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230 God Mo (2)

Moreover, was 80,000 kilograms of punching force Lin Mos true strength

‘Not even close!

If Lin Mo had really gone all out, Feng Zhiwei would not have flown to the school gate now.

Instead, he would have flown straight to the school next door.

Around the arena, the discussions about Lin Mo did not stop at all.

In fact, among these discussions, they could not help but compare Lin Mo to “Black Earth”.

“Everyone has always said that Lin Mos talent is inferior to Black Earths! Now it seems that Lin Mo is much stronger than Black Earth…”

“Isnt that so Black Earth is only relatively monstrous in combat technique, but Lin Mo is adouble monster in punching force and combat technique!”

“Black Earth is too biased! On the path of martial arts, only someone like Lin Mo who is more balanced in all aspects can walk further!”

“I seem to be witnessing the growth of a legend”

… .

Below the arena, in the crowd.

The class teacher of Year Ones Elite Class One, Teacher Wei, had a complicated expression.

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“The clown is actually me”

At this moment, this was what Teacher Wei was thinking.

Out of goodwill, he asked Feng Zhiwei to help “wake Lin Mo up”, but in the end… not only did Feng Zhiwei not wake Lin Mo up, but he was the one punched awake by Lin Mo.

With Teacher Weis strength, it was naturally not difficult to see Feng Zhiweis complicated expression of shock, fear, confusion, doubt, and despair when he was sent flying.

“Feng Zhiwei might even be traumatized by Lin Mos punch, right” Teacher Wei couldnt help but think.

That was quite true.

When Feng Zhiwei suddenly realized that Lin Mos talent and strength far exceeded his imagination, how could he not doubt his life and fall into despair

“Forget it, forget it!” Teacher Wei finally sighed.

“A student like Lin Mo is not someone I can teach! He can cultivate however he wants… I shouldnt continue to be a busybody, or Ill only look like a clown!”

At this moment, Teacher Wei finally realized that casually guiding Lin Mos cultivation was completely unnecessary!

“Besides…” Teacher Wei thought of something very terrifying.

“In a while, will Lin Mo be stronger than me, the teacher Then wouldnt I be very embarrassed”

Teacher Weis premonition was right!

In terms of overall strength, even if Lin Mo was still slightly inferior to him, he was definitely not far off.

In terms of combat technique, Lin Mo, who had already reached the sixth rank, had completely left the early-stage fifth rank Teacher Wei in the dust.

“Why dont… I find an opportunity to resign from my position as class teacher of Elite Class One Ill get a more powerful teacher to be this class teacher”

As the saying went, “the stronger is the master.”

Teacher Wei felt that he might not be worthy of being Lin Mos class teacher.

No, he could have been more confident and removed the “might”.

… .

Yan Yimo, who was not far from Teacher Wei, reacted more normally.

She was already used to being shocked by Lin Mo, so even if the strength Lin Mo displayed this time far exceeded her expectations, it did not seem to be something unacceptable.

“I shouldnt compare to this psycho!” Yan Yimo thought.

She knew very well that being in the same school and class as a genius like Lin Mo would reduce them to leaves.

And the only flower was Lin Mo!

Ye Yi had the same thoughts and understanding as Yan Yimo.

When the difference in strength was not too great, Ye Yi would feel unconvinced and chase relentlessly.

When the difference in strength reached a certain level, there was only admiration!

At this moment, Ye Yi looked up solemnly at Lin Mo, who was shining brightly in the arena.

… .

Among the thousands of teachers and students present, Gao Haoran was undoubtedly the happiest.

Unlike the other students, from the first day Gao Haoran stepped into Jiangnan Martial Arts University, he had been a husky in a wolf pack.

Therefore… from a certain perspective, Gao Haoran had not really fallen, but he knew his limits!

In any case, if he could only be one husky, he might as well be a happy husky!

Gao Haoran felt very happy every day!

