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Chapter 3: Dont Know Who I Am

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The person who said that was Xu Mei, Qiao Xis stepmother and Qiao Rous biological mother.

20 years ago, less than a week after Qiao Xis mother died, Mr. Qiao married Xu Mei.

What was worth mentioning was that before Xu Mei joined the family, she had already given birth to Qiao Rou. Mr. Qiao had claimed that Qiao Rou was his biological daughter.

Qiao Xi was three years old then while Qiao Rou was only two months younger than her.

In other words, Mr. Qiao had an affair with Xu Mei when Qiao Xis mother was pregnant with her!

The first thing Xu Mei did after joining the family was throw the insensible Qiao Xi to the countryside to fend for herself.

Since Qiao Xi had what they wanted, she ended up returning to the Qiao family. Xu Mei pretended to take good care of her and was very careful around her as well. However, now that Qiao Xi had caused Qiao Rou to miscarry, everything was brought back out into the open again.

“Qiao Xi! Ever since you returned to the Qiao family, Ive been looking for a doctor to treat your illness. Were spending a fortune on all kinds of tonics and medications. You wanted to stay in a big room, so I gave you the entire fourth floor. You didnt know anything when you came back to the countryside, so I spent money to get a teacher to teach you. I was considerate toward you in every way as I was afraid that you wouldnt get used to it at all, but what about you”

Xu Mei questioned her at the top of her voice, “You stole my daughters fiancé and caused her to miscarry. How can there be such a vicious woman like you in this world! Ive been so sincere to you, yet this is what I got. Qiao Xi, youll die a horrible death!”

Gu Zheng, who was resting with his eyes closed, was awakened by a chuckle. He turned his head to look at Qiao Xi.

The sun was blazing in the afternoon, and scorching rays of light shone on Qiao Xis body through the car window. It was clearly a very warm scene, yet an indescribable coldness spread within the car.

Qiao Xi moved her stiff neck, then relaxed her body and leaned carefreely on the back seat. “I stole your daughters fiancé Madam Xu, forgive me for reminding you, but Im the legitimate eldest daughter of the Qiao family. The fiancé youre talking about is my fiancé. It was your daughter who shamelessly became the third party and stole my fiancé.

“Back then, you snatched my father from my mother. Now that your daughter has snatched my fiancé away, shouldnt I say that the apple certainly doesnt fall far from the tree Madam Xu, let me kindly remind you that theres a price to pay for stealing someone elses things. Ill take back everything that you stole from my mother and what your daughter stole from me. Be prepared.”

Xu Mei did not seem to expect such a reaction from Qiao Xi and did not say anything for a long time.

The phone returned to Mr. Qiaos hand. “Qiao Xi, Ill give you 20 minutes. Come to the hospital and apologize to Rou Rou immediately. Youve caused Rou Rou to have a miscarriage. As long as you kneel down and apologize to Rou Rou sincerely, I wont hold you responsible. Ill also plead with Moling for you and ask him to let you off.”

He spoke with a strong sense of righteousness. It sounded like he was thinking for Qiao Xis sake, but in reality, he was trampling on Qiao Xis dignity to the ground.

“Mr. Qiao, on the account that youre my father, Ill tell you that I got married ten minutes ago. You should get ready to give up your position as CEO of Qiao Corporation.”

Without waiting for Mr. Qiaos reaction, Qiao Xi hung up the phone.

Qiao Xi was not as calm as she looked after having a falling out with her biological father.

It could only be said that this family was too good at pretending. Right after Qiao Xi returned to the Qiao family, they were kind and friendly to her, causing her to mistakenly think that she could marry in peace and fulfill her grandfathers wish.

Their kindness might have seemed like sweet honey, but it was worse than arsenic. If she were not careful, they would have come after her life.

Qiao Xi took out a mint candy from her bag and popped it into her mouth.

The bitter and cold taste spread in her mouth, suppressing all the emotions that were in her mind.

Gu Zhengs gaze was still on Qiao Xi, carefully capturing every single change in her expression. His gaze was extremely invasive, making it difficult to ignore.

Qiao Xi turned her head to meet his gaze and asked, “Whats the matter”

Gu Zheng pointed at her phone and said, “You seem to have caused a lot of trouble.”

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Of course, this so-called trouble was nothing to him.

On the account that he and Qiao Xi had gotten their marriage certificate, if Qiao Xi asked for his help, he would not mind doing her a small favor.

Unfortunately, Qiao Xi did not understand the hidden meaning behind Gu Zhengs words at all.

“Dont worry. Youll still get the shares that I promised you, but itll take some time. Itll be done after I handle the Qiao familys matter.”

Transferring the shares to Gu Zheng now was equivalent to transferring the Qiao familys power to him. Gu Zheng agreeing to marry her was already a great help. Qiao Xi could not repay his kindness with ingratitude.

Hearing her words, Gu Zheng was silent for a long time. Finally, he could not help but ask, “You dont seem to know who I am”


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