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‘Useless girl! You are a disgrace to the royal family.

‘Youve been born to a lowly woman and youre a humiliation to me!

‘Why dont you die Why dont you die together in your mothers womb!

The words like a vicious curse toward her seemed to become a pond and drown Alyssa to the neck.

The only one who pushed her away from that, the first person to need Alyssa.

The only person who looked straight at her amidst her encroaching suffering.

It is not Averys Alyssa, but Alyssa herself.

Alyssa bit her lips.

She jumped up to her feet.

Although her body stumbled, having eaten nothing, Sasha could not stop Alyssas stubbornness.

Still, she always looked good after visiting the garden, so again…

Sasha helped Alyssa get out with her tearful face.

She wont know what was hiding there, but she hoped that Alyssa could come back with comfort this time.

She hopes her master can laugh a little.


Seidrick frowned.

It was because he could see Alyssa from his office window.

It seemed dangerous to walk stubbornly into the woods.

‘You mustve regained consciousness.

Then youre supposed to take your meds and have a meal.

Why is…

Seidrick sighed.

It doesnt really bother him that much.

If she just woke up, she wouldnt be feeling well.

The fact that Ophelia and Juliana played a part in Alyssas collapse caught Seidricks ankle.

He swept his hair up.

Pauline glanced at Seidrick as he jumped up.

“Are you going to pick fruit again”

“…Do you have any complaints”

Seidrick made an impression to look as scary as possible.

Of course, Pauline, who has been with him for years, didnt blink, but she smiled as if looking at her cute little brother, and she shook the file.


Dont forget this.”

“… Ill be back soon.

I wont be late.”


Pauline didnt pretend to know, as if it didnt matter.

Seidrick glanced at Pauline and left the office.

At first, his slow pace became faster.

He was worried that she would fall again in the garden with such a precarious appearance.

He thought it would be better to watch from the side.

Seidrick pulled down his button.

Alyssa wandered through the woods, holding her dizzy head.

Alyssa bites her fishy,

bloody lips.

Now she doesnt feel any pain from her broken lips.

It is because shes getting used to it.

However, the only thing she didnt get used to, no matter how much she went through, were the words that swept through Alyssas heart.

It wasnt until the open lake appeared that Alyssa stopped struggling.

She couldnt even walk anymore.

Slowly she had to admit that the gardener was nowhere.


She exhaled a long breath.

She forgot that her clothes were covered with grass and the cold weather was swaying the hem of her skirt and sat down on the ground.

In the sunlight, the lake shimmering like a jewel was deeply embedded in Alyssas eyes.

In the first place, it was a mistake to come here to be comforted by someone.

Knowing that gardeners dont always stay here.

She wished for the gardener to be here because she was burdened and tired.

She didnt even know him properly.

Alyssa buried her face in her knees.

Has she been doing that for a long time

Thump, thump.

She began to hear the footsteps of heavy boots.

Alyssa raised her head with a look full of expectations.

He was walking through the sunlight of the early winter, the person she had been searching for so much.

In his hand, he held a basket with tools for picking berries that only open in winter trees.

The gardener, who found Alyssa, paused and approached her.

He put down one of his baskets toward Alyssa without saying anything.

There was an egg that looked warm in a basket that was dropped next to her.

“The chicken laid eggs.”

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“…The promised day has not yet come.”

Alyssa mumbled in a tearful voice.

Strangely, cheap eggs are making her cry.

Seidrick, confused as he heard her crying voice, swept his face down.

He wasnt sure for what reason he should talk to Alyssa, so he brought the eggs.

Although the gardener protested if he would take only two eggs.

“Oh, are you”

“Im glad.

I am so happy.”


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