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Alyssa has taken the lead for Juliana and Ophelia with her delicate body, but this time, it was Julianas turn to lead.

She didnt want to leave Alyssa exposed in front of that shameless man.

She heard that he even drank alcohol.

Juliana knew what to do in situations like this.

How many years has she lived as a Cambridge mistress

Although she was not as good as the royal family, she knew how to use moderately dirty tactics.

“Secretly call the soldiers.”

“Yes, Grand Madam.”

Juliana curled up her lips, seeing the intelligent maid disappearing with quick steps.

Ophelia and Alyssa, she knows how to do what they cant do.

Norfe wont be able to carry his face stiffly anymore.

Knights dressed in plain clothes soon appeared.

Those who received Julianas secret orders melted into the darkness.


Alyssa couldnt sleep even a wink.

She wanted to know what happened because the people who Juliana ordered were guarding the door of the room.

So she ran out of her room as soon as it dawned.

But Sasha was faster than Alyssa.

Her attendant was running from the distance, gasping with a glowing red face, shaking the daily newspaper in her hand.

“Madam! Look at this! Hurry!”

Sashas face looks bright, so it seems that it has been well resolved.

Alyssa urgently accepted the newspaper.

The headline…


Alyssas mouth opened.

“I guess he met some gangsters after he was kicked out of Cambridge yesterday.

Madam, we shouldnt have done this, but Im delighted!”

Sasha rolled her feet with a smiling face.

Alyssa recalled Julianas expression yesterday.

There was a particular expression of her pushing herself and closing the door firmly.

Alyssa could not erase the idea that Juliana somehow directed this.

Strangely, she folded the newspaper, handed it to Sasha, and walked into the bedroom where Juliana would be.

Her heart pounded.

If the royal family knows this, they wont be able to stand still! Surely Juliana will pay a great price.

And that wasnt what Alyssa wanted.

Alyssa knows best how cruel the Avery royal family can be.

She knocked on Julianas door with her lips tightly closed.

“Alyssa Come in.”

It was the soft and calm tone that she expected.

She immediately opened the door and went into the bedroom.

The gentle expression of Juliana looking at her was not like the one who had gone through it yesterday.


“Sit down.


The wound is still not subsiding.”

Juliana clicked her tongue, looking at the wound on Alyssas cheek.

It was a wound from the things the queen threw.

“Ill send you good medicine, so apply it.

Itll get better soon.”

“…I saw the daily newspaper.”

Alyssa quickly opened her mouth as if that wasnt important.

“The queen wouldnt stand still…”


Juliana gently bent her eyes.

“Its just that I couldnt take it anymore.

But, Alyssa.”

“Yes, mother.”

“Did they talk about the identity of the men in the paper”

Alyssa shook her head.

“This is Cambridge.

No matter how much we have suffered from the royal family, Cambridge has a power comparable to that of the royal family.

So, naturally, I have that kind of connection.

Neither the Ministry of Justice nor the guards will properly investigate this matter, and the identity of those men will not be revealed until the end.”

Juliana smiled lightly.

It was something Alyssa had never done.

Alyssa didnt have that much power, and when she harmed the royal family, she was more likely to get it back.

Her eyes heated up.


Its the power youll have now.”

It was because of the word Juliana gave her.

The power that Alyssa will have.

The roof called Cambridge, where Alyssa will live.

That comfort covered Alyssas hellish heart.

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“The royal family has been humiliated, and for some time, the newspaper will be suppressed, but will Count Bordeaux remain still”

“Why is Count Bordeaux…”

“Ever since Count Bordeauxs great-grandfather started publishing newspapers for the first time.

The power of Bordeauxs name in newspapers is tremendous.”

She had never been under the protection of such power.

She was always the target of those attacks.


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