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Chapter 21: Silver Pistol

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“President Gu…”

Song Shiyu walked in with a mahogany box. When he saw Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi hugging, he quickly turned around. “Sorry President Gu, I didnt see anything.”

The instant Qiao Xi heard his voice, she withdrew from Gu Zhengs embrace.

Feeling the empty embrace, Gu Zheng scoffed in his heart and called out to Song Shiyu, who was about to leave to avoid. He introduced him to Qiao Xi. “Hes Song Shiyu, my assistant. This is Qiao Xi, my wife.”

“Hello, Madam.”

Song Shiyu had heard from his driver, Old Wang, that their young master had gotten married at the Civil Affairs Bureau. He thought that this was President Gus way of dealing with Master Gu, but judging from the situation just now…

There was definitely something going on between the two of them. What fake marriage It was just a cover!

Qiao Xi nodded lightly as a response.

“President Gu, this…”

Song Shiyu weighed the mahogany box in his hand, wondering if he should continue.

Qiao Xi tactfully said, “You guys go ahead, Ill go upstairs first.”

“You dont have to.”

Gu Zheng raised his hand to stop her. He took the mahogany box from Song Shiyus hand, opened it, and handed it to Qiao Xi. “Didnt you say youre bold Open it and take a look.”

Song Shiyu could not help but stop him. “President Gu, you…”

Gu Zheng ignored him while Qiao Xi was even more direct. She swiftly opened the lock on the mahogany box.

Inside the box that was lined with red velvet cloth was a pistol. The body of the pistol was a rar silver color. It was beautiful and exquisite.

Qiao Xis eyes lit up.

It was said that the head of the Gu family was extremely powerful. Indeed, he could even use guns.

Ever since she returned from overseas, she had never touched this sort of thing again. This was because only public officials in the country had the right to hold a firearm. Ordinary people could never touch it.

Gu Zheng kept staring at Qiao Xis face, observing even the slightest change in expression on her face. Gu Zheng did not know what a normal womans first reaction would be when they saw a pistol, but he knew that it would absolutely not be Qiao Xis current expression!

His eyes were bright and filled with eagerness!

Qiao Xi quickly glanced at Gu Zheng. He had handed the pistol to her, but he probably did not mean for her to covet it, right

When Gu Zheng was not paying attention, she quickly held the gun in her hand and flipped her wrist. Be it its weight or feel, Qiao Xi was very satisfied.


The sound of the safety catch made Song Shiyus face turn pale. He stammered and tried to stop her. “Madam, be careful. This is a real pistol!”

This was not a toy for girls to play around with. It was something that could easily kill someone!

Qiao Xi rolled her eyes. Of course, she knew that this was a real pistol.

Qiao Xi reluctantly touched the body of the pistol before putting it back into the mahogany box. She could not help but praise, “Its a good pistol!”

Seeing Qiao Xis small action, Gu Zheng said with a smile as he closed the mahogany box, “Youve used a pistol before”

Qiao Xis action of loading the pistol was practiced and natural, as if she had done it thousands of times.

“A few times.”

Qiao Xi withdrew her gaze from the mahogany box and spoke lazily.

Gu Zheng licked his lips.

The eldest miss who was thrown to the countryside by the Qiao family since she was young actually knew how to use a gun

Thinking about how the Qiao family always said that she was weak and could not take care of herself, Gu Zheng felt that the Qiao family must be blind.

With a wave of his hand, the mahogany box fell into Qiao Xis embrace. Gu Zheng said indifferently, “Since you know how to use it, then Ill give it to you.”

Song Shiyu was dumbfounded.

That was a pistol! Who would give a pistol to someone else!

What Song Shiyu found even more unacceptable was that Qiao Xi only raised her eyebrows slightly before accepting the gun. She did not even refuse!

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What was this couple doing! It was fine if President Gu was acting abnormally, but why was his wife so abnormal as well!

After Qiao Xi went upstairs with the pistol in her arms and a satisfied look on her face, Song Shiyu leaned over to Gu Zheng to whisper, “President, you and Madam…” He pointed upstairs and asked meaningfully, “What exactly is going on Didnt the Qiao family say that Madams health is poor and she cant even take care of herself”

Gu Zheng shot him a sideways glance. “You believe what the Qiao family says When did your brain become so useless”

Song Shiyu: “…”

“Should I get someone to investigate Madam…” Song Shiyu was still worried.

Qiao Xi was too different from what the rumors said, and Gu Zhengs identity was unusual as well. Letting such a person stay by Gu Zhengs side was like placing a bomb. It might explode at any time.

After a moment of silence, Gu Zheng shook his head and refused. “No need, she doesnt have any ill intention toward me.”


He looked down at his hands and thought about how he had felt when he held Qiao Xi in his arms earlier. It was surprisingly good. Sometimes, that womans words were really harsh, but when she vulnerable, it made his heart ache even more.

He did not know what Qiao Xi had experienced to develop such a porcupine-like character, but since she was already his wife, he had the obligation to protect her under his wings.


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