Every day, he was either showing off or at a big sword! To be able to become like this in a martial arts university, Gao Haoran had reached a certain status level.

“Brother Mo will always be Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran looked at Feng Zhiwei, who had been thrown far away, and then at Lin Mo in the arena.

He couldnt help but sigh.

He was Lin Mos “certified lackey”.

The stronger Lin Mo was and the more monstrous his performance was, the higher Haorans status in Jiangnan Martial Arts University would be!

“When Brother Mo becomes more and more awesome, Ill be able to do whatever I want in Jiangnan Martial Arts University!” Gao Haoran looked forward to it.

‘Whats wrong with being weak

He wasnt even an official martial artist.

So what

‘I, Gao Haoran, am Brother Mos lackey!

Just based on this, who in Jiangnan Martial Arts University would dare to not give me, Gao Haoran, face

… .

The two brothers, Zhang Yunshan and Zhang Yunhai, from the capital city, blended into the periphery of the spectating crowd, looking inconspicuous.

They looked at Lin Mo in the arena and could not help but be dumbfounded.

“80,000 kilograms of punching force, is he really only 18 years old” Zhang Yunshans eyes were filled with disbelief, as if even his eyes were saying: This doesnt make sense!

“Brother, true geniuses cant be measured by common sense!” Zhang Yunhai couldnt help but say something philosophical.

“I now understand why the family values Lin Mo so much!” Zhang Yunshan nodded and said solemnly, “I originally thought that Lin Mo only had a chance of becoming a martial arts grandmaster! Now, it seems that this is not a “chance”.

Its completely set in stone!”

“Thats right! A confirmed martial arts grandmaster! Moreover, he has a high chance of becoming a war god or even an extraordinary war god! How can the family not value him” Zhang Yunhai had also figured it out now.

He no longer dared to have any tricks up his sleeve and no longer dared to use Lin Mo to suppress his brother, Zhang Yunshan.

At this moment, Zhang Yunhai knew very well that Lin Mo and them were from completely different worlds!

They were only the juniors of the grandmaster families, but Lin Mo was destined to become a legend!

“Yunhai, do you think Lin Mo will forgive us for my attitude towards him last night” Zhang Yunshan was a little unconfident.

At this moment, he felt that his status as a descendant of a wealthy family was meaningless.

“No matter what, lets straighten our attitude first!” Zhang Yunhai thought for a moment and said.

… .

Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

In the principals office.

Principal Tu had also been waiting for the outcome of the battle between Lin Mo and Feng Zhiwei.

However, Principal Tu was a martial arts grandmaster after all and a big shot who had been in a high position for a long time.

He had to appear calm at all times so that he could show his dignity more.

Therefore, he did not go to the scene to watch the battle or pay attention to the battle through any broadcast.

This way, it could show that Principal Tu was used to such “small scenes” and increase his prestige in the hearts of his subordinates.

Moreover, the other reason why Principal Tu was not paying attention was—in his opinion, there should be no doubt about this battle!

‘Whos Feng Zhiwei

A third-year genius! A student that even he had once praised!

Peak rank 4 combat technique!

More than 40,000 kilograms of punching force!

In Principal Tus eyes, no matter what happened to Lin Mo, there was no hope of defeating Feng Zhiwei!

There was no hope!

“Lin Mo is still too young! If he was given another year and a half, he might really be able to challenge Feng Zhiwei!” Principal Tu thought to himself.

“But now… After all, he has only stepped into school for a year.

He still has a long way to go! Growth is a long time!”

Just as Principal Tu was sighing, Secretary He Xin rushed in anxiously.

“Whats the hurry” Principal Tu glanced at the secretary, looking a little dissatisfied.

Ever since Lin Mo entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University, this secretary seemed to be very anxious and not mature at all.

“The results are out” Principal Tu asked.

Then, he said, “Its normal for Lin Mo to lose.

Isnt this the inevitable outcome By the way, you have to arrange Lin Mos psychological construction work.

You cant let him give up on himself from now on!”

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