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30 My Third Husband

“Why do you have to attend an opening party for a hotel You dont own this hotel, do you” I asked, not ignoring the possibility that my guess could be right.

“I dont but one of my closest friends does. On top of that, the security system of this hotel was designed by my company,” Brandon replied casually.

“Oh, right...I keep forgetting that you also own a cyber security company,” I said as I nodded my head.

Just as our conversation died down, we arrived at the grand opening of a new luxury hotel that was smack in the middle of the shopping district in the city center. I felt like the dress that I had on was slightly too tight around the waist but there was nothing that I could do about that now. The slick black limousine that we were riding had arrived at the entrance of the event. I could see the familiar red carpet on the floor right in front of the car door.

Brandon got off the car first before leaning down towards me to offer me his hand.

“Your hand, My Lady,” Brandon said as his grey eyes met mine and held it.

Cameras were flashing all around us and I knew that I had to make sure that this scene was picture perfect. If only he was a gentleman like this when we were alone as well, life would be close to perfect. I smiled a little at him as I placed my hand into his and he helped me out of the car.

Now that we were standing side by side, the reporters and cameramen went wild. Brandon and his companys representative had just announced that we are in a relationship. Since that day, everyone wanted to get a piece of us. Reporters quickly surrounded us while Brandons bodyguards made sure that they didnt get too close. The flashes of the cameras were blinding, and I made sure that I had a perfect smile on at all times as I stood very close to Brandons side.

I felt Brandons arm around my waist as he pulled me even closer to him. We were so close that my body was literally pressed up against his side. The reporters started bombarding us with questions about our relationship. As agreed beforehand, I would let Brandon take most of the questions unless a question is explicitly directed at me.


“Were engaged so obviously we are heading towards marriage,” Brandon answered calmly.

“Wow and when will the wedding be” the reporter inquired.

“We still dont have a date in mind, but it shouldnt be too long in the future,” Brandon replied confidently.

“Will you be finally taking over the entire group after your marriage” another reporter asked.

“My marriage has nothing to do with the company,” Brandon stated matter-of-factly.

As always, hes such a good liar and he looks so serious and convincing too. The reporters all looked at him with glazed eyes as if they were under some sort of spell. They dont know that hes got them all wrapped around his fingers like puppets on a string.

“What about plans for a family in the future” one of the reporters turned to address the question directly at me.

Hell, seems like I have to take this one.

“Its a little too early for us to think about that...” I replied softly as I smiled at the reporter.

Seriously, they should just mind their own business. Were not even married but theyre already asking about kids. I wanted to laugh and roll around on the floor as I thought about the fact that we werent even really engaged.

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“Of course, we will be having kids soon after our wedding. I cant wait to build a family with her,” Brandon replied with a confident smile.

How can he say that with a straight face I bet he could make it as some superstar actor if he chose to do so. His arm around my waist tightened, pulling me closer to him. I placed a hand on hist chest as I turned to flash a happy and radiant smile towards the group of reporters and cameramen. So many flashes went off and I started feeling that I could better relate to how animals probably feel in the zoo.

After that we successfully shook of the crowd of reporters and entered the main venue of tonights event. Many famous people were here tonight including moving stars, famous sport players, business tycoons and various other celebrities. It was one hell of a red-carpet event. I stood by Brandons side with my hand in the crook of his arm as he made small talk with the many people that greeted him.

I knew well that Brandon didnt particularly like these events, but he was extremely talented in handling them. He once told me that it was all about efficiency and he proved it again tonight. Within a short amount of time, he had spoken to everyone that he wanted to speak to and we were ready to just relax and enjoy the event. Whatever business objective that Brandon had in mind was already taken care of.

“Yo Brandon, you have to stay over at my hotel tonight. Ive prepared a special suite for you...and your beautiful fiancée,” Greg came over and clapped a hand on Brandons shoulder.

Greg is the owner of the new hotel that was opening up today. He was also one of Brandons good friends. I couldnt believe that hes offering for us to stay the night though. That was against my policy.

“Thanks. Im sure my fiancée is looking forward to it,” Brandon said before winking at me.

I wanted to roll my eyes at him. Instead, I plastered on a radiant smile as I smiled at him and then at Greg.

“Thank you for thinking about us. Im sure youre very busy today. Congratulations on your newest hotel,” I said as I gestured to the buzzling party around us.

“Youre such a sweetheart. Its no wonder that you won Brandon over,” Greg replied with a joyous smile.

–To be continued...



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