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If he could not combine sword techniques into one, no matter how many sword techniques he cultivated or how many sword cultivators he challenged, what was the use

Only people like Master Mo could truly cultivate the Sword Dao.

How proud was the number one inner sect disciple of the Tang Mountain Sword Sect, Gu Yuanlong

Why did Mo Shitian only accept one disciple

Why was Han Muye qualified to be called an immortal of the Western Frontier Sword Dao

Could todays sword be compared to the name of the Sword Dao Immortal

The sword light exploded!

Tens of thousands of rays of spiritual light transformed into a galaxy.

The sword led the galaxy and descended from the sky.

Gathering the power of the Jialing River, this sword strike borrowed a trace of the power of heaven and earth.

Half-step sword momentum!


The sword light broke through the black-armored water demon waves.

The sword light fought for 10 miles in reverse, and the blood light turned the waves red!

At a single strike, 800 water demons were killed.

They were the Earth Realm demons gathered on the waves!

Only a Golden Core cultivator could withstand such a strike!

He was the number one inner sect disciple of a major sect in the Eastern Sea and was extremely powerful!

With the sword in his hand, Gu Yuanlong roared.

“One breath.”

The sword light rose again.

“Two breaths!”

He really wanted to hold on for a hundred breaths and then return!

“The sword technique of the Eastern Sea!”

From the clouds, someone exclaimed.

However, as soon as he spoke, he suppressed it.

There was nothing strange about the Western Frontier sects playing this game.

“The Nine Mystic Sword Sect wants to stop the water demons” On the river bank, the cultivators widened their eyes.

From their position, they could see that the waves downstream were flowing in the opposite direction for hundreds of miles.

With so many water demons, no matter how strong he was, he wont be able to stop them, right they thought.

Is the Nine Mystic Sword Sect crazy

With such strength, why not fight for the first place in the Western Frontier

“No way Does the Nine Mystic Sword Sect really want to be the number one sect in the Western Frontier Are they going to start buying peoples hearts now” Someone looked at the figures landing on the reef and muttered blankly.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect wants to save these people to exchange for favors

Many people had thought of this.

He attacked the water demons while snatching a few dragon boats for the people on the reef.

As a result, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect would have many more allies.

“This Immortal Han always wins the hearts of people…” Someone muttered.

Some people praised Han Muye for being benevolent.

Those who had received his kindness would remember it.

There were also people who felt that cultivators were selfish.

Those who are generous and benevolent must have a motive.

Which cultivator does not cut off all ties

It was fine at other times, but was it useful to spread benevolence during the sect competition

In the end, he still had to prove everything with his strength.

“Senior Brother Han, can you help us snatch a few dragon boats”

Behind Han Muye, among the sect elites standing on the reef, someone cupped his hands and exclaimed.

“If Senior Brother Han can make a move, our Si Yuan Dao Sect will definitely follow the Nine Mystic Sword Sects lead in the future.”

“Senior Brother Han, our Tang Yu Sword Sect will definitely form an alliance with the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

There were hundreds of people standing on the reef.

These people were all staring at Han Muye eagerly.

They thought that they would definitely die, but unexpectedly, the Nine Mystic Sword Sects Sword Dao Immortal helped them land on the reef.

Perhaps we will survive, they thought.

In the eyes of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, we may even be valuable.

Perhaps we have a chance to seize another dragon boat and continue forward

Above the clouds in the sky, the Golden Core cultivators were quietly looking at the reef.

Some were smiling, some were nervous, and some were filled with disdain.

“The Nine Sects Rearrangement Competition doesnt rely on numbers.

“When the rules were made, I considered such an alliance.

“The Nine Mystic Sword Sects foundation is shallow after all.

They dont seem to know many of the stories from back then.”

On the cloud, someone shook his head with a faint smile.

An alliance.

In everyones opinion, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect was looking for allies and winning their hearts.

Tuoba Cheng looked at Han Muye on the reef.

He did not know what Han Muye was thinking.

