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Yi was here for Mu Zixi.

As long as something happened to Yi, no matter how stupid Rao Yaoyao was, she would be able to figure out that there was something to do with Mu Zixi, wouldnt she

In the end, the matter would revolve around the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The current situation seemed to be critical.

But at the very most, only Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou would be exposed.

It wouldnt be related to the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Xu Xiaoshou had come to help with the identity ofSaint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

What did Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou have to do with Xu Deye of the First Pavilion in the Sky

As long as Mu Zixis matter was dealt with well, even if Yi died, at most, it would only reveal the insignificant information that Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou was also hiding in the Yunlun Mountain Range, and he had successfully taken revenge with a large number of Saint Servant higher-ups.

This was only a preliminary idea, and the key details were still to be studied.

Xu Xiaoshou did not intend to let go of Yi.

Since the other party had made great efforts to exterminate him to such an extent, he would not only want Yis spatial ring.

On the contrary…

Given Yis special abilities, theImitator that Patriarch Wuji had mentioned and the various special abilities…

Xu Xiaoshou had a very wild idea in his heart!

Others might not even dare to think of such an idea.

But for Xu Xiaoshou who had even created a Demi-Saint force…

Was there anything in the world that he didnt dare to dream of

“What do you think”

Patriarch Wuji looked at Xu Xiaoshou who was pondering.

He knew that although this young man was young, sometimes his brain was really useful.

“Is the Divine Array that you mentioned difficult” Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Yi, who was recovering from his injuries at an accelerated speed, and asked through telepathic communication.

“Yes, it is!” Patriarch Wuji nodded solemnly.

“There is nothing not difficult about Divine Secret.

The entry threshold itself has stopped so many people…”

“Why did you make so much noise” Xu Xiaoshou frowned, and his tone suddenly turned cold.

“When I ask if its difficult, you just need to tell me how difficult it is.

Did I ask you to talk nonsense and other and other things”

Patriarch Wuji was retorted rudely and his face turned dark.

He had never been reprimanded by a junior in such a manner before.

But when he thought of how he had let Mu Zixi and Xu Xiaoshou down…

He felt relieved.

“Even if I can control Yi, at the very least, one has to be a Divine Sorcerer of Sovereign (stage) to learn Divine Array.

Moreover, it is based on the fact that a lot of time is needed to study the fundamentals of the array.”

Patriarch Wuji sighed.

He shook his head at Xu Xiaoshou, “I know you have learned a little bit of the Divine Secret technique which I dont know where you have learned it from.

That thing can suppress Liu Changqing but its nothing in my eyes…”

“Are you still making so much noise” Xu Xiaoshou was impatient and raised his Fourth Sword.

Patriarch Wuji immediately shut his mouth.

“Criticized, Passive Points 1.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Yi.

He had been observing the state of Yis soul body.

With a wave of his Fourth Sword, a streak of black fiendish sword energy shot out.

Yis urge to forcefully condense his physical body before his soul body had fully recovered was immediately suppressed.

“If you dare to condense your physical body, I dare to cut you!” Xu Xiaoshou sneered in the distance.

Yi was angered.

Without his physical body, it was inconvenient for him to move but he was not afraid of the Fourth Sword.

However, once he condensed his physical body, though it was convenient for him to move, his physical body would be infected by Fourth Swords fiendish sword energy which could invade his will.

This seemed to be a vicious cycle.

The result of it would be under the pressure of Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, Yi could only be in his soul body state…

And wait for death

Yi was very smart.

He did not make a second fearless attempt, nor did he obediently wait for death.

Instead, he casually glanced at Lei Xier who was still cultivating at the other side with her eyes closed as if she did not intend to participate in the next battle.

Anyone could be unimportant.

But this woman, she had to die tonight!

If she lived on, the five domains of the continent would be in chaos!

“Teach me the Divine Array.”

On the other side, Xu Xiaoshou transmitted a message to Patriarch Wuji.

Patriarch Wuji was speechless.

He had explained everything.

But Xu Xiaoshou was still so conceited that he planned to grasp the essence of the Divine Secret that was passed down from thousands of generations in such a short period of time.

What could he do

Patriarch Wuji had no other choice but to do as he was told.

“Ill enlighten you.

This is the fastest way to help youlearn the Divine Secret,” Patriarch Wuji shook his head and reached out his hand to touch Xu Xiaoshous head.

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

There was still coldness in his eyes.

“Nonsense, can you not do so much!”

Patriarch Wuji was extremely angry.

He had the thought of killing this young man with a slap.

However, he did not dare to do it.

He only passed the chant of Spirit Shifting Six Profound Formation, handprint, and true meaning over.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt a large amount of information in his mind.

It was the complete definition of theSpirit Shifting Six Profound Formation.

It also included Patriarch Wujis full comprehension of the Divine Array.

The information of the Divine Array array was obscure and difficult to understand, like a book from heaven.

Just as Patriarch Wuji had said, if an ordinary person wanted to learn the array, even the Divine Secret Sorcerer of Sovereign (stage) would have to spend several months before they could get a glimpse of it.

But Xu Xiaoshou was different.

Although hisWeaving Expertise could not bring him the creativity of the Divine Secret, he could easilyunderstand andgrasp the obscure information of the divine path pattern sketching technique similar toweaving.


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