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After confirming this idea, Mr.

Bai said to Wu Jin, “This plan sounds quite good, but I wonder what will happen when it comes to practice.

Although I cant help you get the duck and fish seedlings, I can set this place up as a pilot for a new industry chain model and give you some special privileges.”

This was really an unexpected gain!

Wu Jin took the initiative to request it, but Mr.

Bai didnt agree.

However, he unexpectedly received special privileges after explaining the industrial chain!

Wu Jins eyes lit up as he looked at Mr.


Although he didnt know what privileges there would be, it was a good thing.


Bai, thank you for your strong support of our villages industries!”


Bai felt as if he had become a hot commodity in Wu Jins eyes at this moment.

He smiled and said, “We will make adjustments according to your plan after the meeting.

The following documents will be approved.”

Wu Jin nodded repeatedly.

As long as he didnt have to pay or could pay less, everything was fine!

Because the construction of the industrial chain had yet to be completed, Mr.

Bai and the others only watched the planting of the fruit trees at the foot of the mountain.

They planned to come over after the factory and fish pond were set up.

After sending them away, Wu Jin and Yu Bing immersed themselves in the production of the orchard again and successfully planted all the pear trees into the pit before the Lantern Festival.

As for Xiao Sheng, he had also figured out the situation.

The person targeting Xiao Sheng was called Zhang Chao.

He was one of Brother Qiangs capable subordinates and was considered one of the few highly valued lackeys.

Zhang Chaos reason for targeting him was that Brother Qiang had taken a fancy to Xiao Shengs ability and wanted to secretly nurture him.

He also hoped that Xiao Sheng would take over the black market stall in the county city.

When Xiao Sheng heard this news, he found it unbelievable.

After all, the two of them had only worked together for about half a year, while Zhang Chao had been with Brother Qiang for a few years.

Zhang Chao also realized that Brother Qiang seemed to have the intention to promote Xiao Sheng and planned to choose the new person-in-charge of the countys black market.

That was why he wanted to stop the delivery of Xiao Shengs goods.

He beat his deliverer to give Xiao Sheng a warning.

How could an ambitious person like Zhang Chao allow a newbie like Xiao Sheng to get ahead of him

However, since Xiao Sheng had dared to enter this industry at such a young age, how could he be someone who was willing to submit After figuring out who was behind this, he was even more fearless.

However, considering the safety of Yu Bing and Zhou Qun, he planned to deliver the goods himself before he thought of a good solution.

Those people had already tasted the power of his fists.

Coupled with the fact that he was someone Brother Qiang valued, they didnt dare to do anything openly.

Otherwise, it would be equivalent to slapping Brother Qiang in the face.

Therefore, as long as it was Xiao Sheng who was doing the delivery, those people didnt dare to stop him.

There wasnt much work in the fields before the holidays ended, and the commune and county didnt arrange for tractors to go on errands.

However, Yu Bing hadnt been idle these few days.

After they planted the pear trees, there was still land on the big hill to plant kiwis.

The small hill was where all the persimmon trees were planned to be planted.

Yu Bing would go to the orchard every day to patrol and check on the chickens on the farm.

After making sure that everything was fine, she would go home to rest.

As soon as she was ready to go to the orchard today, she was stopped.

“Hello, I want to ask which direction is Xiao Shengs house” A low and magnetic voice sounded.

Yu Bing turned around and saw two young men.

One of them was Zhang Chao, who Yu Bing knew.

Yu Bing was about to shout in surprise when she suddenly realized that according to the timeline, the two of them would only meet more than ten years later.

Hence, she quickly replied with a smile, “Xiao Shengs family is at the back of the village! Do you know him”

Zhang Chao smiled and nodded.

Then, he thanked her and left.

As Yu Bing looked at Zhang Chaos departing figure, she marveled over how the two of them had met so early in this life.

In her previous life, the two of them met after Zhang Chao came out of prison.

Yu Bing and Zhang Chao met through a charity event for the disabled.

At that time, Zhang Chao was wearing a worn-out white shirt.

He didnt look rich, but he donated more than 10,000 yuan to blind disabled people.

One had to know that 10,000 yuan was a large amount of money in the 90s, so his shabby clothes and extravagant behavior at that time aroused Yu Bings curiosity.

Later, when Yu Bing was robbed, Zhang Chao helped subdue the criminal and was stabbed in the abdomen.

Then, the two of them started interacting.

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