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Chapter 858 The Gluttonous White Cat, the Mutated Greedy Cat Spirit! 3

“Come over!”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted fiercely at Greedy the Cat Spirit from afar.

He wanted to know what this little thing had swallowed and how it had mutated.

It didnt even dare to show its face.


Greedy the Cat Spirit in the distance had heard the conversation between the two.

When it heard the call, he had no choice but to move its fat body.

With one eye being closed and the other glaring at Xu Xiaoji, he pounced toward Xu Xiaoshou intimately.

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed the fur on Greedy the Cat Spirits neck and lifted it up.

His gaze was fixed on the little white catsabnormal eyes as he shouted, “Open!”

The Greedy the Cat Spirits eyes were originally very beautiful.

They were like large gemstones with a demonic purple color.

Usually, this fellow couldnt wait to use these demonic purple eyes to see through people.

Why did it turn a blind eye to people now

What had it swallowed that had caused it to be so afraid… Xu Xiaoshou had a bad premonition.

“Meow!” Greedy the Cat Spirit groaned in grievance and stuck to its masters embrace, refusing to open its eyes.

“Open!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted again.

“If you still dont open, Ill boil you along with the elixirs!”

“Meow!” This time, Greedy the Cat Spirit was so scared that its white fur stood up and its left eye suddenly opened.

In that instant, its eyes met Xu Xiaoshous and Xu Xiaojis.

Their spirits shook as if their soul had left their bodies and they were controlled.

But Greedy the Cat Spirit was afraid of death.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he immediately closed them.

The illusion of the two disappeared in a trance at the same time.

In an instant, cold sweat broke out on their backs.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned on the spot.

One of Greedy the Cat Spirits eyes was opened and the other closed.

The moment he was out of his dazed state, his scalp went numb on the spot.

“Three Loathsome Eyes!”

Wasnt the grayish-white pupil that flashed and disappeared in a flash just now snatched from the hands of the two masked men of Yama, which he had wanted to use as a bargaining chip in the future, Three Loathsome Eyes

“You d*mn it!”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaosou was furious.

It was Lei Familys Eyes which was the result of karma.

Even he did not know the truth about the tragedy of the Lei family.

Thus he did not dare to simply touch the Three Loathsome Eyes.

But this stupid fat cat actually swallowed it

“Are you crazy!”

“Why did you eat it”

“Did it look like a medicinal pill Did it smell like medicine You are a f*cking alchemy cat, and you cant even tell the difference between an eyeball and a medicinal pill”

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed and swung Greedy the Cat Spirit wildly, trying to throw the white cats eyeballs out.

But to no avail…

The little white cat did not resist at all, except for its whining.

It did not have the slightest dignity of being called Greedy the Cat Spirit in the Xu Yue Gray Palace at all.

Xu Xiaoji, on the other hand, seriously thought about what Demon King Xu had said.

Previously he could not figure out why Greedy the Cat Spirit would swallow the eyeball.

But now that he compared it to a pill, it was quite similar…

“Can you spit it out”

After venting his anger, Xu Xiaoshou calmed down and gently held thebaby as he asked.


Greedy the Cat Spirit cried out, feeling aggrieved, “Are you dreaming”

“Go to hell!”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to strangle the cat to death, so he exerted force with his hand…

Fortunately, he was still rational.

He knew that thisbaby was also big karma, so he could not simply strangle it.

“D*mn it, youre really rebellious! I still have a lot of messy matters I have yet to settle, and now I have to clean up this mess for you”

Xu Xiaoshou cursed as he flew towards the collapsed tower.

“Tell me honestly, other than Three Loathsome Eyes, what else did you eat” He drew a vine to whip the little white cats buttocks.



Greedy the Cat Spirit had already grown very strong.

It could not feel the pain caused by the vine after its master had deliberately stopped the whipping.

However, this did not stop it from whining.


“There was nothing else.”

“Other than this pill, I did not swallow anything else.”

“Dont whip anymore.

Otherwise, Im going to die.”

Xu Xiaoshou and Greedy the Cat Spirit communicated through consciousness and he roughly understood him.

However, he did not believe it at all.

He held the cat and searched everywhere.

Most of the spiritual herbs had disappeared.

However, some inedible things such as Sacrificial Carving, Xiao Divine Spear, Four swords, Flame Python, and so on, remained.

“You swindler…”

Xu Xiaoshou was so angry that his face turned pale.

He raised the vine and wanted to increase his strength.

However, he suddenly thought of something.

His heart twitched and he flew to the center of the world where the Primordial Purple Mist was previously.

That small puddle…

Previously, he had placed his hopes on planting the Bodhi Ancient Wood, one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, here.

Thus he had planted the Bodhi Trees roots there.

After that, he obtained the Blood Trees Yin Branch.

As he had nothing better to do, he planted them together.

Would the two ancestors of spiritual herbs, the peerless treasures, be swallowed by Greedy the Cat Spirit as well


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