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Xiao Wanfeng clenched his teacup tightly and waited for a moment.

Seeing that the crowd did not refute him, he continued, “My idea is that we should send people to the other Dragon Ranges that have yet to give birth to a Dragon Lord.

However, we will need to send forth our highly skilled talents to compete with those experts.”

“Jiang Xian is of demi-saints lineage, Young Master Xu can fight him.

Tang Zhengs combat ability is extremely strong.

Brother Rong and Brother Luo can fight him.

However, Gu Qingsan…”

Xiao Wanfeng stopped suddenly.

Everyones mood became somber.

Gu Qingsan was terrifying enough to not be afraid of provoking the cutting paths.

He was the sovereign who had led more than a dozen trial officers to rampage the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Who could beat him

Young Master Xu might be able to.

But if Young Master Xu was to go against Gu Qingsan, who would be dealing with Jiang Xian

Rong Dahao pondered and said, “The biggest problem right now is that no matter who among us becomes the Dragon Lord of another Dragon Range, our combat strength will be subdued.

Because we have to defend the mountain to prevent others from attacking.

In terms of combat strength, the Xu faction is indeed stronger, but it is not indestructible enough to crush the entire bunker of Yunlun Mountain Range.”

Everyone fell silent.

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This was the truth.

There was no dispute about it.

It was indeed difficult to obtain the title of Lord of the Nine Dragons.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, had a plan.

In fact, he had more than a dozen ideas that could resolve this situation.

However, currently, he was Mu Zixi.

Even if he was anxious and eager, there was not much he could do.

His large eyes could not help but stare at the others.

His expression seemed to say, “Can you do it Can you do it Why arent you looking at me”.

Everyone avoided looking at him.

Until Xu Xiaoshou stared at Su Qianqian.

Su Qianqians gaze only made brief contact with him.

She looked at Xu Xiaoji and said seriously, “The Eighth Dragon Range, Senior Brother Gus fort.

I can help you get it.

This is my way of repaying everyones kindness.”

Previously, she and Xiao Wanfeng were targeted by Jiang Xian and Duoer because of the spatial origin stone.

They were almost sent out of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

However, the Xu faction helped to mediate the situation.

Nevertheless, everyone knew that Su Qianqians senior brother could still successfully overcome the situation without the Xu factions assistance.

Gu Qingsan had led the trial officers away.

His words “Who dares to touch my junior sister” could save Su Qianqian from any harm.

Jiang Xian and Duoer were both demi-saints descendants.

Thus, they were more cautious and had a lot to worry about thereby did not react rashly.

At most, they would only snatch the spatial origin stone.

However, they still wouldnt hurt Su Qianqian in the slightest.

Of course, these were all just for show to impress the overseer of the Cloud Realm.

For Su Qianqian, as long as Big Brother Shou was here, she didnt need any other reason to give away the Eighth Dragon Range.

The reason why she found Xiao Wanfeng was to find Big Brother Shou in the hope to bid him goodbye.

To say farewell to Tiansang Spirit Palace, Tiansang City, and the past…

After the trial at Yunlun Mountain Range ended, Su Qianqian only had one last path left.

It was not the Holy Palace, but the Burial Sword Tomb.

Xu Xiaoji felt uncomfortable under Su Qianqians serious gaze.

He knew about her information and background.

She was a good friend of Young Master Xu, virtuous and fine, like a younger sister.

However, due to their identities, they couldnt directly expose themselves.

Hence, he had to continue the performance.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoji waved his hand and smiled, “I only lent a hand because of Xiao Wanfeng.

You helped to protect my people.

If we had to talk about this, I am the one who owes you a favor.”

Su Qianqian said calmly, “You owe me, and I owe you.

I want to give you the Eighth Dragon Range.

Senior Brother Gu will agree.

He is also very grateful to you.”

Xu Xiaoji was immediately amused.

“Then consider it two favors!”

Su Qianqians lips curled up, but her expression quickly returned to calm.


Xu Xiaoshou watched from the side with mixed feelings.

Su Qianqian did not know that currently he was Mu Zixi and Young Master Xu had been replaced by Xu Xiaoji.

Since everyone was reticent in discussing important matters and not the minute details of things, it was understandable that Su Qianqian did not see through Young Master Xus true identity.

However, the little girl had traveled thousands of miles to look for her Big Brother Shou in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Time and time again, she had especially helped him with her Senior Brother Gu and the Burial Sword Tomb.

However, she did not dare to reveal her intention to help so openly as she was afraid that it would affect Young Master Xus position…

Others did not know.

Xu Xiaoshou saw through her intention.

Su Qianqian seemed to have gone through a lot of trouble to repay him for such a very small matter.

It was a very insignificant matter, but to her, it was extremely important.


Xu Xiaoshou felt a little bitter in his heart.

In just a few short months, he had been through a lot.

From the Tiansang Spirit Palace to Tiansang City, to the White Cave, to Dongtianwang City, and now to the Yunlun Mountain Range…

These experiences were enriching.

He met many interesting people on his journey who had helped him to understand many things that he couldnt understand in the past.

However, Su Qianqian seemed to have experienced more.

Her personality had changed.

The massacre of her family, the great responsibility of reuniting her clan…

Heavy pressure fell on her tiny shoulders, which she shouldnt have to bear at such a young age.

If it were anyone else, even an adult would probably be on the verge of breaking down.

However, Su Qianqian did not break down.

She was the sword-bearer of the famed sword, the Epitaph of City Snow.

She would never forget that.

Perhaps she had come here because she had obtained the opportunity of the Burial Sword Tomb.

She wanted to put the past to rest and embark on a new journey!

This final farewell represented the beginning of a new journey, as well as her leaving the pain of the past with the hope of forgetting…

By some strange coincidence, she bid her farewell to Xu Xiaoji, a stranger instead.

Xu Xiaoshou saw what Su Qianqian wanted to show him and heard what she wanted to say to him.

However, Su Qianqian revealed all of her thoughts to a replacement, Xu Xiaoji.


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