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When Yu Bing learned that Zhang Chao couldnt find a good job because he had been in prison and could only rely on hard labor to earn money to support his sickly wife, she decided to let Zhang Chao be her bodyguard and driver.

After the two of them became familiar with each other, Yu Bing learned from Zhang Chao that in order to suppress his competitor, he had accidentally killed his competitors blind sister.


Later on, because Zhang Chao turned himself in, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Because he actively cooperated with the reform in prison, he was released early.

Although many years had passed, he still couldnt forget that little girl from back then.

Therefore, he scrimped and saved to donate the money he had saved to blind people, hoping to lessen his guilt.

Yu Bing recalled her previous life as she walked up the mountain.

Since she could meet Zhang Chao so early in this life, Yu Bing hoped that she could change Zhang Chaos fate.

However, she didnt expect Xiao Sheng to know Zhang Chao.

That was good.

She could get to know Zhang Chao in advance through Xiao Sheng.

Yu Bingxin was very happy to think that she could save her old friend from trouble, but in the next moment, the smile on Yu Bings face froze.

His competitors blind sister!

Didnt Xiao Shengs recent goods get intercepted by his competitor

His blind sister was Xiao Li!

Yu Bing felt like her heart was about to stop.

When she regained her senses, she ran towards the Xiao family crazily!

Yu Bing felt extremely guilty.

She should have thought of it earlier.

How many people had blind sisters!

That little girl who always faced the hardships of life with a smile didnt deserve to suffer this!

The journey that usually took half an hour was shortened to ten minutes by Yu Bing.

When she ran to the Xiao familys house, she saw the courtyard door wide open.

Yu Bing rushed in and realized that the house was already empty.

The courtyard was scattered with straw mats that Xiao Li usually made.

Yu Bing was flustered.

She was afraid that she would never see that cute face again.

Suddenly, Yu Bing remembered that Zhang Chao had mentioned that he didnt know how to swim, so he couldnt save the girl in time.

Yu Bing quickly rushed to the pond not far away!

At the edge of the pond.

With her hands grabbed, Xiao Li could only try her best to drag herself in the opposite direction.

She asked in a panic, “Who are you Let go of me.

My brother will be worried if he doesnt see me.”

Zhang Chao replied with a fierce expression, “Its good for him to be worried.

When he comes back, remember to tell him not to touch anything he shouldnt touch.

Otherwise, there will be more things for him to worry about!”

Xiao San stuck his head out and estimated the depth of the pool.

“Brother Chao, this pool doesnt look deep.

It shouldnt be able to drown anyone.

Should we throw her in”


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