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Chu Nans heart stirred slightly.

He opened his eyes and looked at the far end on the left.

Although the space in all directions still looked no different from all the previous alternate spaces in his eyes, Chu Nan could clearly sense that the spatial energy in the distance on the left was slightly different from the surrounding space.

If the spatial energy in the surrounding space had always been violent and disorderly, then in a certain space far ahead on the left, he could sense that the spatial energy there was even more stable.

There was also an extremely abnormally orderly behavior in the alternate space.

After flying in this strange space for an unknown period of time, he finally sensed something different.

Chu Nan was immediately excited and slightly changed the direction of his flight to quickly fly in the direction where he sensed the abnormality.

The more he flew in that direction, the clearer Chu Nan could sense the calm and orderly spatial energy.

After flying for a while, Chu Nan sensed it even more clearly.

He was surprised to discover that the spatial energy in the surrounding space was not running around like the spatial energy he had sensed in all the alternate spaces.

Instead, it was obvious that it was flowing in the same direction as if it was controlled.

Chu Nan was not familiar with this phenomenon, but he clearly had some impression of it.

After thinking carefully, he immediately accurately found a similar situation in his mind.

This scene was clearly similar to the scene he had sensed when he flew into the stargate.

However, when he flew into the stargate, he would sense that the spatial energy in the surrounding space was flowing in the opposite direction of him, which was to surge towards the stargate.

Now, the spatial energy in the surrounding space was surging in the direction he flew.

“In other words, there might be a stargate leading to the main space ahead”

Chu Nan was extremely excited and continued to sense the direction of the spatial energy flow.

He quickly flew in that direction with the surrounding spatial energy.

After flying for a while, Chu Nan suddenly stopped.

He could clearly sense that the spatial energy in the surrounding space was gathering towards the area in front of him from all directions, causing this area to appear extremely special in the entire alternate space.

“This is the location of the stargate But theres nothing special outside.”

Chu Nan was a little puzzled.

Previously, when he flew into the alternate space from the stargate of the Leppler Star System, he could clearly see a very large black space in the alternate space.

Clearly, it was the projection of the stargate in the alternate space.

However, there was nothing abnormal in the area in front of him with the naked eye.

Most importantly… this area was too small…

Chu Nan frowned and sensed for a while.

He made up his mind and flew over.

He had even survived in such a terrifying environment previously.

How could he be afraid of such a small abnormality now

A moment later, he had already flown to that area.

Feeling that all the spatial energy in the surrounding space was gathering towards the area he was in, Chu Nan confirmed that he was not in the wrong place.


“Why didnt anything happen” Chu Nan asked in confusion and flew around this area twice.

He discovered that it was still deep in the alternate space and did not show any signs of passing through the stargate and escaping.

“Damn, I finally found an abnormal place, but I still cant escape this damned alternate space”

Chu Nan could not help but feel a little vexed.

Although his life was no longer in danger in the alternate space and he could live without eating or drinking, he was not willing to stay in this boring space for a long time.

Moreover, he knew very well that he had flown into the stargate in front of everyone.

Once the news spread, everyone would definitely think that he was dead.

He could ignore what others thought, but if this news reached Dong Fang, Angie Prairie, and the others, and most importantly, his parents and Xiaoxi, Chu Nan did not dare to imagine what kind of blow they would suffer.

In order to reassure them as soon as possible, Chu Nan had to return to the positive space universe as soon as possible and contact the outside world to prove that he was still alive.

After feeling anxious for a while, Chu Nan took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

It was meaningless to be anxious for no reason.

He had to think of a way.

In addition, he did not know how long it would take to find such an abnormal area.

If he wanted to leave this place, the best way was to make a fuss in this abnormal area.

After thinking for a moment, an article describing spatial travel flashed through Chu Nans mind.

According to the inaccurate memory of the time before his brain became equivalent to an A.I., he vaguely remembered that the article seemed to have once described the connection point between the positive space universe and the alternate space universe—the existence of the stargate—was actually the balance of spatial energy between the two universes.

“Balance… balance… balance…”

Chu Nan pondered for a moment and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

With a thought, he adjusted the circulation of his bodys Internal Breath and opened it again to interact with the spatial energy in the surrounding space.

Moreover, he could control this spatial energy to become more calm and stable, closer and closer to the characteristics of the positive spatial universes spatial energy.

When the spatial energy in his body and the outside world was adjusted to a sufficiently stable level, Chu Nans vision suddenly darkened and he instantly felt his body relax.

That feeling was difficult to describe with words and was extremely subtle, but Chu Nan clearly understood that he should have passed through a special space.

The surrounding spatial energy environment had clearly changed and became identical to the normal space universe he was familiar with.

He composed himself and looked in all directions.

Soon, he saw a pale silver river formed by countless shining stars in the vast black sky.

“Milky Way…” Chu Nan could not help but groan, “Thats great.

I havent transmigrated to other galaxies.”

Apart from the stars that filled the sky, what attracted Chu Nans attention the most was an extremely bright fireball hanging in the starry sky on the right.

Clearly, this should be the star closest to him.

From the size of the fireball, he was probably in the gravitational range of this star, which was a star system.

Moreover, when he looked down, he could see a small ball emitting a dim light.

Needless to say, this should be a planet in this star system.

“Haha, my luck is really good.

Im actually so close.”

This planet could actually be seen with the naked eye, so it could be seen that it was definitely not too far away.

Chu Nan immediately circulated his Internal Breath excitedly and flew towards the planet at the highest speed.

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