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“Oh yes, Yu Zhiwen sent you the image of the spirit mirror.

She said that the law enforcer has new discovery.”

Teng Shanhai cleared his thoughts and returned to the main task.

He passed the image sent by Yu Zhiwen to Rao Yaoyao.


Rao Yaoyao finished browsing very quickly.

Her eyes were filled with surprise, “Storyteller, isnt he in Abyss Island”

Teng Shanhai had seen the image of the spirit mirror and had the same doubt.

He asked, “Could it be his clone”

Rao Yaoyao frowned and looked at the details several times.

She said with some doubt, “It doesnt look like it… This clones cultivation level is hidden too well.

I cant see any spiritual source fluctuations.

What about the basic Innate (stage) and Grandmaster Realm Moreover, there are also some issues with his actions and intentions.

Most importantly, if he was Storyteller, how could he be discovered so easily”

“He was discovered by Night Guardian who was also a Cutting Path (stage).

But he has grasped the power and Grand Vital Energy of the Higher Void (level,” explained Teng Shanhai.

“During the Battle of the White Cave, the red-clothed Night Guardian had fought with the Saint Servant, Storyteller.

Thus he instantly sensed that something was wrong and followed the trail.

He then found Storytellers whereabouts.”

“I know about Night Guardian…” Rao Yaoyao muttered.

The red-clothed night guardian could be considered the famous Cutting Path (stage) in the Holy Divine Palace.

He was one of the first batch experimenters.

He was also the person who had been transferred from the white-clothed Gou Wuyue due to a lack of manpower in the red-clothed.

He had extremely powerful abilities.

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Since the person was discovered by Night Guardian, there was no doubt about it.

What Rao Yaoyao was curious about was that Storytellers movements were intermittent and aimless.

He did not look like the Seventh Chief of the Saint Servant, but more like a puppet.

“What is he doing” Rao Yaoyao felt suspicious.

Teng Shanhai was stumped by her question.

How would he know He wasnt the roundworm in Storytellers stomach.

Suddenly, Teng Shanhais gaze landed on Sky City in the distance and he had a few more guesses in his heart.

“I dont know what Storyteller is doing, but were you the one who caused the commotion in Sky City” Teng Shanhai pointed in the direction of Dongtianwang City.

Rao Yaoyao looked over, and her pupils constricted.

Above Dongtianwang City, the ancient city blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

It was almost one-third of its original size and it was still moving out.

Even the chains of the Way of the Heavens couldnt restrain it!

“When did this happen” Rao Yaoyao had just left the Abyss Island Rift, so she didnt know anything about the outside world.

Teng Shanhai checked the time and said with a strange expression, “It should be after you moved the inner island of Abyss Island and were stopped by someone.”

Rao Yaoyaos beautiful eyes instantly narrowed.

Was this a warning

Those existences on the inner island were warning her not to have any petty thoughts, or else they would directly send Sky City out


That was definitely not the case!

Rao Yaoyao quickly dismissed her thoughts.

If the people on the inner island could make Sky City land at a specific time and location, would Sky City have been bound by the chains of the Way of the Heavens for so long

To summon this thing in the sky above Dongtianwang City, only Bazhunan, the Master of the Black and White Veins, could do it!

But why was it at this particular time

Teng Shanhai was also thinking.

Suddenly, he focused his attention on the Spirit Crystal screen and a thought flashed through his mind.

He then asked, “Could it be that Storytellers clone is looking for the space node, trying to contact the main body on Abyss Island And it was discovered by our people”

Rao Yaoyaos beautiful eyes lit up, “I cant rule out this possibility…”

But soon, she fell into deep thought again.

Why was it so

Why was it at this particular time Why did he contact the Storytellers main body on Abyss Island when Rao Yaoyao just happened to touch Abyss Island, and then do such a thing

The arrival of Sky City had been a foregone conclusion.

It was only a matter of time.

Bazhunan had planned for so long and communicated with the ghost beasts Holy Power on Abyss Island, connecting it to the order of the Shengshen Continent.

Even if a Demi-Saint came, he wouldnt be able to stop the Sky City from leaving!

In that case, there was no need for Storyteller to risk exposing himself to contact with the main body on the inner island at such an insignificant time.

Wouldnt it be better to let time solve the problem


Rao Yaoyaos mind was extremely fast.

She thought of something and said, “Unless Storyteller is indeed contacting his main body.

However, the connection is not about the matter of Sky Citys leaving, but another mission!”

“What mission” Teng Shanhai asked.

“How would I know I am not Dao Qiongcang who can predict the Divine Secret…” Rao Yaoyao cursed in her heart and fell silent.

The two of them were speechless in the void.

Just as Rao Yaoyao wanted to give the order to investigate the remaining traces of Storyteller and find out who this person was…

At this moment…


Another strange sound came from the Abyss Island Rift.

As the sound was nearby.

Rao Yaoyao and Teng Shanhai felt goosebumps all over their bodies hearing the strange sound.

“Why was the sound” Rao Yaoyao was shocked.

With this strange sound, the space around them, which had been restored to its original state, began to shatter again.

Soon, a black hole with a radius of thousands of feet was blasted out by the Holy Power.

In the eyes of the people of Yunlun Mountain Range and Imperial City, another bloody mouth had opened up in the sky!

Teng Shanhai once again felt the aura of Holy Power and became very heavy-hearted, “Not long before you came out, the Abyss Island Rift had sounded once.

The same thing happened the last time.

It completely shattered the surrounding space.

This time, the fluctuations of Holy Power are even clearer and stronger.”


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