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Chapter 30: Are You Satisfied With What Youve Seen

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Song Ci suddenly remembered something and immediately changed her wording.

“Our mom is amazing...”

Song Ci and her mother looked very similar. Song Yujin would often be reminded of Kong Chuyun whenever he saw Song Cis face. It was just that “Song Ci” had never liked him very much.

However, these few days, she has inexplicably changed a lot. She was not like her past self, but more like their mother.

Song Ci was a little embarrassed because of her mistake earlier. She switched topics and said, “Go and do your homework. Ill go discuss the transportation issue.”


Song Yujin glanced at her before turning around. He did not say anything, but there was an incomprehensible look in his eyes.

When Song Ci went to look for Lu Gan, he was already in his bedroom. His head was lowered as if he was texting someone. Upon seeing Song Ci approach him, he put away his phone and asked, “How is it Have Yujin gotten used to the environment”

Song Ci nodded.

“He had already unpacked and is currently doing his homework.”

Lu Gan finally felt at ease.

“Is there anything else that needs to be added to his room”

“No, he said that hes quite satisfied. If he needs anything in the future, Ill buy them for him.”

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“Alright,” said Lu Gan helplessly.

Song Ci looked at the man and smiled. She consoled him, “Yujin is very mature. He may not look easy to talk to, but hes very well-mannered. So dont worry. Hes not being polite, but he genuinely feels that everything is enough.”

Lu Gan understood. Still, he could not help but sigh in his heart.

Song Ci walked towards her luggage.

“Alright, lets stop talking about that child for now. Which wardrobe can I use Im going to unpack my things.”

Lu Gan pushed his wheelchair to the wardrobe on the right.

“This row is all yours.”


Why was the wardrobe so large

“Is it not enough”

Lu Gan noticed that Song Ci was not speaking. He thought for a while before saying, “The guest room next door can be converted into a wardrobe for you.”

Song Ci looked at her twenty-four-inch suitcase. Then, she looked at the wardrobe in front of her again. She was really too shabby! Her outfits were really limited.

“It seems that I need to buy some clothes for you.”

Lu Gan said lazily while leaning against his wheelchair.

Anyway, Song Ci quietly closed the wardrobe and told Lu Gan about Song Yujins concern.

She suddenly realized that she did not have a drivers license. Maybe she should take the test. After all, she really needed it.

When Lu Gan heard this, he said, “Since Ive requested the both of you to move here, I will definitely help you solve these problems. The driver will send him to school.”

Song Ci nodded.

When Lu Gan saw that she had finished unpacking, he prepared to take a shower.

Song Ci hurriedly stood up and pushed him into the bathroom.


“What are you doing”

“Didnt you want to take a shower”

Lu Gan was puzzled.

“So, you want to take a shower with me”

Song Ci was stunned for a moment.

“I didnt say that.”

“Thats what youre thinking! Youve been coveting me for so long that you cant wait to shower together, right”

Song Ci immediately denied it.

“Im in a platonic and spiritual relationship with you!”

Lu Gan chuckled.

“Spiritual relationship What about seven times in one night”

Song Ci took a deep breath.

“I just wanted to help you get in.”

She gazed at Lu Gan and added, “Perhaps youre the one who cant wait to spend the night together. Maybe youre also secretly in love with me. Is this a legendary two-way crush”

Lu Gan felt that Song Ci really had a way with her words!

He only wanted to sleep peacefully. Otherwise, he would not urge her to move in so quickly.

“Im doing this for the sake of the children. If we sleep in separate rooms, theyll think that something is wrong between us.”

Song Ci chuckled.

“Everything is for the sake of the children. I understand. You definitely dont have a crush on me. I understand completely. Dont worry.”

She was clearly being sarcastic!

Lu Gan was helpless.

“Let go of me. Ill go in and shower by myself.”

Song Ci advised, “Were about to get married. Its normal for me to help you.”

“I can do it myself.”

“With my help, youll save more time and effort.”

“Cant you mind your own business”

“Youre my top priority!”

Lu Gan gave up.

“Tell me the truth. You just want to confirm whether my p*nis is working or not, right”

Song Ci smiled.

“Do I look like that kind of person Well, since youve already said it out loud, I can only carry out your request.”


The bathroom was filled with mist.

Lu Gan sat in the bathtub.

The corners of his lips curled up. Slowly, he revealed a devilish smile.

“Are you satisfied with what youve seen”


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