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“Brother, what are you doing”

Norfe shook off Vanessa’s hand.

He followed her sister because of the offer of money, but Cambridge.

“By ill luck.”

Norfe’s arrogant gaze swept Alyssa up and down.

‘That vulgar thing still with one sharp eye open.’

Norfe took a breath.

From the old days, Alyssa had a neat and pitiful charm, just like her mother, making her even more tormentable.

It was funny that there’s nothing she can say to the queen’s children.

But often, she has a brilliant glow in her eyes, like now.

If the queen hadn’t warned himself, he wouldn’t have left her.

But today is the last day.

Norfe stepped forward with a proud smile hanging from his lips.

“It’s been a while, Alyssa.”

“…Go back, you two.”

Alyssa lightly ignored Norfe.

Cambridge is now her domain.

The people of Cambridge were on her side, not Norfe’s.

“Do you want me to call the knight and drive you out”

“You cheeky bitch!”

Norfe slapped Alyssa on the cheek without anyone stopping him.

A sharp pounding sound echoed through the air.

Alyssa was beaten after a long time, and she ran her tongue through her torn mouth.

She heard a ‘hiik’ sound from all over the place.

The butler, who could not see it, blocked in front of her.

However, Alyssa pushed him away with a gentle hand.

“Then you must obey and listen.”

Vanessa groaned.

In the first place, she came in knowing that the Duke was not in the mansion today.

Without the Duke, she had nothing.

Vanessa stood next to Norfe.

“We should be able to stand still when we hear that you’re doing something stupid.

I don’t know where you got your money from, but we’ll pretend we’ll turn a blind eye to it.”


“Instead, you must repay the kindness of the royal family that has raised you.

You still can’t tell who your family is.

You should have spent that amount on us, not for Ophelia, who is not of your blood.”

Alyssa burst out laughing.

They’re disappointing.

Where does such an arrogant and selfish way of thinking come from The royal family is Alyssa’s family It had been two years since she considered them not her family.

No, it was from the beginning.

She guessed why Vanessa had come when she had never even seen Vanessa before.

“…Go back, stop it.”

“Alyssa! She’s still out of her mind, brother.

Shouldn’t you have to hit her one more time”


That’s right.

She needs to be hit to set this crazy thing straight.”

It was time for Norfe to smile meanly and raise his hand towards Alyssa.

“You’re still… inhumane, both of you.”

Alyssa was different.

The purple eyes coldly staring at them seemed to pierce them both.

Norfe stopped without realizing it and took a step back.

“What are you saying Alyssa, think carefully.

Didn’t you say that family members should help each other We are a family no matter what.

It is a family to be together for the rest of our lives.”

“Not me.”


“I don’t think of the royal family as a family.

Please get out before I call the knight and drive you out.”


“Get out.”

Alyssa cut her courtesy and spoke coldly.

“Get out of Cambridge without further misbehaving.”

“This bitch!”

Alyssa sighed and gestured to the knights who had already been waiting for her beside the butler.

“Get these people out.

Do not let them into the mansion again.”

“What are you doing! Don’t you know who I am”

“This is an order from the Mistress of Cambridge.”

The knights brought Norfe and Vanessa out.

They were screaming all kinds of profanity that didn’t sound like royalty at all.

Alyssa watched them to the end as they were dragged out.

She felt like her stomach was getting a little upset.

Even though the tingling cheeks hurt a little, Alyssa burst into laughter.


Sasha called out to her master with an anxious face because she looked like a crazy person now.

“Isn’t that so funny, Sasha Who would call them royalty”

She was smiling, but Alyssa’s eyes were cold.

Alyssa stopped her laughter and rubbed her cheek.

Now, she wasn’t even afraid of this.

The Queen and Norfe had raised their hand to her once or twice.

Even if she is beaten, the pain is bound to be forgotten.

Unlike the wound in the heart, a mouth wound will heal quickly.

However, Alyssa made one decision.

She was not going to leave those damn royals behind in this world.

‘…We’re going to die together.’

Until then, she won’t be able to close her eyes comfortably.

Alyssa moved slowly.

She needed a place to lay down this tired body.


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