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Hearing this, the Liang familys gazes all focused on Shen Shuyi.

“Do you think so too That Lin Yi and Lin Jingzhan are very similar” Liang Xianghe asked.

“Its not as simple as it looks,” Shen Shuyi said.

“I inadvertently noticed that his eyes are 90% similar to that womans.

Its not like as Old Yang said.

Its not that he lacks Lin Jingzhans ruthlessness, but that its made up for by the 90% similarity in gentleness that probably took after her, so Im sure that Lin Yi is their child.”

When they talked about this, the atmosphere in the room became gloomy.

Every time she thought about what happened that night, Liang Xianghe and Liang Cunxiao shuddered.

“If Lin Yi is really their son, then there seems to be a reasonable explanation for his personality.

Lin Jingzhan is just that kind of person.”

“Whats wrong with the Lin family” Yang Yuhua complained.

“Isnt it said that daughters resemble their fathers and sons resemble their mothers Why is he still following Lin Jingzhan Seriously.”

Shen Shuyi couldnt help but laugh.

If Lin Yis personality was more like his mothers, perhaps his marriage with Liang Ruoxu would be settled just like that.

Unfortunately, things didnt go as planned.

Lin Yi really gave off a feeling that he was too similar to that domineering man.

Perhaps only that extremely gentle woman could tolerate everything about him.

“Alright, since weve figured out his identity, lets put this matter aside and eat first,” Liang Xianghe said.

“Well eat later.

Whats the rush” Yang Yuhua was still unwilling to give up.

“Daughter-in-law, when you went to Zhonghai, how did you feel about the two of them Were they like young people nowadays, unable to part with each other”

“I cant tell, but that girl, Little Mi, is not guarded against him anymore.

If I didnt secretly catch them this time and we had let the two of them develop for a while longer, they might really have ended up together.”

Yang Yuhua sighed, feeling that it was a pity.

“From the looks of it, Little Mi seems to be really interested in him.”

“Thats normal.

Lin Yi gives off the same feeling as Lin Jingzhan back then.

The arrogance in his bones makes him look down on everyone.

Ordinary women cant resist such a man,” Shen Shuyi said with a smile.

“Just like Lin Jingzhan back then.

All the girls in Yanjing were charmed by him and often stayed up thinking of him…”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Liang Cunxiao coughed, as if to remind her of something.

“Its fine.

Why are you coughing” Shen Shuyis almond-shaped eyes were smiling.

“I just happened to have a meal with him.

The child is already so old.

Why do you still recall the past Seriously.”

“Dont talk nonsense.

My throat is just a little uncomfortable.

I never mentioned what happened back then.”

“Youre just petty.” Shen Shuyis expression was arrogant, and she looked like a young girl.

“Besides, I was still single at that time.

Isnt it normal to have a meal with anyone”

“Dont talk nonsense.

Before that, I played the guitar for you.

You even praised me for singing well.

Then, you even went to eat with Lin Jingzhan.

How shameless of you.”

“I was dragged there by someone else.

I didnt ask to go,” Shen Shuyi said.

“One more thing.

I have to correct you.

Your guitar skills are really not that impressive, and your singing is not great either.

I was just giving you some face.”

“Alright, alright.

You two are already so old, yet you still have the nerve to argue about this.” Yang Yuhua lectured.

Then, she looked at Shen Shuyi.

“What did you say to Lin Yi Little Mi didnt hear it, right Are you sad”

Yang Yuhua didnt care about Lin Yis rejection.

She was mainly afraid that her precious granddaughter would be sad.

“I didnt say it so straightforwardly.

I just secretly gave him a warning.

Hes Lin Jingzhans son.

I believe he will be able to understand whats going on.”

“How did you do it” Yang Yuhua asked curiously.

Liang Xianghe and Liang Cunxiao also pricked up their ears, wanting to know the details of this matter.

“Theres a company under him called Lingyun Group.

Under Lingyun Group is a Lingyun Foundation that specializes in charity work.

He was planning to invest a sum of money into a place called Beiqiao Town recently.

He wants to build a Hope School and repair roads for this place.

The cost of the project will be about 15 million yuan.

Little Mi got 5 million yuan in public funds for him and I invested another 10 million yuan.

However, I didnt hide the companys information on the cheque.

When the cheque is cashed, he will see it.

I trust that he will have figured out my identity by now.”

Liang Cunxiao lit a cigarette, and Shen Shuyi brought him the ashtray.

“Youre not making it too obvious.

Are you sure he will be able to tell He might not even take it seriously.”

“I dont think so.” Shen Shuyi smiled and said.

“Have you forgotten that I ate with Lin Jingzhan back then”

“You… why are you playing with fire and bringing this up again”

“How am I playing with fire” Shen Shuyi said.

“I was just implying that if he lacks this level of perception, then hes really not worthy of being Lin Jingzhans son.”

The Liang family did not say anything.

Such a statement did indeed make sense.

This was because Lin Jingzhan was really too outstanding back then.

He was in the first tier, while the others were all in the second tier.

“Alright, since this matter has come to an end, lets not mention it anymore.

They can only blame themselves for not being fated.”

Yang Yuhua said dejectedly.

She had been looking forward to this for so long, but in the end, it was all for naught.

“Daughter-in-law, turn on the television.

Its time to catch the news,” Liang Cunxiao said.


The older generation all had the urge to watch the news, let alone a veteran like Liang Cunxiao.

To him, the news was like an endless television drama that lasted for decades.

He was also used to picking up on all the big and small matters surrounding the country every day via all forms of news.

He did not want to miss a single thing.

Shen Shuyi turned on the television and the family ate while watching the news.

Even though the Liang family was a special family, the things they typically talked about surrounded their daily lives.

They were not much different from ordinary families.

Occasionally, Yang Yuhua would discuss with Shen Shuyi about which supermarket was having great discounts and which supermarket had been exposed for selling fake goods.

In short, these people were quite ordinary.

There was nothing special about them.

A home was always like this.

“Recently, Beiqiao Town Charity School, which has been donated by the CITIC Trust Charity Fund, has begun construction.

Next, please take a look at the report brought to us by our reporter.”

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