Saint Ascension on the Abyss Island, and there was also a great terror.

Outsiders did not know whether these two were true or not.

But the three Gu brothers knew.

Because their Supreme Master had definitely passed.

The “foundational roots of Saint Ascension” was real, and the great terror was real.

It was just that in order to obtain opportunities, one could not be short of strength or luck.

Thinking of this, swordsman holding the sword, Gu Qingyi waved his hand and did not say anything else.

“Lets go.

First, well go to the heaven geomantic arena just for the sake of going.

Remember not to disrupt the harmony when fighting.”

“Then, well go to the Holy Divine Palace to pay a visit to Sword Deity Rao.

Just now, she has already returned from the Yunlun Mountains Range.

She must have sensed our existence.”

“Finally, I heard that master siren is in the first pavilion in the sky.

This is also something that we must pay a visit to.

We cant be lacking in etiquette.”

Gu Qinger and Gu Qingsan nodded and eagerly followed.

The two of them had made some breakthroughs.

However, eldest senior brothers cultivation level was advancing by leaps and bounds.

Now, even the two of them did not know what cultivation level eldest senior brother had reached.

The only thing they could be sure of was that this so-called Sovereign (stage) trial was just a formality.

The main show was still on the Abyss Island.

Among their peers, the three of them no longer had any opponents.

At this moment, junior brother, Gu Qingsan, rolled his eyes, and said with a little curiosity, “Speaking of which, Sword Deity Rao and Master Siren seemed to have made their moves that night Legend has it that they are both only Sword Deity and in the higher void (state).

Does this mean that Supreme

Master is already half a step ahead…”

Gu Qinger turned his head and scolded, “Shut up! You already said that its a legend.

How can you believe a legend Furthermore, are you even qualified to talk about the Seven Sword Deity”

Gu Qingsan shrugged.

“Im just curious.

What do you think, Eldest Senior Brother”

Swordsman holding the sword, Gu Qingyi did not even pause in his footsteps.

He said indifferently, “If you have the leisure to think about it, why dont you think about how youre going to fight back when you meet the person who defeated you again”

Gu Qingsan chuckled.

His strength had long since returned from the sword snatching incident.

He had benefited from misfortune, and his skills had improved by leaps and bounds.

Otherwise, how would he dare to contradict Second Senior Brotherr

“This Xu Xiaoshou is not the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou who can resist the Sword Deity.

To put it bluntly, he is just like that.

I am now the Sovereign of the Way of the Sword, and beating him is like crushing ants!”

Gu Qingsan puffed out his chest and raised his head.

His dream was to contradict Eldest Senior Brother after he had argued with Second Senior Brother, and finally, to argue with his master and seize the title of Seven Sword Deity.

Just thinking about it made people happy.

Gu Qinger nodded his head, and no expression could be seen on his facem “Well, all geniuses wander around on the spot, and you are the only one who is improving.”

Gu Qingsans expression froze and raised his five fingers, “Among my peers, the only one who can beat me nowis just one palm…”

He paused and pressed down on three of his fingers, “Just two!”

Gu Qinger: “Hehe.”

GU Qingyi: “I hope so.”

“Second Senior Brother, I want to fight to the death with you again!” Junior brother was furious.

He felt that he had broken through one step earlier, and now he could again.

“Youve already died eighteen times.

I said, I wont hold back next time.”Gu Qinger didnt even care about this little junior brother who had been assimilated.


eldest senior brother, second senior brother is bullying me again.

SOB, SOB, sob.”

“shut up!”


Holy Divine Palace, Council Hall.

Cheng Ji sat in the main seat.

He was the Hallmaster of the side hall, and he didnt need to, nor could he give up his seat to anyone else based on his position.

But this obviously didnt stop him from giving Sword Deity Rao who was famous across the Continent, a side seat that was no smaller than the main seat.

On the side seat, Rao Yaoyao didnt care about these formalities at all.

After waiting for the leaders of the hall to gather around, she went straight to the main topic.

“Three things.”

Rao Yaoyao knocked on the armrest of the side seat and said indifferently, “The defense of the Yunlun Mountain Range has been set up.

From now until the end of the Imperial City Trial, no one is allowed to transfer the defensive forces of the Yunlun Mountain Range in any form.”

Everyone replied, “Yes!”

No one dared to turn their eyes to look at Hallmaster Cheng Ji.

Cheng Ji sat upright in the main seat, but his face was filled with embarrassment.

The night battle in the imperial city, an inescapable net, this was his idea.

From the process, this battle had indeed opened up the dark plans of the various major dark factions and dug them all up to the surface.

There was no doubt that this move of his was very accurate.

It was so accurate that he had even dug out the other dark factions that he had never thought he would have to face after the arrival of the Abyss Island.

However, it was precisely because of his excessive accuracy that the outcome was somewhat unbearable.

This was because based on the outcome alone, this battle at the holy divine palace was practically fruitless.

In the end, if he ended up in the Imperial City, he, Cheng Ji, would be able to reap great credit for this huge net.

However, that mysterious person from the Yunlun Mountain Range had used an even more powerful move to summon the Abyss Island.

Everyone had no choice but to return and defend.

This resulted in the final outcome being…

All the cooked ducks had flown away, not a single one falling!

The idea was Cheng Jis.

The leader of the battle was Rao yaoyao.

Therefore, Cheng Ji had contributed greatly in this battle, but Rao Yaoyao had made great mistakes.

This great mistake that even worse than that of the Gou Wuyues Eighth Palace, where seven hundred white-clothed people had been buried!

So many fruits had surfaced up from the water.

It could be said that as long as one reached out to grab them, they would all fall into the net.

But in the end, all of the fruits floated away!

It was not an exaggeration to describe Rao Yaoyao as “incompetent in this battle.

