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The thirteen higher voids were all people with great backgrounds in the five regions.

They were also old crafty men who had been roaming the spiritual cultivation world for a long time.

Despite having their purpose of coming here directly pointed out, none of them felt any shame.

What a joke.

They were all higher voids.

Without any evidence, even Rao Yaoyao couldnt take them down directly.

Reverend Huang Yang from Xuanmen United Path, held a horsetail whisk in his hand.

He put on a fake smile and said, “Sword Deity Raos words are too much.

It is our wish to do our part for the Shengshen continent.

As for the treasure…”

He looked behind him.

“Those who are fated to have the treasure will get it.

If they can obtain it, the treasure will be theirs.

If they cant, then so be it.” An old lady in a hemp robe continued with a smile.

She was the former chief elder of the Duling Sect, a faction of the higher void level in the central region.

Once the Sky City appeared, for the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, the factions restrictions on her had been lifted on the surface.

Now, she was free.

The few higher voids behind her echoed as well.

None of them wanted to retreat.

While they were talking, they kept glancing at the supreme treasure in the red-clotheds hand.

The treasure was still emitting its holy power unabashedly.


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Rao Yaoyao shouted in a low voice.

She was really angered by these people.

“I know what all of you are thinking.

You couldnt break into Dongtianwang City, so you decided to come here to gain some benefits.

Im afraid that you all will be disappointed!”

Without waiting for a reply.

Rao Yaoyao turned around and pointed at the Abyss Island Rift, she said flatly, “This spatial crack is not like what you think.

It is the key to entering Sky City.

On the contrary, this is an extradimensional spatial crack.

The red-clothed is carrying out a mission to eliminate the Ghost Beast.

Do you really intend to get involved”

When these words were said, the expressions of the thirteen higher voids changed.

Ghost Beast

The Shengshen continent had completely sealed off anything related to the Ghost Beast, but the leaders of the major factions had heard of it, especially those in the higher void circle.

If an event was related to the Ghost Beast, the best choice, when encountering it, was to take a detour.

Because once one was involved, they would either die or be injured.

It might even implicate the entire family and sect, leading to their fall.

The moment Rao Yaoyao mentioned “Ghost Beast”, the nature of the operation was instantly raised.

Under such circumstances, if the thirteen higher voids still wanted to step in, they would be looking for death!


If it wasnt for the fact that there was no path to becoming a saint and no way to advance, who would want to come to Sky City and look for that elusive opportunity

There were the thirteen higher voids present, including the cutting paths and the sovereigns.

The former was doing it for themselves while the latter was doing it for the elders in the clan.

All they wanted was to break through the bottleneck of the higher void level.

The cutting paths and the sovereigns might hesitate and be shaken under Rao Yaoyaos words.

However, after a brief moment of panic, the thirteen higher voids all calmed down.

“Sword Deity Rao wants to take down all the opportunities in Sky City with just a mention of theGhost Beast.

She doesnt want to leave half a mouthful of soup for the other factions on the continent!” Reverend Huang Yang smiled, his words were filled with indifference towards the wordsGhost Beast.

He had also left his sect and was all alone.

If he could not find the opportunities in Sky City this time, he did not know how many years he would have to wait before he had the chance to breakthrough.

However, Reverend Huang Yangs lifespan did not allow him to continue waiting.

If he retreated, he would die.

If he advanced, he would die.

However, if he chose to advance, there was still the possibility of him becoming a saint.

What choice did he have

Reverend Huang Yangs heart was already filled with madness.

Even though he knew that Rao Yaoyao wouldnt use the word “Ghost beast” to scare everyone away and that this matter was very likely true, no opportunity came without danger.

Danger and opportunity coexisted, and he actually didnt have a second choice.

“Sword Deity Rao, this humble priest is also a higher void.”

“It is indeed not easy for you to eliminate the Ghost Beast.

If I am to stay, I can really lend you a hand.”

“And if you suspect me, you can send someone to investigate my background.

I have nothing to do with the Ghost Beast in the first half of my life.

Im absolutely innocent!”

Reverend Huang Yangs eyes were full of sincerity.

He paused for a moment, then, he continued, “Since Sword Deity Rao has come straight to the point, I wont hide anything from you.

Ive come here for a glimmer of hope.

If Im able to help you, I would need some treasures that can help me breakthrough.”

As he spoke, he looked towards the treasure that was with the red-clothed.

It was still carrying out the “Ghost-hunting” operation.

Holy power…

It was within sight but not within reach.

Rao Yaoyaos gaze was restrained and there was no emotion in it.

She would not be deceived by a few words from Reverend Huang Yang.

However, on second thought, rejecting the other party would only make her an enemy.

This group of people would definitely not choose to leave.

They would only hide and wait for an opportunity to strike.

However, if used well, the thirteen higher voids could also be a source of help.

At that moment, Rao Yaoyao felt relieved.

She turned to look at the others and asked, “What about the rest of you Is that what you all think”

“Of course!” The hemp-clothed Granny Tianling nodded in response, “I vaguely remember that there is a rule in red-clothed.

If there isnt enough manpower to clear out the Ghost Beast, you can temporarily summon the experts in the vicinity to help you.

After that, you will be rewarded according to your merits, is that right”

“Yes.” Rao Yaoyao nodded, and the smile on her pretty face became even more pronounced, “But let me say this first.

Once you are truly recruited, not only do you not have the right to refuse, even if you are in danger of dying in battle, you must also accept the arrangement and not retreat.


“Otherwise, you will be judged according to the Ghost Beast Host body crimes!” The burly man at the side spoke, and his eyes were overflowing with malice.

This was also an outlaw, Hong Dang, the Dragon Fighter in the higher void state.

Rao Yaoyao raised her eyebrows and looked at Hong Dang.

She smiled and said, “You know quite a lot.”

Hong Dangs face was fierce.

He did not smile and said, “Since we have decided to come for the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, we must be prepared to fight till death for it.”


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