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But that was all.

No one could infer the identity of the First Manager from the voice because they didnt even know if the voice was deliberately faked.

Everyone sat up straight.

First Manager, Water Ghost, sat on the main seat and spoke slowly.

“Firstly, according to the latest intelligence, the Chief of the Transformation Division, one of the six divisions of Holy Divine Palace, died in a battle in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

The cause of death is unknown.

“Currently, only the chiefs of the six divisions, as well as the head of the red-clothed people, Rao Yaoyao, know of this intelligence.

“This is also the reason why Holy Divine Palace suddenly took action at night in Imperial City.”

With that said.

The hearts of the six person-in-charge at the round table stopped beating for an instant.

The Chief of the Transformation Division had died in a battle

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Everyone immediately realized that many people were going to die.

However, they came back to their senses the next second.

How did the First Manager know so much about the intelligence that was only privy to the chiefs of the six divisions and Rao Yaoyao

Night Cats hand was only limited to Dongtianwang City.

Not to mention the Yunlun Mountain Range was a bit remote from Dongtianwang Citys location, and it would take a lot of time to gather information.

With such explosive information, the headquarters of Holy Divine Palace would definitely be locked down.

How did First Manager get to know everything

And it was so fast!

And so sure and precise!

Everyone was in the intelligence business.

Thus they were instantly restless.

Some couldnt sit still and wanted to open their mouths to ask…


First Manager, Water Ghost, tapped the armrest of the long chair with his fingertip.

The sound of water dripping echoed in the dark environment.

Everyone immediately thought of what First Manager had said just now.

They only needed to listen and not speak.

Instantly, no one dared to act rashly.

On the main seat, Water Ghost, whose true appearance could not be seen, was wrapped in steam.

He did not make any unnecessary movements and continued to speak.

“Secondly, Holy Divine Palace wants to investigate all the factions in Imperial City.

However, this is only related to Yis death.

They do not have much time to waste on us.

“So, be smart.

You will all be questioned.

Say what you should and not what you shouldnt.

“To safeguard your lives, you have to selectively state the truth.

I dont need to teach you that.”

This was the second time Yuan Haisheng met First Manager.

He listened attentively and did not dare to be distracted.

When he heard that, he subconsciously nodded and shouted, “Understood!”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.


In the enclosed environment, the echo lingered for a long time.

The rest of the person-in-charge turned their heads over instantly.

They swept their gaze over and immediately turned back to their original state, pretending that they had not seen or heard anything.

Yuan Haishengs face turned red, his scalp went numb, and all the hair on his body stood up.

Even the toes hidden in his shoes unconsciously squeezed hard that he almost broke his toes.

On the main seat, First Manager looked over.

Yuan Haishengs spiritual senses sensed it.

He clearly did not dare to look back, but his head involuntarily tilted to the main seat, and then met First Managers eyes.


His brain went blank on the spot.

What kind of eyes were those

They were as vast as the sea and were deep and boundless.

Looking through the fog, Yuan Haisheng only felt like a lonely boat in the boundless ocean where water and sky connected on all sides, and the sea surface was turbulent.

And in the next second, the tides reversed and completely engulfed and swallowed his soul.

Helplessness, loneliness…

Confusion, hesitation…

In just an instant.

First Manager looked away.

Yuan Haisheng seemed to have been rescued after drowning.

He came back to his senses and panted heavily.

His entire body was drenched in a cold sweat.

“What great power is this”

Yuan Haisheng was terrified.

He was in the realm of the Sovereign (stage).

Due to his Night Cats work, he had encountered many Cutting Path (stage).

He had even come into contact with the higher void (level).

However, there was not a single person who could give him such a terrifying sense of oppression with just a look.

“Its definitely the higher void (level)!

“Furthermore, First Manager is one of the top people in the higher void (level).

He has the most terrifying fighting strength!”

Yuan Haisheng searched through all the memories in his mind, but he could not find any higher void (level) that could bring him such pressure as First Manager.


This kind of thing could not be explained or explained clearly, and it was also very difficult to cultivate.

Only those who had been in a high position for many years, and who had their own abilities and absolute confidence in all situations, were able to cultivate the emperor-like aura similar to First Manager.

Yuan Haisheng suddenly thought of Sword Elder.

Sword Elder had brought him to First Pavilion in the Sky to make a deal with Young Master Xu that day.

Sword Elder had once said that there was a great buddha sitting on First Pavilion in the Sky.

A glance was enough to scare him to half death.


First Manager was such an existence

Having the absolute aura to suppress any opponent of the same realm

The round table seemed to have sunk into a long period of silence.

However, all of this was just an illusion in the minds of the respective person-in-charge.

In reality, when First Manager was interrupted, he subconsciously glanced at Yuan Haisheng.

After that, he retracted his gaze and continued tapping on the chair.

“Yis death can be a big or small matter.

“The death of the chief of the six divisions, all of you should know how big of an impact it will have in the future.

“So, after all of you go back, say what you need to say and do what you need to do.

Try your best to get out of this matter as soon as possible and focus on the intelligence chain of Dongtianwang City.

Do you understand”

Everyone was terrified and nodded silently.

In the past few decades, this was the only death of the chief of the six divisions.


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