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Alyssa pressed on her hat to avoid the bright sunlight.

Juliana has often convinced Alyssa that it would be better not to go, but she did not show any further action.

In response, Alyssa took complete control of Cambridges internal affairs.

It meant that she could do both well.

‘Do you think I dont know why Norfe became that bad, Alyssa

The queens voice, which entwined Alyssa like cold metal, was still imprinted on her.

‘Im pretending I dont know.

So when Im holding on to it, you should please me moderately too.


The queens mad eyes, who scraped Alyssas cheek with the tip of the fan, are still vivid.

The queen believed Cambridge caused Norfe to be so crippled.

The royal family can kill people with just a heartache.

Just as Juliana stood in front of Norfe for Alyssa, Alyssa is standing in front of the queen for Cambridge.

Alyssa sighed deeply.

Nevertheless, there used to be days when she was exhausted.

Today was even more so.


Sasha beckoned at Alyssa with a sad face.

As if she had been waiting for her all this time, she was ripe with sunlight.

“Why are you waiting outside”

“I dont want you to go.

Youre being called on a day like this…”

Sasha clicked her tongue, and she cried out swear words that only she knew.

“I borrowed the kitchen and baked a cake, Madam.

Please go in quickly.”

It was a terrible act for the attendant to push the masters back, but Sasha forgot that, and she pushed the back of her master.

Today was Alyssas birthday.

The only one who will take care of her now is Sasha, and she is about to bake her cakes in the morning.

Cambridges employees were strangely kind to Alyssa and Sasha, but that wasnt enough to take care of each others birthdays.


It was a relationship with just subtle lines.

Besides, guests were staying in the mansion now.

This is because it was Julianas birthday a while ago.

Some of Cambridges relatives were still in the guest room on the third floor.

As a result, Alyssa had no choice but to see them in their eyes without knowing.

But for today, she lightly smiled as if she couldnt help it and gently pushed Sasha away.

Still, Sasha was the only one who took care of her birthday.

Alyssa has always celebrated her birthday together with Sasha quietly.

Its all about sharing a cake with Sasha this year and talking about things.

“Lets stop by the kitchen and get the cake, Sasha.”

“Oh, good!”

The kitchen people glanced at Sasha and Alyssa as they took out the cake.

Whose birthday is it

With that kind of gaze,

“This is a fresh cream cake.

Fortunately, there are good fruits, so I put them in.

Dont you think it smells like spring”

Sasha softly talked to Alyssa.

Still looking at her masters skinny face, it seems like her insides went sick.

So she laughed and talked a little more.

Alyssa herself would forgive her generously when she made a careless mistake.

“I think so.”

It was when they were walking up the stairs and talking.


Did you bake a cake for your birthday”

The sharp, pouring words hardened Alyssa.

Raising her grave face, Countess Erdan, staring at her bitterly, with the other noble ladies, stood.

Countess Erdan was one of Cambridges relatives.

“Its been a while, Duchess.”

Countess Erdan shamelessly greeted her as if she hadnt said anything just before.

“…Long time no see.”

Alyssa opened her mouth.

She said goodbye and was just trying to pass by.

Countess Erdan blocked her.

“Did you not hear me I asked if you were going to cut a cake leisurely because it was your birthday.”


Did I do something wrong”

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Alyssa bit her lips.

When the excessive criticisms turned to Alyssa, her head would turn blank.

Others would be the same, but they are Kendricks relatives.

Those who genuinely care for Kendrick and Cambridge.

Knowing such people, Alyssa couldnt even blame it.

“No, you.

Someones dead and cant eat a bite of cake…”


A sharp voice came from behind Countess Erdan.

It was Juliana.

Juliana, walking fast with her whitened face, stood in front of Alyssa.

Alyssa was doing her best for Cambridge despite not getting any reward.


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