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The work in the orchard officially began on the tenth day of the new year.

There wasnt much farm work in the fields now.

The entire village, old and young, had been mobilized to dig pits and plant trees.

Their enthusiasm was also very high.

Previously, the apples and cherries had only been planted on half of the large slopes of the two hills.

The other dirt slopes had been plowed only before the holidays.

Yu Bing requested that the remaining 11,500 tree pits be dug in one go by February.

This way, they only had to put the seedlings in March.

February was the time to plant pear trees.

After the pit was dug, with everyones combined efforts, the 3,000 pear trees were planted in a few days.

Seeing the change in the hillside, the villagers felt a sense of accomplishment.

When President Song brought a group of people to the He Mountain Brigade, he saw the prosperous orchard.

President Song introduced He Mountain Brigades orchard to the county head Mr.

Bai and voiced his plan to open a food processing plant.


Bai watched everyone get busy at the foot of the hill.

He smiled and said to the people behind him, “Everyone is very enthusiastic! It feels completely different from when we came down to inspect in the past.”

President Song smiled.

“Thats right.

Its completely different! What I know is the rough plan.

Ill call Wu Jin and the person-in-charge over and ask them to tell you in detail.

I heard that Mr.

Wu plans to let the village go all out.”

Wu Jin brought Yu Bing down the mountain.

When he saw the leaders of seven to eight communes and counties, he went forward and greeted them.

“Hello, leaders! This is our intellectual team captain, Yu Bing.

Shes also in charge of these project industrial chains.”

Yu Bing smiled.

“Greetings, leaders!”


Bai smiled and nodded.

“Not bad.

Youre taking on a big responsibility at such a young age.”


Bai didnt know Bing well and said these words out of courtesy.

Yu Bing didnt mind.

After all, she wasnt interested in showing off in front of them.


Bai had heard some news about Wu Jin going around buying things on credit and was a little curious about how big his operation was, so he took the time to come to the village.

“You, Wu Jin, are famous in the county now!”

Wu Jin naturally knew what Mr.

Bai meant, but he was already thick-skinned.

“I had no choice.”

“Everyone knows that our village is a poor village.

We can only rely on the help of our various other units.


Bai, can you give us some support We plan to buy some fish and duck seedlings in two months.

Can you help us inform the farm first”


Bai was stunned.

He didnt expect Wu Jin to seize the opportunity to ask for help and offer to pay on credit.

He laughed and said, “Mr.

Wu, everyone has their own difficulties.

Its not appropriate for me to interfere in the work of other departments.”

Wu Jin was vexed.

Why was he here if he wasnt going to help!

Seeing this, President Song quickly smiled and tried to smooth things over.


Wu, youre always thinking about developing the economic industry in the village! Tell Mr.

Wu about your ecological integration industry chain.


Wu has a lot of say in the agricultural field.

If theres any problem, he can give you guidance.”

It wasnt that President Song didnt want Yu Bing to do so, but Yu Bings position wasnt high enough.


Wu had never heard of Yu Bing either.

It wouldnt be good for him to call Yu Bing out too deliberately.

When Wu Jin heard this, he quickly pulled Yu Bing out.

“Yu Bing is in charge of the design and implementation of this industrial chain.

Its more suitable to let her explain.”

Yu Bing didnt hesitate and stood up to report the plan of the entire industrial chain.

During this period, Mr.

Bai also asked questions about what he was puzzled about.

Yu Bing answered them one by one.

Yu Bings plan was very thorough.

The questions didnt stump her at all.

After the report, Mr.

Bai couldnt help but view Yu Bing in a different light.

He originally thought that the other party was just a little talented and smart, but he didnt expect her to be such a mature and bold woman!


Bai had visited and examined many villages economic industries, but Yu Bings industrial plan still amazed him.

It also made him want to support her.

He could use the He Mountain Brigade as a pilot for a new model.

If the industrial chain plan really worked, he wanted to promote it to benefit more villages.

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