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Illusion Lure, Phantasmagoria, Disillusionment…

Although it was said to be the three basic secret techniques of illusionists, it was actually not basic at all.

Instead, it was the foundation of the entire illusionist system!

The more Lin Mo read, the more shocked he became.

“Isnt this too complicated”

“The way to use mental power after it vanishes Can a human think of that”

“How did Yan Yimos head contain so many complicated secret techniques”

The more Lin Mo looked at the three new secret techniques, the more impressed he became!

These secret techniques were a hundred times more complicated than the “Advanced Mathematics” that Lin Mo had learned on Earth in his previous life!

‘Its inhuman!

Fortunately, Yan Yimo had already learned it for him!

As the saying went, the predecessors planted the tree, and the descendants took advantage of the shade.

Yan Yimo had already planted the tree, so Lin Mo only needed to lie down and take advantage of the shade.

However, Lin Mo did not become arrogant.

“Ive only learned the basics and have only just entered the door.

Im still far from mastering it and reaching the phenomenal success stage! I must take advantage of Yan Yimos presence to lie down and learn more!”

Illusionists were not easy to find!

It was rare to meet one.

If he didnt squeeze it dry, it would be a waste of a godsend opportunity.

Lin Mos eyes darted around as he made up his mind.

But before that, he wanted to test the power of illusion.

Thinking of this, Lin Mos gaze naturally landed on his good brother, Gao Haoran.

“Haoran,” Lin Mo suddenly shouted.

“Whats wrong, Brother Mo” Gao Haoran had no idea that he was about to become a lab rat.

“Arent you guaranteed admission to a top school” Lin Mo smiled innocently.

“I just want to ask if you have anything to say to thatUncle Lin who guaranteed you admission”

At the same time, Lin Mo “threw” an illusion technique at Gao Haoran silently.

When Gao Haoran was asked this question, he was still hesitating about whether to say what was on his mind.

However, with an illusion technique, his eyes gradually glazed over.

“Uncle Lin is too good to me!”

Although Gao Haorans eyes were dull, his expression was abnormally serious.

When he mentioned the word “Uncle Lin”, it was as if he was on a pilgrimage.

Because of the guidance of the illusion technique, Gao Haoran spoke of his true thoughts without reservation.

“Ive lived for more than ten years, but no one has ever treated me as well as Uncle Lin!”

“Its Uncle Lin who allowed me to enter a top school! Its Uncle Lin who allowed me to become idle and stop working hard!”

“Everything my father couldnt give me was given to me by Uncle Lin! Uncle Lin is even better than my father!”

“If you ask me, what do I have to say to Uncle Lin Then I just want to say… I dont want to call him Uncle Lin.

I want to call him Daddy!”

‘Call him Daddy


Lin Mo was so frightened that he dropped the “Illusionists Introduction” in his hand.

At this moment, Lin Mo really wanted to grab Gao Haorans collar and question him.

“I treat you as a brother, but you treat me as a father”

Lin Mo quickly removed the illusion spell on Gao Haoran.

If he let Gao Haoran continue talking nonsense, Lin Mo would be letting his other good brother, Gao Feng, down!

As soon as the illusion technique was removed, Gao Haoran also sensed that something was wrong with him.

“What happened to me just now” Gao Haoran still clearly remembered what he had said.

“Why do I say everything”

Although what he had just said was his true thoughts, Gao Haoran couldnt help but feel a little shy when he thought about how he had said such embarrassing things.

“Brother Mo, dont blame me!” Gao Haoran said in embarrassment.

“I was really in deep emotion just now!”

Simple Fatty did not know that it was his good brother who had “tricked” him just now.

“Ahem!” Lin Mo only coughed dryly and didnt dare to say anything.

Fortunately, at this moment, a figure appeared outside the classroom door and resolved Lin Mos embarrassment in time.

Lin Mo looked at the familiar figure at the door.

Wasnt this his old classmate, Yin Jian

“Why is this kid looking for me again” Lin Mo saw Yin Jian outside the classroom beckoning him out arrogantly.

If it were any other time, Lin Mo would definitely not have bothered.

But now, he was trying to escape the awkward atmosphere with Gao Haoran, so he ran over happily.

“What is it” Lin Mo asked directly.

He actually didnt care what Yin Jian was looking for him for; he just wanted to chat casually and kill some time before going back.

“Lin Mo, how does it feel to be expelled Does it feel good” Yin Jian had specially come to insult Lin Mo today.

In his opinion, Lin Mo must be very sad to be expelled and not even be able to get a high school diploma.

And he was here to rub salt in Lin Mos wound.

‘How does it feel to be fired

When Lin Mo heard this question, he was puzzled.

What could he feel After the martial arts college entrance examination ended in a few days, wouldnt that bald principal who expelled him find a way to invite him back

“Do you know why you were expelled” Yin Jian asked again, his sneer deepening.

However, Yin Jian was not very well-informed.

He did not know that Uncle Wang and Principal Yan, who were helping him “do something”, had already gotten into a lot of trouble.

Otherwise, he would not have been in the mood to mock Lin Mo.

“Why Could it be because of you” Lin Mo already had a guess when he saw Yin Jians attitude, but he still asked deliberately.

“Thats right!” Yin Jian admitted openly.

“I used my connections to ask Principal Yan to expel you!”


Lin Mo understood.

Two days ago, he felt a little strange.

He clearly had no feud with Principal Yan, so why was he targeted

Someone was indeed behind this!

“Yin Jian, I dont think I offended you much, did I” Lin Mo asked.

“You…” Yin Jian couldnt help but recall how he had failed to make things difficult for Lin Mo a while ago.

Instead, he had ended up in a tragic state.

“You really didnt offend me much! But I just dont like you, okay” Yin Jian said arrogantly.

“Do I, Yin Jian, need a reason to suppress you”

“Sure, sure.

Theres no need for a reason!” Lin Mo did not refute and only raised the doubts in his heart.

“But have you thought of a problem—Principal Yan is not related to you.

Even if you used your connections to find him, why would he bother to help you”

“Huh” Yin Jian said.

Lin Mo guided her again.

“I heard that… your mother seems to be quite capable”

As he spoke, Lin Mo silently threw out an “Illusion Lure”.

Yin Jians eyes turned fiery—a burning anger!

Seeing this, Lin Mo understood that there was no need for him to continue.

“Old thief Yan!!” Yin Jians veins bulged as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

He didnt even feel the pain when his nails dug into his flesh.

“Old thief Yan! My father will never forgive you!!”

The hatred of stealing his wife was irreconcilable!

Yin Jian growled and left Lin Mo behind, heading straight for the principals office.

“Why bother!” Lin Mo looked at Yin Jians furious back and couldnt help but shake his head.

“I hope I can still see Yin Jian in school tomorrow…”


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