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As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Jin entered the office.

When he saw the money in Weis hand, his eyes lit up.

“Youre quite fast! Mr.

Wei, give me 2,000 yuan and give me the villages account book from last year.

Ill go to the Agriculture Bureau now!”


Weis heart skipped a beat.

He had yet to spend much time with the money, so why was this “Wealth Distribution Boy” here!


Wei pursed his lips and took out the ledger first.

Then, he gloomily counted out 2,000 yuan and handed it over.

Wu Jin immediately reached for it.

He tugged at it twice but it didnt budge.

He looked at Mr.

Wei helplessly.


Wei looked up at Wu Jin and said with heartache, “Remember! Spend less if you can.

There are still many expenses to pay!”

Wu Jin said impatiently, “I know.

Let go quickly.

Dont waste my time.”


Wei slowly let go and watched Wu Jin walk out the door.

Yu Bing pursed her lips and chuckled.

Her originally depressed mood improved substantially.

“Dont worry, Mr.


Ill make sure you have endless money in the future.”


Wei felt a little better when he heard this.

“You have to work hard.

This industrial chain is the hope of the entire village!”

Yu Bing smiled and nodded.

This time, Wu Jin entered the Agriculture Bureau proudly with the money.

After knocking on the open door, Wu Jin greeted with a smile.

“Happy New Year, Chief Zhao!”

As long as the Lantern Festival wasnt over, the new year wouldnt be over.

Chief Zhao looked up and realized that it was Wu Jin.

He didnt expect to get the money before the fruit tree bore fruit, so he looked at it suspiciously.


Wu, Happy New Year.

Why am I getting goosebumps from your smile”

Wu Jin smiled and said, “Chief Zhao, you misunderstood me! Im here to buy trees from you.”

When Chief Zhao heard this, he felt a little relieved and teased, “Not bad.

You have the money to expand production! What kind of saplings are you planning to buy this time”

Wu Jin sat in his chair calmly and slowly replied, “3,000 pear trees and 5,500 persimmon trees each.

I want all of them to bear fruit this year.”

Chief Zhaos eyes lit up when he heard this number.

He immediately took out a calculator and started typing.

When he saw the number, he looked up at Wu Jin and said, “A total of 10,600 yuan!”

Wu Jin smiled and looked at Chief Zhao.

“Ill pay 1,000 yuan for this batch of fruits first.

Ill borrow money from you for the rest.”

Chief Zhaos smile froze.

He knew that he had let his guard down too early! He was so angry that he put the calculator aside.

“Go wherever you want! You have the cheek to say that you want to buy trees from me with 1,000 yuan!”

Wu Jins expression didnt change as he continued, “This 1,000 yuan is not just money.

It represents my attitude!”

Then, he took out the ledger he had specifically brought and flipped to the last page.

“Chief Zhao, take a look.

After distributing the money at the end of last year, this is all thats left! 1,200! I really gave you all the money I could!”

Wu Jin had a bitter expression on his face as he said helplessly, “Chief Zhao, I really have no choice.

The village is poor! As the village chief, if I dont think of a way to help everyone survive, wont I have to watch the villagers work on an empty stomach forever!”

As Wu Jin spoke, he became emotional.

He still had lingering fear when he recalled that years famine.

The feeling of watching the villagers die from eating soil since there wasnt any money or food was too unbearable.

Chief Zhao was also from the countryside and knew the economic situation of the various villages in the county.

When he thought of the situation of the He Mountain Brigade, he felt sympathetic.

Therefore, he accepted the 1,000 yuan.

However, he still had to charge an additional 0.01 yuan for the remaining money.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to explain to his supervisor and other departments.

Wu Jin successfully obtained the fruit seedlings and three training spots.

He left the Agriculture Bureau in satisfaction.

The next day, with great reluctance, Mr.

Wei forced himself to send 2,000 yuan to go to the pesticide factory and fertilizer factory.

However, Wu Jin changed the 1,200 yuan in the account book to give it to whoever wanted it.

In the end, he spent a total of 1,300 yuan to negotiate the use of this batch of fruit trees pesticide and fertilizer for half a year.

Naturally, he continued to write IOUs for the rest.

After the matter was settled, Yu Bing chose a knowledgeable young man and two villagers to go to the Agriculture Bureau for training.

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