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“If he hadnt been so fierce and only activated ten times the gravity, he might have been able to last more than two hours! But look—” Li Jiaxuan pointed at the gravity multiplier displayed on the alloy cabin door.

“Lin Mo actually activated 40G! Then in less than 20 minutes, hell be crawling out of it, let alone two hours!”

“Thats right!” Feng Zhiwei agreed.

“A newbie actually dares to open a gravity room for twelve hours, and with 40G… How ignorant!”

“Its all thanks to his ignorance that we have the chance to freeload off the gravity room!” Li Jiaxuan sneered.

Ever since Lin Mo won over his ten time cards yesterday, Li Jiaxuan was still brooding over it.

As he was outside the gravity room door, he did not have to worry about being heard by Lin Mo inside.

Therefore, when Li Jiaxuan spoke, he felt a little prickly.

Still …

As he smiled, Li Jiaxuan suddenly couldnt smile anymore.

“Lin Mo will waste at least ten time cards today, and I lost ten to Lin Mo yesterday…” Li Jiaxuan suddenly realized a problem.

Wasnt Lin Mo wasting his time cards

“I…” Li Jiaxuan wanted to vomit blood.

His heart ached so much!

He was usually stingy and saved as much as he could.

He could not bear to waste half a time card! But now, his ten time cards had been dropped by Lin Mo!

At this moment, Li Jiaxuans mood was like… he had gone to the club to play and a very pure newcomer had arrived.

Then, while he was still reluctant to attack, Lin Mo rushed in and ruined it!

That was about it!

“Wu—” Li Jiaxuans heart ached.

Feng Zhiwei and the others also noticed Li Jiaxuans abnormality.

They also heard that Li Jiaxuan had participated in a gambling battle yesterday and couldnt help but pat his shoulder to comfort him.

“No! I cant lose my time card like this!” Li Jiaxuan thought angrily.

“I have to get some money back today no matter what!”

How could he recoup his losses

Freeloading off the gravity room was one way!

But this gravity room was not for him alone! Of the five of them who had come together, everyone definitely had to freeload.

Even if Li Jiaxuan took a little more time, he would only freeload back for more than two hours at most.

“It seems impossible to recover my capital on the time card!” Li Jiaxuan thought to himself.

“Then I can only recover my capital in terms of money!”

Li Jiaxuan had an idea.

He wanted to ride on Lin Mos popularity!

“Its only been a few days since the martial arts college entrance examination.

Lin Mo is definitely the most popular martial arts university student in the entire Xia country!” Li Jiaxuan pondered.

“Moreover, this is Lin Mos first time entering the gravity room! If I broadcast this live, I will definitely attract a large wave of popularity!”

If the live broadcast became more popular, wouldnt he become rich

“Lin Mo… since you snatched my time card, dont blame me for freeloading off your popularity!” Li Jiaxuan thought fiercely.

Since he couldnt get the time card back, he would rely on Lin Mo to make a small fortune!

Coincidentally, he had been going to the club a little frequently recently and had overspent on his expenses.

He had to rely on Lin Mos popularity to recover!

‘Ill do it!

Li Jiaxuan opened the most popular live-stream platform and started the live broadcast.

The name of the live-stream was very gimmicky:

[This years uncrowned king of the martial arts college entrance examination, “Lin Mo”, is challenging the gravity room for the first time! Lets wait and see how long he can last!]

The word “Lin Mo” was originally the clout password for this summer.

In addition, Li Jiaxuans location was in Jiangnan Martial Arts University, and the topic was quite gimmicky… Within a few minutes of the stream, the live broadcast room was already flooded with people!

The audience in the live-stream quickly reached four digits and continued to increase rapidly!

“Whats the situation”

“Lin Mo has begun to cultivate in the gravity room”

“Damn He opened the gravity room for 12 hours straight away Jiangnan Martial Arts University is so rich.

There are so many gravity rooms! If it were our school, the gravity room would not be so free!”

“This is Lin Mos first time cultivating in the gravity room Isnt it a waste to drive for 12 hours”

“Hes simply squandering public resources!”

“Did you notice that the gravity multiplier Lin Mo chose was actually 40G!”

“A newbie challenging 40G I bet Lin Mo wont last more than half an hour!”

“Half an hour Arent you thinking too highly of the newcomer Even if this newcomer is Lin Mo, I think it will only be twenty minutes at most!”

“Ten minutes will be his maximum!”

“Open your dog eyes and look at the timetable on the door of the gravity room.

Lin Mo has been inside for more than ten minutes!”

… .

More and more viewers gathered in the live-stream.

In a few minutes, it broke through the four-digit limit and reached the five-digit limit!

Most of the audience believed that it was impossible for Lin Mo to last more than half an hour in the gravity room in a 40G gravity environment.

Jiangnan City.

At a high-class club.

Gao Haoran slept until he woke up naturally in the morning sun.

He realized that the person beside him last night had already left.

“Another one! Whats this ones name again” Gao Haoran suddenly realized that he had forgotten to ask for the other partys name last night.

“Forget it, its not important.

The name is just a code name!”

Gao Haoran took out his phone and wrote it down in his memo: A certain year, month, and day, No.

27, characteristics…

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