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Yu Yan replied angrily, “You should know best! Youre really vicious!”

Yu Bing was confused by Yu Yans answer.

She was vicious Could it be that she forced Yu Yan to eat them

Yu Yan had always been good at distorting the truth, so Yu Bing was already used to it.

“I dont know what youre talking about.” Seeing Yu Yans current appearance, Yu Bing was relieved, so she couldnt be bothered to talk to her anymore.

She continued to read the book in her hand calmly.

Yu Yan snatched the book and threw it on the ground.

Then, she said indignantly, “You must know that Im allergic to peanuts, right”

Yu Yan thought that her biological parents definitely knew that she was allergic to peanuts.


It had to be said that Yu Yans thoughts were as outlandish as ever.

She even thought that Yu Bing didnt give her those packages because she expected her to go to her house to get them and specifically placed the peanut products in the dessert.

All of this was to set her up and make her sick!

As for why Yu Bing set her up, Yu Yan had yet to think of a reason, but she still blamed Yu Bing.

Yu Bing naturally wouldnt let Yu Yan lead her by the nose.

After hearing the question, she said in confusion, “Firstly, I didnt know that you were allergic to peanuts.

Secondly, if youre allergic to peanuts, go to the doctor.

Whats the point of looking for me”

Yu Yan slammed the table and glared at Yu Bing.

“You caused this to happen to me! The only things I ate were your pastries today.

There must be peanuts in them!”

Yu Bing stood up and glanced at Yu Yan.

“I gave those pastries to the intellectuals.

If others can eat it, how would I know that you cant Im actually impressed that you still have the guts to come to my house.

Why Do you think I dont know that you came to my house to steal things last night”

When Yu Yan heard the word “steal”, she came back to her senses.

“What rumor are you trying to start again!”

Yu Bing rolled her eyes.

“What did I start a rumor about I didnt say anything.

I was just wondering if I should go to the commune to report the case so that we can be on guard against theft in the future.”

Yu Yan jumped up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Do you have to do this I only took a little bit of your food! How stingy!”

Yu Bing smiled meaningfully.

“Since you say Im stingy, give me 10 yuan.

Then, Ill take it that I sold those pastries to you.”

“This is highway robbery.

Those things cost two to three yuan at most.

Moreover, those belong to me! Its only right that I take them.” Yu Yans gaze was fierce.

Yu Bing wasnt anxious.

She sat down indifferently, then said, “I kept the stool you stepped on yesterday.

Your footprints are clearly visible.

As long as the police come and rule out those with an alibi at the time, matching the footprints with the remaining people will be enough to find the culprit.”

With that, Yu Bing stuck her head out and glanced at Yu Yans shoes.

“You were wearing these shoes when you stole things yesterday, right Theyre so new.

No wonder the footprints on my stool are clearly visible! And as for those pastries, your roommate should know how many you bought and how many are left.

Do you think shell choose to protect you or uphold justice”

Yu Yan panicked when she heard this.

She was the only girl in the dormitory who had new shoes.

It would already be good enough if Xu Ling didnt hit her when she was down.

How could Xu Ling cover up her!

No, she couldnt have a criminal record!

Damn that bitch!

She asked her for 10 yuan for something worth 2 to 3 yuan as if she had never seen money before!

Since it was just 10 yuan, so be it!

Yu Yan had no choice but to take out 10 yuan from her pocket and throw it on the table.

“Wait, pick up the book.” Yu Bing sat down slowly and looked at Yu Yan indifferently.

Yu Yan was so angry that she panted heavily.

Thinking about how the evidence was still in Yu Bings hands, she could only obediently bend down and pick up the book on the table.

Then, she turned around angrily and left.

Wasnt Yu Bing afraid that she would be a threat to her if she was recognized and returned to the Yu family That was probably why Yu Bing had always disliked her and schemed against her.

Yu Bing wanted her to give up on the idea of reuniting with the Yu family.

Hmph, the more Yu Bing was afraid, the more she would try to think of a way to go home!

City H

During the new year, Feng Cai visited many elders and also revealed that there would be a food factory in the He Mountain Brigade.

However, he didnt say anything else.

After all, he hadnt been back for two years.

People might get turned off if he was too straightforward.

Therefore, Feng Cai chatted with his elders about light-hearted topics.

On the second day of the new year, Feng Cai went to his uncles house.

He was Feng Cais main target.

Shen Ge looked at Feng Cai and said in relief, “Youve really grown up and become more mature.”

Feng Cais aunt took out the fruit plate and placed it on the coffee table.

Then, she tapped Feng Cais head with slight force as she said, “This kid suffered so much in that womans hands.

How can he not mature”

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