However, he knew that with Han Muyes pride, he would never form an alliance.

Then what would he do

Han Muye ignored the person behind him.

“Instructor Lin, go and shatter the dragon boat thats fighting for the waterway.

“But if theres a fight, go all out.”

Han Muye placed his hands behind his back and looked at the river in front of him.

Lin Shen, who was standing behind him, nodded.

He turned around and walked upstream step by step.

With each step, his originally silent spiritual qi cultivation surged.


On the reef, a strong wind exploded.

The soaring spiritual light shattered the water vapor in the sky.

Golden Core!

A century-old elite was actually a Golden Core expert!

Everyone widened their eyes.

In the cultivation world of the Western Frontier, there were very few Heaven Realm experts.

Half-step Heaven Realm was already the top.

A Golden Core cultivator would be an elder in any sect.

“Whats going on Who is this person”

“Why would the Nine Mystic Sword Sect have a Golden Core Dao Protector This is completely violating fairness!”

“This, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect has a Golden Core cultivator hidden among the hundred elite juniors”

Jiang Xin and the disciples of the small sects who had just entered the Earth Realm or Foundation Establishment were all confused.

Some of the elites had gloomy expressions.

In the sky, many people turned to look at Tuoba Cheng.

“The Sword Pavilions Sword Guardian, Lin Shen, was the younger brother of the Three Stones Green Tiger, Lin Chongxiao.”

Tuoba Cheng said indifferently and stopped talking.

After a few discussions, they fell silent.

It was really a Golden Core that was not even a hundred years old.

Such cultivation was definitely top-notch among the younger generation of the Western Frontier.

But now, if not for Tuoba Chengs introduction, no one would know him.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect had hidden themselves so deeply!

“A hundred years of Core Formation, his cultivation is strong but his combat strength will be much weaker.

He doesnt have enough to train…”

Before the person who spoke could finish speaking, Lin Shen, who was walking against the water, had stepped into the air.


One step, 10,000 feet!

His hand was on the hilt of his sword.

He was in the void.

At this moment, Lin Shen recalled the words his brother had whispered into his ear when he pulled his sleeve.

“Swing the sword a million times and shatter the mountains!”

He would always remember the divine light in his brothers eyes slowly fading away.

He would always remember how strong his brothers palm was when he held his arm.

His elder brother, Three Stones Green Tiger Lin Chongxiao, really wanted to live back then!

His talent, his dao heart, his diligence.

He should have had a glorious future and become a true elite, a dazzling star.

However, he had personally seen the divine light in his brothers eyes dim out.

He looked at his hand and gently let go.

This was how cruel the cultivation world was!

If he wanted to live, if he wanted to live well, he had to become stronger and stronger!

Lin Shen raised his hand and drew his sword.

“Big Brother, look, I did it,” Lin Shen whispered.

His expression instantly turned crazy.

With the sword in his hand, he poured all his mind and strength into it.

At this moment, this strike was just like all those times he swung his sword in front of the Sword Pavilion.

He roared with all his might!

“Draw a million swords and shatter a mountain.”

His voice shook the mountains and rivers as the huge sword in his hand slashed down!

The sword light condensed into a dazzling long sword.

The sword solidified, and a mysterious spiritual light flickered on it.

“F*ck! Sword aura!”

“How is this possible This is a sword aura!”

“A hundred-year-old condensing sword aura Is he crazy”

The sword light did not stop amidst all the exclamations and slashed down.

The sword turned into a dazzling stream of light and flashed.

This light was 300 miles long!

The sword light broke through the clouds in the sky and hit the precipitous mountain wall of Luoyan Gorge.

Mountain crushing.

Swinging the sword a millions times and crushing the mountains with one strike.




The mountains shattered.


The 300-mile winding Luoyan Gorge became straight!

Rocks fell and the mountains collapsed.

Lin Shen held his sword and stood in the air.

He turned around and said calmly, “Senior Brother Han said, dont fight over the boats.”

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