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Ever since Alyssa ousted Vanessa, the number of nobles favorable to her has increased.

There was a reason why the noble society was called a society with the law of the jungle.

In the jungle, Alyssa survived, and Vanessa was culled.

People didn’t criticize Alyssa.

Instead, they blamed Vanessa for her rudeness and blamed the royal family for sidelining her.

All the arrows that were always directed at Alyssa returned to Vanessa and the royal family.

That’s what happened in just a few days.

Alyssa smiled broadly.

Sasha followed Alyssa to the window with worried eyes.

Alyssa had never been out into the garden since she found out Seidrick’s identity.

It has always been a place of comfort for Alyssa.

Now at the beginning of winter, it is a dry garden, but when did Alyssa ask about such a thing when she went to and from the garden

Sasha said cautiously.

“… …would you like to go out to the garden May I bring your outerwear This new fox fur cloak seems to be just right.”

Alyssa turned her head and looked at Sasha.

“Should I”

There was no more magic for Alyssa there.

Sid was a fictional character, and Alyssa remained in reality.

Ophelia is getting married tomorrow, but Alyssia doesn’t know why she is so emotional.

When Alyssa hesitated, Sasha spoke up.

“Yes! It’s sunny today, so it won’t be too cold.”

Alyssa looked back at the garden.

The garden with only bare branches left looks lonely from afar.

But, how splendid and beautiful are the lives that sleep within.

When the leaves were thick, it was spectacular to see the unknown beautiful sunlight cast shadows on the floor.


Let’s go.”

Sasha breathed a sigh of relief.

It was heartbreaking to see Alyssa working quietly in the cramped mansion.

Sasha didn’t want her master’s daily routine to fall apart.

Then she thought that Alyssa would also collapse.

Sasha quickly grabbed Alyssa’s things.

She chose comfortable shoes and prepared her outerwear.

At least she saw Alyssa off with a lighthearted heart.

“Have a safe trip.”

Alyssa grew further and further away from Sasha, who was seeing her off.

She seemed to melt in the sun.

Alyssa’s pale platinum hair seemed to give it a bit more of that feeling.

Unbeknownst to her, Sasha reached out her hand without realizing it, and then she closed it.

It was when she turned around after watching the whole time with a tearful heart.

“…Alyssa went to the garden”

“Ack, Your Excellency!”


“Yes, that’s right.

The Madam has gone to the garden now.”

Sasha answered at once.

She liked that Alyssa was being loved.

Seidrick did not hide his feelings for his wife, and Sasha also noticed the affection in his eyes.

She longed for the garden to work its magic once more.

It’s okay if Alyssa doesn’t love Seidrick.

It’s okay if she leaves Cambridge after finishing everything.

She just wished Alyssa would lighten her heart.

Because to live with hatred was harder than she thought.

So Sasha did not hesitate and pushed Seidrick into the garden.

“Go ahead.”

Seidrick took his stride.

He started to run, making fun of the pace that was getting faster and faster.

Sasha was relieved to see Seidrick disappearing into the garden after Alyssa.

Now it’s up to the two of them.


The rustling leaves were trampled under his feet.

Gilbert, who pursues elegance and romance, left the fallen leaves on the floor.

It was a pile of fallen leaves enough to sink his feet, but Alyssa liked the light.


Alyssa lifted her head.

Perhaps she was looking at the tree, and Gilbert, standing high up the ladder, called her out.

How long has it been

Alyssa smiled faintly.

The feeling of betrayal that Gilbert had tricked and deceived her had long since faded.

He was still like the kind and warm uncle next door.

Gilbert took off his hat and held it in his hand, coming down the ladder.

“… I’ve been…..”

“No, Gilbert.

Let’s not talk about that.”

Alyssa shook her head.


“It’s okay.


I wish we could only share good stories in a good place like this.”

Eventually, Gilbert bit his mouth.

He didn’t want to hurt her feelings by repeating stories that the party didn’t want.

“…Marie is baking delicious scones; how about going there when you go back”

Gilbert asked cautiously.


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