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Chapter 12: What a Coincidence. I Have One Too

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Are you serious”

“Of course.”

Lu Gan nodded.

Song Cis expression was subtle.

“Senior, you saw my acting skills just now. I feel that I should never act again. Im unworthy of the audience. You didnt need to comfort me.”

Lu Gan was puzzled.

“I thought that your acting skills were very good.”

“So good that you fell asleep while watching it”

Song Ci felt hopeless!


How should Lu Gan explain

Song Ci continued, “Theres only the two of us in this room. You dont have to pretend.”

Lu Gan pressed the space between his eyebrows helplessly. He thought to himself,This is a misunderstanding!


How could he explain that him falling asleep while watching her performance was a good thing

“I didnt rest well last night. I actually planned to take a nap before you came. Thats why I dozed off earlier. It has nothing to do with you.”


Song Ci was very doubtful.

Lu Gan nodded.

“Why would I lie to you about something like this”

That was also true!

Song Cis mood instantly improved. It felt like the rain had stopped and the sun was shining again!

“Let me perform for you again!”

Lu Gan was a little nervous.

“Why dont we discuss our marriage first”

If he fell asleep again, then he really would have no excuse!

Song Ci refused.

“Its fine. We can talk about getting married later. Lets talk about my acting first. You didnt see much of my performance because you fell asleep just now. So, Ill perform again. That way, you can properly evaluate my skills.”

This made Lu Gan very nervous!

Song Ci looked at his troubled expression. In a guilty tone, she said, “You were just trying to comfort me, werent you”

“Of course not.”

Lu Gan quickly denied it.

He looked at Song Cis doubtful gaze, but there was nothing he could do. In the end, he stretched out his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

“Please, begin your performance!”

“You wont be hypnotized by my acting this time, right”

“Of course not!”

Lu Gan immediately lied.

Song Ci was happy and prepared herself again.

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci as she started a new performance. He clenched his fists in silence. All he could do was remind himself to not fall asleep.

He stared at Song Cis every movement and expression without blinking, trying his best to fight away the sleepiness!

Five minutes passed. Unfortunately, Lu Gan could no longer hold on. His eyelids felt heavy. Subconsciously, he looked up and saw Song Ci squinting her eyes mercilessly at him.

Lu Gan woke up right away!

“I can explain.”

He continued, “Im really just tired! It has absolutely nothing to do with your performance!”


Song Ci did not believe him anymore.

“Lets just talk about our marriage first. Before I leave, Ill perform for you again.”

Lu Gan thought to himself,What a difficult woman! Why did she have to test my willpower like this! Im just an ordinary insomniac!

Song Ci saw that he instantly fell silent. The corners of her lips curled up. This situation was quite interesting.

Regardless, Lu Gan appeared to be a good person. Even now, he insisted that it had nothing to do with her performance and protected her pride. He was completely different from the rumors.

Song Ci sat on the sofa again. She took the initiative to talk first.

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“Alright, lets talk about our marriage.”

Lu Gan was obviously more willing to entertain this topic.

He asked, “What requests do you have Ill try my best to satisfy them!”

“Im already very happy to be able to marry you. I have no requests.”

Lu Gan did not expect Song Ci to keep up with her “secret crush” act. She had no conditions and he could not help but feel a little surprised.

“Have you really thought things through”

“Of course.”

Song Ci said with a smile.

“Youre the best. Im already on top of the world because I get to marry you.”

“Then let me tell you about my situation.”

Song Ci raised her eyebrows.

“Go on.”

“Based on my current physical condition, Im unable to hold a wedding ceremony. Is that alright with you”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats fine.”

“Also, I have to take care of a child. Hes my brothers son.I adopted him after my brother and my sister-in-law passed away. If we get married, both of you will be living under the same roof. Can you accept this”

Song Ci smiled faintly.

“What a coincidence. I also have to take care of a child. Hes my half-brother. My mother entrusted him to me before she passed away. Therefore, if we get married, you will have another child. Can you accept that”


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