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The violent spatial energy in the outside world was suddenly attacked by such a huge Internal Breath.

It seemed to have been stunned for an instant, and then there was an intense reaction.

However, this reaction was not the reaction of a shark that had smelled blood and pounced over wildly.

Instead, it was as if it had encountered something intimate and took the initiative to approach to express goodwill.

In the small space around his body, the still violent spatial energy seemed to have been suddenly tamed.

It obediently circulated with the powerful Internal Breath circulating on Chu Nans body and quickly circulated according to the circulation route set previously.

When Chu Nan retracted this Internal Breath into his body, the same huge violent spatial energy was guided into his body and flowed into his meridians.

This time, this violent spatial energy was extremely docile and did not cause any intense impact to his meridians.

As his Internal Breath circulated in his meridians, it had almost perfectly fused into his meridians and entered every part of his body.

The milky white membrane on Chu Nans body was immediately replenished by a much stronger Internal Breath and spatial energy.

At the same time, traces of green aura seeped out of the light membrane.

This was the first time Chu Nan had enough spatial energy and even had the ability to transform a portion into life force.

Therefore, under the powerful replenishment of life force by the Goddess Song and the effect of the even stronger Flame of Life, the skin that Chu Nan had not been able to recover quickly appeared bit by bit and covered his entire body in the blink of an eye.

As the light membrane faded, the skin on Chu Nans body had already appeared.

His entire body was extremely white and rosy from top to bottom, like a newborn baby.

It was complete and smooth without any injuries.

For the first time, Chu Nan opened his eyes and smiled.


This success meant that he had finally adapted to the environment of the violent spatial energy in this alternate space and finally had the ability to control and transform it from the violent spatial energy in the surrounding space.

He finally had the capital to survive in this terrifying space!

However, this was still not enough.

With a thought, Chu Nan activated his Internal Breath again and quickly circulated it from the first level of the Nine Revolutions Technique to the sixth level.

His Internal Breath seeped out of his body again and continued to flow with a large amount of violent spatial energy.

This time, he expanded the range of his Internal Breaths influence on the violent spatial energy and absorbed and controlled more of it.

His Internal Breath increased again, and the spatial energy in his body was further strengthened.

Not only did he quickly return to his normal state, but there was also even an obvious increase compared to before he entered the stargate.

Logically speaking, he should stop here because he was basically certain that he could survive normally and his life would not be in danger.

However, Chu Nan still felt that it was not enough.

After continuing to circulate his Internal Breath for a few cycles, he felt that something was wrong.

Although he had already let his Internal Breath out of his body and could already affect a large portion of the violent spatial energy in this space, it was almost identical to the positive space universe.

However, he felt that this should not be the only thing.

Su Xuanshengs description of the seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Technique flashed through his mind again.

Chu Nan pondered for a long time before a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

The scene of his body being crazily corroded by the violent spatial energy in the alternate space when he first flew into the stargate flashed through his mind.

Although the situation at that time was extremely dangerous, his brain, which was equivalent to an A.I., still accurately recorded all the details and relevant data.

He repeated the situation in his mind and combined it with his new attempt and understanding of the Nine Revolutions Technique to carefully deduce and think.

After a long time, Chu Nan suddenly opened his eyes that shot out two beams of light.

His expression was extremely happy.

Although he did not make a sound, he still laughed.

“Haha, I see!”

Chu Nan opened his arms and his expression relaxed.

He suddenly removed all the energy shields and Internal Breath protection in his body that were used to resist the violent spatial energy of the outside world.

The violent spatial energy immediately began to crazily corrode and destroy his body.

His skin and flesh were crushed into the tiniest basic particles in the blink of an eye, and his ashes were annihilated, leaving only a skeleton in his body.

However, the moment his flesh and skin disappeared, the violent spatial energy that corroded his body emitted a dense green aura.

At the same time, an intense milky white light surrounded his entire body.

The flesh that had just been crushed into basic particles actually recovered a little in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, more than half of the skeleton in Chu Nans body had been corroded, but under the effect of the dense life force and powerful Flame of Life, he completely recovered in the blink of an eye.

In less than a second, Chu Nans entire body had already experienced the process of being completely destroyed and perfectly recovered.

If anyone else was present at this moment, they would definitely be shocked by what was happening.

How could such a ridiculous thing happen in this world!

However, Chu Nan did not have any unexpected thoughts.

Instead, he revealed an “as expected” expression.

“No wonder Tahm Kench and Supremacy Oville said that the most cutting-edge science and martial arts are already close to metaphysics.

This technique of body reforging exists in the Noctem Chamber of Commerce.

Supremacy Oville also feels that it can be completely done, but theres probably only one example of me perfectly fusing science and martial arts.”

In the eyes of others, this was simply akin to walking through the gates of hell.

Chu Nan did not have any intention of stopping after completing it.

After his body was successfully reconstructed, he let go of all his defenses again.

The violent spatial energy instantly destroyed his body again, but he reconstructed it in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, he repeated it again and again.

Amidst his bodys continuous destruction and reforging, Chu Nan was not surprised to gradually discover that his body had adapted to the violent spatial energy around him.

The speed at which this violent spatial energy destroyed his body became slower and slower.

After this process was repeated 3,913 times, Chu Nan discovered that the surrounding violent spatial energy could no longer affect his body.

His body seemed to have become part of the surrounding space.

No matter how violent the spatial energy in the surrounding space was, it would not pose any obstruction to him.

“Its done.”

With a thought, Chu Nans Internal Breath which was several times stronger than before crazily surged out of his dantian that had been reforged.

He completed six cycles of circulation with familiarity and it seeped out of his body.

This time, his Internal Breath instantly fused perfectly with the outside world.

His Internal Breath seemed to have become his invisible body and easily fused into the surrounding space.

His Internal Breath circulated with the violent spatial energy.

The entire space seemed to have perfectly fused with his body.

Chu Nan only felt his Internal Breath flowing from the inside out without stopping.

His entire body seemed to have completely transcended and he understood.

“With your body as the medium, your Internal Breath will turn into a bridge and your body will melt into the universe.

You can roam the world and achieve the Great Dao.

This is clearly it.”

The seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Technique had been successfully broken through!

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