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302 Chapter 259: Refused to Accept Several A-Rank Heroes In The Territory [3/3]

She was ultimately overbearing.

The two initially at ease players suddenly saw a blood-colored shadow that charged straight at them from the front of the troop and felt instantly frightened.

They immediately ordered the surrounding troops to stop the enemys attack.

However, how could these rare troops stop a Beyond A-rank hero

Xina quickly slaughtered her enemies.

It terrified them when they saw this.

Their bodies suddenly appeared 50 meters away without hesitation.

But before they could recover from their shock, suddenly…

A sword light with a terrifying killing intent streaked across the sky.


Their bodies immediately turned into pieces.

There was no escape.

After that, the soul directly disappeared without a trace.

Under the effect of the power of the rules, it entered the gods kingdom of the kobold god.

After the hero died, the god they believed in would lead them to their own gods kingdom and become an imperishable holy spirit…

In other words, it would always be free labor.

A kobold hero with B-rank potential roared and wanted to fight back, but in the next second, Xinas steel longsword flashed.

A colossal kobolds head flew into the sky.

The two players death and the kobold hero immediately threw the surrounding kobold troop into chaos.

The pressure on the city wall suddenly disappeared.

No one would have thought they would clear first the enemies from the east.

Xinas momentum became increasingly fierce.

She raised her sword and directly killed in the direction where the enemies gathered…

With the support of all her Beyond A-rank skills, she was invincible unless an immense troop of surrounding troops longbows surrounded her.


Richard stationed Gunter there.

This powerful main was the main output.

The dark crystal ball could store 5,000 points of mana.

It had become a cannon with the addition of its mana.

One corrosive ball after another exploded.

Each time, it would cause a tremendous amount of damage.

What was even more overbearing was its A-rank skill, Corpse Explosion.

This skill, which had no cooldown time, was a nightmare for the enemy on the battlefield.

It targeted every physical body it saw everywhere.

The teammates who charged at it a second ago became gunpowder-filled wooden barrels the next second and exploded with a bang as soon as they fell.

It would be equivalent to having a new target once the explosion killed more enemies.

They could carry out the second round of detonation, and the second round that killed enemies could carry out the third round…

Therefore, while the other directions still tried to kill the enemy, the kobold troop in the south fell into a state of extreme fear.

They didnt even think about getting close to the city wall, let alone attacking it.

It was too terrifying.

It was like they had walked into a corner of certain death as long as they stepped into the area filled with corpses.

Gunter, the blood Lich wrapped in blood-colored bandages, exerted its power to the extreme.

It could have guarded one side of the city wall alone without any flying troops if it werent for the restriction of magic power.

Overbearing, powerful, and unreasonable.

The most challenging part of the battle was Richards west side.

The sense of danger was always there, like a venomous snake that hid in the dark that watched.

The moment it acted rashly, the other party would launch a fatal blow.

The troop could only rely on their strength to resist the enemy.

Fortunately, their defensive capabilities greatly improved after the Yellow Sand Armor.

Furthermore, it was the defense side, so the geographical advantage was highly distinct.

In addition to the most strapping life-saving skill of the Twilight City–Sand Transformation, it would suppress the enemies even if they managed to attack the city walls.

The troop would immediately activate the Sand Transformation process if they were no match to the enemy.

Then, as if it had activated his peerless power, it began to kill crazily in the crowd.

Chris, the Secret Society president, supervises the battle and watches the city wall as they gradually suppress the enemies.

Its face slowly revealed a bright smile.

Thats more like it.

How could a players territory withstand its attack

It would be a piece of cake to take down this territory even if that powerful boss killed tens of thousands of people.

It was because it had judged its strength and not because it was arrogant.

It didnt come alone.

The entire secret meeting was here.

There were also thousands of soldiers in the desert and several B-rank heroes.

If this force were to attack its territory, it could not withstand it.

A kobold messenger with an anxious expression suddenly approached as the situation on the battlefield became distinct.

“Lord Chris, Lord Reed has sent a message…”

“Profit Has it conquered the north”

Chris had a smile on its face.

“Youre making good progress.”

The kobold was on the verge of tears.

“My Lord, a powerful A-rank mummy hero guarded the north.

Our troops have tried to attack it several times but failed to progress.

More than half of our soldiers have already died…”

Disbelief drowned Chriss face.

“You must be joking… An A-rank hero How could there be an A-rank hero in this territory”

The few B-rank heroes it had obtained had been through risking its life.

“What kind of mission would the lord have to complete to obtain an A-rank hero”

Before the kobold could reply, a kobold messenger came in and shouted.

“Lord Chris! The Twilight City stationed a powerful A-rank mage hero in the south! Our troop has suffered heavy losses.

I request reinforcements…”

Chriss face froze.

It gazed at the kobold messenger with an inexpressible deposition.

“A-rank mage hero”

The other party nodded with certainty.

“Thats right.

Its magic power is supremely terrifying.

It can make the corpses explode without limit.

We cant even get close to the city wall!”

Just as Chris was about to speak, a third kobold messenger suddenly appeared.

It looked at the other partys dejected appearance and immediately felt bad.

It asked in a hoarse voice.

“The enemies had stopped the attack from the east”

The kobold said while its tone sobbed.

“Lord Chris, the enemy has a powerful hero who directly killed our troops from the battlefield front.

“No one can stop the other party… They had murdered the two lords of the Secret Society.”

Chris only felt waves of dizziness.

“This, this was the third A-rank hero

“Why, why were there so many A-rank heroes in this territory

“Im not convinced, Im not convinced!

“Who was that player!”

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