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The two went out to find Seidrick, who destroyed Kendricks model ship, and went to hide.

He thought Kendrick must be upset because he broke Kendricks favorite thing.

So he pressed his heart to cry and hid in the garden.

He thought he burst into tears as he was young.

However, Kendrick wasnt even angry, but rather tickled Seidricks nose with foxtail grass and played a joke.

‘E, euech! Uwaa! Puh! Uwaaaaang!

Crying and coughing.

When he called Kendrick with a messed up face, Kendrick smiled openly and stroked Seidricks hair.

‘What are you crying about

‘Brother, its something you cherished…

‘But we can make another stupid ship model Sid, stop crying, its okay.

Kendrick was a very sweet person.

When Seidrick saw foxtail grass in this season, the memories of that day came to mind.

Seidrick promised Kendrick that day.

Not a model of a ship, but one day they will make a real ship,

It took too much money to run the ship privately, and trade was done on land.

Seidrick and Kendrick dreamed of going out to trade on a boat based on their past.

A floating large piece of iron on the sea and sits leisurely on it.

Instead of a model ship destroyed by Seidrick, a big real ship…

He exhaled a long breath.

Claiming to be an errand boy for a warship, he climbed up and down countless ships.

To obtain the blueprints of the warships, he has stepped into a dangerous situation several times.

Nevertheless, he was able to smile happily because of the dream he promised with his brother.

However, now it has become Seidricks own dream.

However, it was also a dream that he could not let go of.

Because he wanted to protect Kendricks dream.

The purchase of the southern iron ore mine will be the first cornerstone for the job.

Seidrick raised his head.

As he expected, Alyssa was waving her hand at him.

With a smile as bright as the breaking sunlight.


Seidrick has no more room now.

That was the conclusion he reached for a number of reasons.

Seidrick doesnt even have a single heart to give to Alyssa.

“Sid! Youre late today, arent you I was so busy yesterday.

I got to take on an important job.

At first, I thought I couldnt… I thought no one would help, but no.

Because I dont expect it like this, I feel comfortable and appreciate the little help.”

As if there were a lot of things he wanted to say, she took out what appeared to be a lunch box from the basket and kept talking.

However, Seidrick wasnt so happy.

He wasnt very happy with Alyssas involvement in his life.

He stared at Alyssa with still eyes.

His feelings going up and down twelve times a day were all due to her.

Because she keeps trying to intervene with Seidrick.

Now it was time to push her out perfectly.

Drawing a line telling her not to come anymore.

“This is something my friend made me eat…”

Seidrick put the foxtail grass in his hand.

It was like a sign.

“…I dont think Ill see you in a while, Lisa.”

“What Oh, because you said you had to go home”

“That too… Maybe we wont see each other often in the future.”

Alyssa will steadily come in and out of the garden, and Seidrick will not be able to stop going to this garden with many memories.

He just needs to come a little less.

“I see.

If youre busy, you cant help it.”

Alyssas shoulders droop.

She smiles effortlessly even though she radiates regret with her whole body.

She is a woman who cares for him in many ways.

So he has to stay away.

A pool of foxtail clumped under Seidricks feet.

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It was disappointing to not see the gardener for a while, but it was okay.

Alyssa and the gardener are friends who shared eggs! Besides, she promised to pay him back with an egg…

She heard that friends are not awkward at all when they meet again even though they havent met for a while.

Alyssa wanted such a relationship with the gardener, so she thought she should respect his schedule as well.

Besides, Alyssa was busy taking care of the banquet that was coming.

The good news is that she followed instructions well, despite the tight schedule.


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