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Chapter 10: From Now On, Ill Call You Hubby

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“I dont need to listen to a story and I can sleep by myself!”

Clearly, Song Yujin was unwilling. However, Song Ci began telling a story in a gentle tone!

Song Yujin covered his eyes with one hand. He felt helpless and immediately slept. His heart was too tired.

To be honest, Song Ci was also very tired today. Hence, she gave up on the storytelling for the day.

She patted Song Yujin.

“Good night, sweet dreams. Its best if you can dream of your sister.”

To Song Yujin, that was not a dream but a nightmare.

Song Ci closed her eyes and held the child in her arms. Then, she slowly fell asleep.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was Lu Gan.

Song Ci immediately became energized upon seeing the notification. She did not want to disturb Song Yujin, so she quietly got out of bed.

[ Come to the Lu familys house at 2 p.m. tomorrow. ]

Since Lu Gan was unable to sleep, he decided to contact Song Ci.


[ Okay, my dear. Ill definitely be there. ]

Song Ci felt very satisfied. The timing was perfect. After meeting Lu Gan, she could go and pick up Song Yujin. Her schedule was full.

Lu Gan looked at the words “my dear”. It really made him feel uncomfortable.

[ Lets change the way you address me. ]

Song Ci thought for a moment before replying,

[ Brother ]

[ Youre too uncivilized. ]

So, she had to change the way she addressed him and make it sound more civilized. Song Ci totally understood!

She was quite a proactive person.

Thus, she did not hesitate at all and sent her reply.

[ I got it. From now on, Ill call you hubby! ]

Lu Gan spat out a mouthful of water!

[ Who the hell asked you to call me hubby! ]

[ Cant you call me Mr. Lu ]

[ Youre not reserved at all! ]

[ You dont even act like a girl! ]

Lu Gan had never felt so helpless.

[ Call me senior or Lu Gan. ]

Song Ci felt that Lu Gan was quite picky, but she needed to please him. Even if he wanted her to call him “daddy”, she would do it.

[ Dear senior… ]

Lu Gan was speechless.

The next morning, Song Yujins bedside alarm rang. Song Ci raised her hand to turn it off. All of a sudden, she received a wave of the original Song Cis memories.

It gave her a rough understanding of the original Song Cis past.

In the meantime, Song Yujin was already awake and he began changing clothes. Song Ci made him some breakfast and sent him to school.

Then, she arrived at Lu Gans house at precisely two oclock.

At this time, Lu Gan was reading. When he heard the knock on the door, he said, “Come in.”

It was the person he had been thinking about for the entire morning.

“Im here,” said Song Ci with a smile.

Her smile was very beautiful. It was like the afternoon sun, warm and bright. Song Ci was also wearing a pure white dress. She looked like a blooming lily. In any case, she was not as overbearing as before.

Lu Gan looked at her. He really could not comprehend this woman.

Anyway, that was not the point. He needed to confirm if he accidentally fell asleep yesterday or was it because of Song Ci.

“Have a seat,” said Lu Gan politely.

Song Ci sat down and said enthusiastically, “Are we talking about getting married today”

Lu Gan did not forget about her previous persona, but he still nodded.

“Theres no rush. Lets talk about your job first.”

Song Ci was a little puzzled.

“My job”

“Youre an actress, right”

Song Ci nodded. She felt that Lu Gan was trying to imply something.

“Hows your acting”

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“I think its okay,”

Song Ci said modestly.

“Show it to me. You can choose a familiar scene to perform.”

Lu Gan leaned back slightly and raised his hand while asking Song Ci to perform.


Song Ci did not understand. Why was Lu Gan talking about acting and not marriage

Nonetheless, Song Ci was a very dedicated person. She was not afraid to act!

“What style do you like Implicit tolerance Emotional outburst Artistic freshness Pick whichever. I can do it.”

Lu Gan did not expect to receive a multiple-choice question. Regardless, he chose the first one.

The father-daughter drama from yesterday was enough to shock him.

Song Ci nodded. Her back was facing him when she prepared her emotions. After she turned around, she was in a miserable state.

Her face was pale and her eyes were weak. There were tears of sadness in them. She looked at Lu Gan with a hint of friendship but also restrained herself.

Lu Gan was quite intrigued.

“What am I supposed to do...”

Song Cis tone was gentle and slow. It was as if she had been wronged.

Lu Gan watched. After a while, he felt like he was unable to hear her.

He could not help but close his eyes. Since he did not want Song Ci to see him falling asleep, he forced himself to raise his right hand.

Song Ci was at the climax of her performance when Lu Gans head was lowered.

Was her acting that bad Did it hurt his eyes


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