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Jiang Chun said in confusion, “You asked me not to leave the room before Yu Yan left today.

Then, I slowly wrote the letter and saw that she had been secretly looking at the bag you put the letter in.

However, because I deliberately slowed down, she couldnt wait anymore and left.

Little Bing, why do I feel that she really wants to see what you wrote”

Yu Bing also pretended to be puzzled and replied, “I dont know.

When I wrote the letter, I felt that she kept peeking, so I specifically told you that.”

Jiang Chun couldnt figure it out, so she changed the topic.

Because they had to start working in the fields the next day, everyone chose to sleep early.

The next day, just as the sky lit up, they heard the crowing of a rooster in the village.

Yu Bing immediately got up and cooked the rice that everyone had given her last night.

She steamed two eggplants and picked a little chili sauce from the chili sauce jar she had brought to smear on the cut eggplants.

She poured a little soy sauce and cooked two eggs for herself and Jiang Chun.

Yu Bing looked at the breakfast she had prepared with satisfaction.

It looked, smelled, and tasted good!

When Jiang Chun saw the egg Yu Bing handed her, she said, “Little Bing, stop cooking eggs for me.

You bought this.

I cant eat your food for free every time!”

Yu Bing knew that Jiang Chuns kindness towards her was pure, and she also knew that Jiang Chun wasnt greedy.

She wanted to treat whoever treated her well ten times better.

Hence, she could only agree.

“Alright, I wont prepare it next time.

Its already cooked.

Eat this first.

If you dont want to eat it, Ill prepare yours again next time.”

Jiang Chun looked at Yu Bings cheeky smile and nodded helplessly.

At this moment, the three boys entered the kitchen.

The three of them drank plain porridge and ate eggplants mixed with chili.

This was their first day of work.

After dinner, they went to the field early to wait for arrangements.

In this era, there was a work score system.

The village chief would customize the score according to the amount of work done.

For example, the highest score for farming was 10 points.

This was because farming was very difficult.

If one completed their work on time that day and didnt slack off, the team leader would get a full score of 10 points after reporting to the scorekeeper.

If one was late, left early, or was caught slacking, the corresponding score would be deducted.

Another example was that one could get three points for chasing the sheep raised in the village.

This was a simple job.

It only took one to two hours a day.

Generally, teenagers would be responsible for it and the corresponding score would be given according to the childs performance.

Similarly, the highest score for this job was only three points.

These work points would affect the food, stamps, and money that everyone would eventually get, so everyone worked hard.

This time, Yu Bing was assigned to pull the seedlings.

She washed the soil on the seedlings and tied them into a bunch before throwing them to the person who inserted the seedlings.

With the experience from her previous life, Yu Bing led Jiang Chun to make various protective measures in advance, like wearing hats and long-sleeve clothes.

They were assigned to different groups.

At this moment, Yu Yan rushed over.

She left the house a little late in the morning.

When she arrived at the villagers house, she only saw the child watching the house.

Only then did she know that the villagers ate two meals a day.

She could only come to work on an empty stomach.

However, the villagers house she worked with was a little far from the field, so she was late.

On the first day of work, she was late.

Sun Wang looked at Yu Yan in dissatisfaction and arranged for her to be in the planting team, which planted the seeds into the field.

Planting seedlings was more tiring than pulling seedlings, and she had to bend down.

Yu Yan walked to the planting team and saw that everyone had been working at a 90-degree angle.

She then looked at Yu Bing and understood that Yu Bings job was easier than hers.

She thought about how to swap jobs with her.

She came up with an idea and started walking towards Yu Bing.

At this moment, Yu Bing was learning from her team leader.

Although she had done it in her previous life, there was no harm in learning it again.

The team leader saw that Yu Bings speed was neither fast nor slow, but her posture was standard.

She was very surprised by the learning ability of this young lady from the city.

She didnt know that the girl in front of her had already done farm work for a few years in her previous life.

“Yu Bing.”

Yu Bing turned around and saw Yu Yan looking at her with a smile.

She was secretly amazed.

The two of them had already had such a tense fight yesterday, yet she still came to look for her.

Yu Bing smiled and replied, “Whats the matter”

Yu Yan immediately pretended to be pitiful.

“I want to apologize to you.

This is the first time I left home, so I wasnt in a good mood.

I treated you badly yesterday.

I hope you can forgive me.”

In her previous life, Yu Yan had always been tough in front of her.

Yu Bing didnt expect her to act pitiful.

She pretended not to care and said generously, “Its okay, I dont blame you.

Dont take it to heart.”

When Yu Yan wanted to reply, she said seriously, “But Yu Yan, its work time now.

If you want to talk, lets talk when we get back.

Work is more important now.”


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