However, everyone knew that the summoning of the Abyss Island was too mysterious.

No one was prepared, and everyone was caught off guard.

In the vast world, there was almost no one who could do this in the past.

Now, everyone knew.

This was because Dao Qiongcang, the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace of the Central Region, had also personally replied.

‘There was really such a person in the world who could bind the black and white veins of the Abyss Island and make everyone cooperate with his orders.

Then, with great power, he could summon the main body of the Abyss Island and send it to the designated landing point.

— Bazhun‘an!

“Bazhunan is respected by the black and white veins!”

The situation inside the Abyss Island was unknown to outsiders.

Dao Qiongcang had paid a great price to find out the way of the Heavens energy movement.

The man who was not even a demi-saint had done something that even the Holy Emperor could not do!

It was unbelievable.

It was unimaginable.

However, since things had already come to this, they could only move on.

Rao Yaoyao atoned for her crimes and performed meritorious deeds, continuing to carry out the next mission.

Cheng Ji would reward her according to her merits.

Everything would be discussed after the end of the Imperial City Trial.


This led to an awkward situation.

Rao Yaoyao was tricked by the Bazhunan, but she couldnt blame Cheng Ji.

After all, what Cheng Ji said was true.

The last time she turned around and ran was because she wasnt prepared enough.

However, it was true that she had to bear the costs of the mistakes, so Rao Yaoyao could only sullenly accept the punishment and continue with the mission.

Cheng Ji had done a great service, but now he was afraid that Rao Yaoyao would turn around and behead him.

Because of the night battle in the Imperial City, he felt that there was a loophole that he could exploit.

A huge net could take down all the dark faction, so he began to take action.

The Snowball began to roll…

The result was that the snowball grew bigger and bigger.

The situation behind the scenes became more and more complicated, making peoples scalps go numb.

In the end, it even affected Rao Yaoyaos plan and forced her to take action in advance.

In the end, he was one step behind.

Not only did he lose to Bazhunan, but he also let Rao Yaoyao take the blame.

This was the most terrifying thing!

“Tset up the plan.

I only made one wrong step, but I received a great merit and let another person take the blame…”

If their statuses were equal, Cheng Ji would dare to claim that he was the strongest black hand behind the scenes in the world, This battle could make his name go down in history because few people on this Continent could achieve such great feats.

But it wasnt.

He was just a mere Hallmaster of the side Hall of the Holy Divine Palace.

If Rao yaoyao really wanted to blame him, the headquarters couldnt even do anything to her with one strike.

She was trembling with fear.

As if she was treading on thin ice.

This was the truest reflection of Cheng Jis heart.

Fortunately, Rao Yaoyao didnt care about this, so she naturally didnt have any thoughts of blaming Cheng Ji.

All of her incompetence and fury was ultimately due to her own lack of strength.

She wouldnt behead Cheng Ji with a single strike.

Even if she knew that she beheaded Cheng Ji, the headquarters wouldnt even dare to give her a single harsh word.

“The second thing.”

Rao Yaoyao continued to talk about serious matters, “The night battle in the Imperial City was not without results.

My spies have already set their sights on the general whereabouts of the various factions that surfaced at that time.

Continue to keep an eye on them.

Whoever can not do this, bring your

head to meet them.”

It did not matter who brought their heads to meet them.

After all, they would not die if their heads were turned off.

The most important thing was…


Everyone was astonished.

In the battle at the Imperial City, the ones who really surfaced were the Black Hand, who was at the peak of the continent.

Even if Sword Deity Rao personally acted as a spy, it was possible for him to expose his target.

There were still people under her who had yet to appear.

There were still people who could keep an eye on the whereabouts of these people and keep it a secret so that no one would notice

Who !

Everyone was extremely curious.

But no one dared to ask.

Sword Immortal Rao was able to give such a clue, so keeping an eye on them afterwards was not a small matter.

Everyone in the hall was still in unison.


Cheng Ji let out a sigh of relief.

So Sword Deity Rao had another trick up her sleeve


In that case, the battle at the Imperial City would not be completely fruitless.

At the very least, they would be able to get a clear understanding of the various major dark factions and their connections.

This point was too important, and it could even affect the outcome of the upcoming battle.

As Rao Yaoyao spoke, she tilted her head and looked at Cheng Ji, who was deep in thought, and her red lips parted, “The various major factions that the imperial city has recently attracted to Sky City.

I believe that theres no need for me to remind them of what to do.”

“Naturally.” Cheng Ji nodded.

He had already made arrangements.


Rao Yaoyao continued, “Then, the last matter, First Pavilion in the Sky, hows the investigation going”

Cheng Ji raised his brows when he heard that.

He did not expect Sword Deity Rao to pay special attention to such a new faction during such a crucial meeting.

However, when he thought of what Chu Lisheng had said to him after the trade fair, and how Red Coat had speculated about the First Pavilion in the Sky, his heart settled and had a direction.

“Elder Chu.”

Chu Lisheng responded to the call.

He was calm and composed, clearly well-prepared.

He looked around him and said in a solemn and serious voice,

“Hallmaster Cheng, Senior Rao, Ive already sent people to investigate thoroughly over the past few days.”

“Theres only one big city in the northern region, and its name is Taixiang, Theres also only one small city, and its name is Tairang, so some people will misinterpret it as Taixiang.

In addition, theres also the Taixiang plain that stretches for more than three thousand miles.”

“These three things have nothing to do with each other.

Other than that, there is nothing else that has anything to do with Taixiang

“Finally, none of the demi-saint factions are called the Xu family.”

Chu Lishengs expression turned serious and he snorted, “In conclusion, the Taixiang Xu Family of the Northern Region is nonsense!”


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