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Chapter 11: Dont Joke Around

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Song Ci felt that she did not act that atrociously.

However, she began to doubt herself. Why else was Lu Gans head lowered

“Was my performance awful Why werent you looking at me”

Song Ci asked hesitantly.

Lu Gan was in a deep sleep and did not answer.

Song Ci tried to be as tactful as possible and said, “Let me try again. Ill definitely improve!”

Lu Gan was still sleeping.

Song Ci turned around and exhaled. After she composed herself, she faced Lu Gan again. She was ready to perform again.

At first, she was full of confidence and thought that she would be praised. Unexpectedly, the opposite happened.

Was her acting really bad Did it actually cause someone to look away

The previous directors told her that her acting was good. She was merely unlucky and lacked resources. Was that all a lie

Song Ci looked at the man in front of her. It seemed like she had lost her confidence.

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“Just say what you want. I can take it.”


Lu Gan continued to sleep.

Song Ci became even more nervous.

“Senior, can you say something Anything. I will accept your criticism and use it to improve myself!”

Lu Gan just slept.

Song Cis heart was broken. Why was it so difficult for him to speak How dreadful was her performance!

She stared at Lu Gan curiously and finally realized that something was wrong. As she walked toward him, she uttered, “Lu Gan”

Lu Gan was sleeping soundly and his breathing was even.

Her acting was so good that it could make people fall asleep!

Song Ci looked at her fiancé in disbelief. She was completely stunned.

My lousy acting skills made him sleepy.

Song Ci sat on the sofa with a heavy heart. She really did not have any strength left. It almost seemed like she gave up on surviving.

As she continued to look at Lu Gan who was sleeping with his hand supporting him, Song Cis mood worsened.

She wondered if she should change her career path. What was the use of a sleep-inducing acting skill

Even so, she was unwilling to give up. Being an actress was her lifelong dream. She wanted to keep improving!

Song Ci was thinking to herself when suddenly, a phone rang.

At first, she thought that it was her phone and was about to turn it off because she did not want to disturb Lu Gan while he was sleeping. Then, she discovered that it was not her phone, but Lu Gans.

Song Ci stretched her neck and looked at Lu Gans desk.

Meanwhile, Lu Gan had made some movement.

He slowly raised his head and seemed to be in a daze. He reached out for his phone. Since he had just woken up, his voice was a little low.


He did not even know what the other party said and merely replied with a few “Mmhmm” before hanging up.

Lu Gan then realized that Song Ci was sitting on the sofa with a lifeless expression on her face.

As if he had just woken up from a dream, he suddenly remembered that Song Ci was performing for him!

So, he had fallen asleep during Song Cis performance again.

He had watched many movies last night, but none of them worked. Yet, he was able to sleep after watching Song Ci act!

The first time could be a coincidence, but certainly not the second time, right!

It definitely had something to do with Song Cis acting skills!

As long as Song Ci could put him to sleep, he was willing to let her stay by his side.

“You acted well.”

Lu Gan put down his phone and looked at Song Ci with a calm expression. He acted as if he did not fall asleep and had watched her entire performance.


Song Ci really wanted to curse out loud!

Are you f*cking kidding me

You were sleeping!

Somehow, you have the nerve to tell me that my acting is good

How ironic! Youre an even better actor than I am!

Song Ci did not believe his words at all and simply remained silent.

“But you dont seem very popular.”

Song Ci snorted coldly and thought to herself,With my hypnotic acting skills, how can I be popular It would only work out if everyone in the audience had insomnia.

She finally understood why she was not successful even after so many years. Her acting skills were just not good enough!


Song Ci said in a low voice.

“Why dont you switch companies”

Lu Gan had no idea his previous action had affected Song Ci. He continued speaking, “I have a media company. If you are willing, you can consider signing up.”

Song Ci felt that he was still asleep!


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