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[Large scale flop scene! The number one genius of Haicheng City, faced three consecutive losses in the novice training field!]

[What a tragedy! A genius martial artist was actually humiliated by a martial arts apprentice!]

[Teachers and students of Haicheng Second High formed a group to express their condolences to the young man who lost his footing, Liu Zhonghao!]

[One has to keep a low profile.

Otherwise, youll be like Liu Zhonghao from Haicheng Second High!]


[The psychiatrist said that Liu Zhonghaos current mood is stable and his mental state has recovered well.

It will not affect his results for the Martial Arts University Entrance Examination.]

[You have no right to mock Liu Zhonghao.

Hes a genius!]

[Jiangnan Prefectures Top Ten Comedians of the Year Selection…]

‘A short video platform.

Jokes about Liu Zhonghao quickly became popular online.

There were mockery, rumors, whitewashing, motivational… all kinds of posts.

He could probably be the only laughing stock of Xia country these few days.

Among the many genius martial artists in Xia country this year, although Liu Zhonghao was not the most talented, he was definitely the most famous!

Haicheng Second High, Liu Zhonghao! Who doesnt know him!

‘Just asking, silly or not!

At the same time, another name quietly became popular on the short video platform—Black Earth!

[Martial arts apprentice who had beaten up an official martial artist! Have you ever seen such a scene]

[Huge bounty placed onBlack Earths true identity!]

[Mother-in-law looks down on useless son-in-law! But with one call from this martial arts apprentices son-in-law, a hundred thousand soldiers entered their resumes overnight!]


[Terrifying! The novice training field is under the control of a martial arts apprentice!]

[Black Earth has achieved 14 consecutive victories! He has reached the top of the leaderboard!]

[Black Earth has already won 17 consecutive victories! Hes going after the highest record in history!]

[Shocking! A martial arts apprentice can actually win nineteen consecutive victories in the novice training field!]

Lin Mo did not know that his code name, “Black Earth”, had already become popular on the short video platform.

There were countless people curious about his true identity!

But after Lin Mo blacklisted the “Grand Deity”, he immediately started the next match.

Still …

Currently, the strongest opponent in the novice training field was only at the “Entrance of Rank Three”.

They could not pose any substantial threat to Lin Mo.

Lin Mo was simply killing indiscriminately here.

He directly blew up the entire novice training field and obtained 20 consecutive victories! In fact… if not for the fact that the Novice Testing Ground only had a daily limit of ten matches, he would probably continue winning!

The official martial artists who were matched with him in the novice training field today also cried! They really didnt expect that after finally becoming official martial artists, they would be suppressed by the “Black Earth” who was only a martial arts apprentice!

They were official martial artists!

They wanted face!

And this “Black Earth” was rubbing their faces against the smooth arena!

“Twenty consecutive wins!” Lin Mo looked at the days rewards gladly and confirmed the receiving address.

Compared to yesterday, the rewards today were ten times richer! Yesterday, there was only one bottle of A1 evolution potion, but today, there were ten bottles!

It could directly increase Lin Mos punching strength by 100 kilograms!

“Wonderful!” Lin Mo thought to himself, “The novice training field is really a good place! Ill come and collect the potions tomorrow!”

Others came to the beginners training ground to hone their combat technique, but Lin Mo was really here to receive the potions!

All he needed was a killing spree and he would be able to obtain ten bottles of A1-level evolution potion! Isnt it easy!

As long as he had hands!

At that moment, however, Lin Mo received an email in his email address in the Primordial Universe.

It was a mass e-mail from the novice training field.

Lin Mo opened it.

The topic of this group email was actually about him!

“Primordial Universe Bounty Mission: Stop Black Earths winning streak in the novice training field!”

Registration Requirement: Official martial artists, even if you have left the beginner village, you can still apply!

Mission Reward: The person who completes the mission will receive an A3 evolution potion.”

Lin Mo read the email at a glance and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“I actually became a Primordial Universe bounty mission!”

But that was normal.

In the beginner village, no one could stop Lin Mos winning streak! In that case, the novice training field could only find aid from outside the village!

“Is finding someone else going to be useful” Lin Mo smiled disdainfully.

Tomorrow was Sunday.

The prep class would be in class all day!

He would go to the prep class tomorrow and stay idle for a day, and his combat technique would definitely soar! Even the people who came from outside the Beginner Village would still be beaten up by him.

“Time to sleep!” Lin Mo lay on the bed and suddenly missed Liu Xia, who used to be upstairs.

“Why did Liu Xia, the king of involution involute himself into the hospital! Without him, its very difficult for my involution index to be guaranteed at night! Sigh!”

Lin Mo shook his head and lamented.

He gradually fell asleep.

That night, he had a very strange dream!

He dreamed of a man as tall and mighty as a mountain step on a river and nock an arrow.

He actually shot down nine suns in a row.


Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration.

It was where the top martial arts experts in Xia country gathered.

There were even some Tier One Martial Dao masters stationed here for a long time.

The defense power here was also terrifyingly strong! An ordinary guard had the symbol of the Glorious Sun on his chest—this was a symbol that only high-level martial artists were qualified to wear.

At this moment, it was late at night and dawn was approaching.

However, more than a dozen powerhouses were still sitting in the meeting room of the headquarters.

“We have to increase the nurturing of geniuses!” said the energetic old man on the main seat.

“And we have to nurture them at all costs!”

“Thats inevitable! The corresponding resources will be distributed to the various martial arts universities in the next few days! Its just that…” The middle-aged man on the old mans left paused for a moment before saying,” A true genius cant be created with only resources! No matter how much they get, it cant change their natural talent! ”

“But resources can speed up the growth of geniuses!” The old man sighed heavily before saying, “Find geniuses at all costs! We dont have much time left!”

“Could it be…” The calm middle-aged mans expression suddenly became extremely shocked.

“Thats right!” The old man nodded solemnly.

“If a peerless and independent super genius still cant appear, then Im afraid the Blue Planet will have to… return to the Stone Age!”




Gasps filled the conference room.

Everyone knew very well that this old man was not joking!

“Cant we just take a chance, like…” a general in charge of strategic weapons began.

“Ah!” The old man understood what the general was about to say and merely smiled in disdain, not even bothering to answer his question.

He was laughing at how naive the general was!

“In short, everyone knows how serious the situation is!” the old man continued.

“How to find a super genius is up to you! Remember, dont be stingy with your resources! If you dont use them now, are you trying to bring them to the Stone Age”

The conference room instantly fell into silence.

“Master, I have a document that has just been tabulated.” The young woman on the right of the old man took a document from her secretary and said, “As of now, all the outstanding geniuses in Xia country is listed on this! Master, why dont you take a look first”

Lin Mo was actually included in this list.

But it wasnt Lin Mos real name.

It was his code name, Black Earth.


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