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Chapter 856 The Gluttonous White Cat, the Mutated Greedy Cat Spirit!


After a shout, the discussions among the Xu Faction members disappeared right away, leaving behind some unimportant whispers that were accompanied by the gradually disappearing retreating footsteps.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally knew that Xiao Wanfeng could not suppress these people, so he deliberately waited a little longer to stabilize the morale of the army.

Naturally, he was the first to see the notice of the trial jade pendant.

Originally, he was also waiting for this crucial moment.

But now, even the most important matter was not as important as Junior Sisters matter!

It was just that…

Before leaving, Xu Xiaoshou needed to have a second string to his bow.

Junior Sister had Liu Changqing on her side.

Even if Liu Changqing did not know what was important, Patriarch Wuji did.

If it was just a small accident, Xu Xiaoshou would not have given up on all the arrangements at the First Pavilion in the Sky in exchange for a ridiculous and comical outcome.

“Enter the Yuan Mansion!”

There were people watching the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Only Xu Xiaoshous consciousness entered the Yuan Mansion and found hispainting.

He then possessed it.

“Xiaoji, come here.”

He waved at Xu Xiaoji from afar and the latter ran over nervously.

The world of Yuan Mansion was much livelier than usual.

Basically, everyone that Xu Xiaoshou had met in his life could find their clones here.

Night Guardian, Storyteller, Bazhunan, Elder Sang…

Even the disabled Ai Cangsheng could be found here.

Since the situation was urgent, Xu Xiaoshou did not say much.

When Xu Xiaoji ran over, he went straight to the point.

“Just listen to what I say and remember it.”


Xu Xiaoji nodded stiffly.

He looked like he had been used to being exploited.

The only thing that he felt regret about was the tone of the Great Demon King Xu sounded like him.

This guy was so wild.

Why hadnt he been possessed

Xu Xiaoshou began to give orders, “Ill let you go out to play for one night.

As usual, you can act me out as you please.

But after you go out, you have to listen to Xin Gugu for everything.” Xu Xiaoji was lost for words.

How could this be calledacting out as he pleased Wasnt he under the control of others

And also, this same old routine…

The last time when you let me out, you acted as if you were giving me freedom.

In the end, you directly threw me into chaos, and I was almost seen through and killed.

Xu Xiaojis thoughts were running wild.

Seeing that he didnt react for a long time, Xu Xiaoshou frowned and said, “Is there a problem”

“No, no problem…” Xu Xiaoji came back to his senses and replied in fear.

“Ive mastered the acting skill now.

Previously, I was scared by the big scene.

I have the experience this time, so definitely there wont be any accidents.

Tell me, do you want me to play you or Young Master Xu”

Xu Xiaoshou had told Xu Xiaoji about things to take note of, treasures to show off, and signature skills of the two identities “Xu Xiaoshou” and “Xu Deye”.

“Young Master Xu,” Xu Xiaoahou answered.

“Do I need to be under the state of Demi-Saint Discrimination Path That thing is similar to a restriction.

Its more tiring for me than living in Yuan Mansion,” Xu Xiaoji had some sequelae.

“No,” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“Then do I need to fight Im good at bluffing and blustering, but if I really fight, I can only use a bit of my Sovereign (stage) strength.

It wont last long.”

“No, you dont have to! Your position is very stable.

If you really need to fight, you have a lot of people under your command,” Xu Xiaoshou was very patient.

After all, he needed something from Xiaoji.

“It sounds pretty good…” Xu Xiaoji pretended to stroke his chin, but added in his heart, “Looks like the situation is very critical.

Lord Xu has actually started telling lies.”

“Thats good.

Pack up and get ready for the change.”

Xu Xiaoshou was rushing.

As he took out the clothes that he had prepared, he explained, “The situation is a little different now.

After you go out, there will be big shots watching you in places that you cant see.

Remember, dont talk nonsense.

Dont simply meet people when you have nothing to do.

Talk less, do fewer things, and make fewer mistakes.

Xin Gugu is there if you are in big trouble.

And bear in mind, you are doomed if you make a mistake.”

Xu Xiaoji was scared to death.

He could understand the first half of the sentence.

After all, if he was called by his master, it would definitely be an extremely dangerous situation.

It was a matter of life and death, and you still said, “Xin Gugu is there if you are in big trouble”

“Wheres Miss Mo” Xu Xiaoji asked.

He trusted Mo Mo more.

Xu Xiaoji had seen Xin Gugus character before.

After all, that guy was also in the world of Yuan Mansion.

He had received special training from his master for a some time.

Xu Xiaoji could still vividly remember how he talked and did things.

Xin Gugu was there if you were in big trouble…

Then he might as well pray to the gods! When Xu Xiaoshou heard this, he knocked Xu Xiaojis head and scolded him in a low voice, “If I have a smart person by my side, would I ask you to look for Xin Gugu”


Xu Xiaoji lowered his head feeling aggrieved.

The situation must have been at its worst!

“Hurry up and change your clothes.”

Xu Xiaoshou urged to dress up the person in front of him to look exactly like him.

Then, he solemnly handed over a ring, “Remember, if you really encounter any problem that you cant resolve, call me when even Xin Gugu cant resolve it.”

“Call you” Xu Xiaoji looked at the ring.

It was empty, and he was a little confused.

“Yes, call me,” Xu Xiaoji nodded affirmatively.

“Call the current me.”

Then, he directly turned into a beam of light and slipped into the ring.

Even though he knew that the person standing in front of him was a painting, Xu Xiaoji was still shocked when he saw a living person who could speak enter the spatial ring that could only store dead objects.


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