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“Dad, dont worry.

I have the patents for the technology with me.

When the press conference comes to the main topic, it will be time for Longxin to die!”

“This day has finally come.” Cao Jiadong smiled.

“By the way, after Longxins matter is over, Didi will transfer the rest of the money in the afternoon.

Youll be fully responsible for the things to be sent over.”

Cao Xiangyu was overjoyed.

Didi was Ciscos biggest and most important customer.

His father had asked him to do this, which showed how much he valued him!

From now on, no one could shake his position in the Cao family!


Cao Jiadongs phone rang at this moment.

Seeing the contacts name, Cao Jiadong became nervous again, but because it was inconvenient, he did not go out to answer the call.

“Director Zhao, you were looking for me.”

“Where are you”

“Im at Longxins launch event.

I came over to take a look at the situation here.

Boss Zhao, do you have any instructions for me”

“Just now, my people took a look at Ciscos shares and noticed a small drop.

Did you notice it”

“A small drop” Cao Jiadong was surprised.

“Thats not possible.

Ciscos stocks are still rising to their daily limit.

Its impossible for this to happen.”

“Youll know when you see it yourself.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Director Zhao, dont hang up.

Ill look at it now.”

As he spoke, Cao Jiadong took his sons phone and opened Ciscos stock interface.

He did notice a small drop, but the curve quickly rose back up.

“Director Zhao, dont worry.

Its normal for shareholders to have some emotional fluctuations after so many days.

Theyre afraid its a bubble created by the hype.

In a few days, when we continue to rise to the limit, they will regret it.”

“Its good that you know this.

I just wanted to remind you not to make a mess at this critical moment.”

“Dont worry, Director Zhao.

Nothing will go wrong.”

“Go on with your work.

I have other things to deal with.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I wont disturb you anymore, Director Zhao.”

After hanging up, Cao Jiadong heaved a sigh of relief, and his nervousness disappeared.

“Dad, have our familys stocks fallen” Cao Xiangyu asked.

“It fell a little.

This is all within my expectations,” Cao Jiadong said.

“Today is the day of Longxins press conference.

There will definitely be people who feel that they will rise up in the chip industry and negatively impact us.

Thats why there will be a slight selling of our stocks.”

“The way I see it, these people are all blind.

In the end, they will all die,” Cao Xiangyu said.

“Bu investors who play with stocks earn money from these people,” Cao Jiadong said with a laugh.

“Thats right.

Without them, who would support us”

In reality, only a very small number of people sold Ciscos shares.

This small group of people could even be ignored.

Among them were Ji Qingyan and Qin Han.

When he first set Cisco up, Lin Yi had Ji Qingyan and Qin Han invest 100 million and 128 million respectively.

Because today was the day he would attack Cisco, Lin Yi told the two of them to see the stocks before the conference and earn double profit.

On the other side of the hall, Ji Qingyan, He Yuanyuan, and Qi Xianzhao sat together.

The three of them couldnt understand why Lin Yi was here.

Longxins Chip 1.0 technology should be the same as Ciscos.

There would be no breakthrough at the technical level, so it would not affect the three billion yuan contract.

Moreover, what was the significance of this press conference

Ten minutes passed quickly.

Lu Ying held the microphone in her hand.

Her actions were elegant, dignified, and warm.

It seemed that she had practiced a lot at home before this.

The moment Lu Ying went on stage, all the lights in the venue went out.

The product logo of Longxin appeared on the big screen.

“Welcome, friends from all walks of life, to our product launch.”

After Lu Ying finished speaking, the audience applauded.

Some people who did not know the truth were very optimistic about Longxins Chip 1.0 technology.

Although it was still far behind the overseas standard, it could definitely cause a wave within the country.

Those who had such thoughts were basically small-time celebrities.

They did not know much about the industry.

Only the big shots sitting in the front row knew that Cisco had already developed the Chip 1.0 technology long before Longxin.

In the eyes of these discerning people, this grand press conference was like a joke.

After the applause ended, Lu Ying held the remote control and controlled the PowerPoint presentation on the big screen.

She began to introduce the main contents of the press conference to the audience.

“This time, we have brought a brand new product.

I believe that our products will bring huge technological innovation to the domestic chip field.

The gap between us and foreign countries will also be redefined.

After all, chips have a special status in our daily lives.”

Hearing Lu Yings words, Cao Xiangyus expression was filled with contempt.

“I didnt expect Longxins people to start spouting such nonsense.

Theyre really something.”

“Dont be anxious.

Arent the monkeys in the zoo also like this” Cao Jiadong smiled and said.

“They think that they can be thought of as humans by imitating human actions, but in our eyes, they are just monkeys that can be slaughtered at will.”

“Thats a good analogy.

Moreover, its a female monkey.”

In the first half an hour of the press conference, Lu Yings talk revolved around the chip.

Its main uses and functions were introduced, and the advantages and performances of their product was also highlighted.

However, in the eyes of the discerning guests, they could tell at a glance that this was all empty talk and that it had no practical use.

After a while, Lu Ying finished her talk and the show began.

Soon, Lu Ying introduced,

“The product were developing this time uses many advanced technologies in the industry.

Well be at least five years ahead of the rest of industry.”

“These patented technologies include FW, MIPS, Nand gate, and more than 20 other patented technologies.

I believe that these patented technologies can bring technological innovation to the domestic chip field.

At the same time, it will narrow the gap between us and the foreign chip field.

We know that this path will be difficult, but Longxin will definitely persevere.”

After Lu Ying finished her speech, there was an intense round of applause.

To them, the development of new technologies would definitely bring about a new wave of technology.

The Longxin Research Institute, which had been heavily involved in research for many years, was about to rise.

Just as Lu Ying was enjoying this applause, a discordant voice suddenly sounded.


Lu, I would like to interrupt you and ask you a few questions.”

Cao Xiangyus words attracted the attention of everyone present.

Why did he stand up at this time

Seeing Cao Xiangyu stand up, Lin Yi smiled faintly.

“This idiot finally couldnt take it anymore.

Moreover, the timing of his appearance was just right.

I didnt expect you to be a master of time management.”

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