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After Yu Bing finished speaking, she turned around and continued working.

She snickered to herself.

In her previous life, she had fallen for Yu Yans trap and changed jobs with her.

If she didnt know Yu Yans purpose, then she would have let down the heavens for giving her this chance to be reborn.

Yu Yan was instantly speechless.

She looked at Yu Bing, whose back was facing her, and her expression was very ugly.

At this moment, when the team members beside Yu Bing heard their conversation, they stared at Yu Yan as if they knew that she wanted to slack off.

Yu Yan could only reluctantly turn around and leave before returning to the field she was responsible for.

Yu Bings team leader was a middle-aged woman called Zhao Gui.

She hated people who played tricks and slacked off the most.

After witnessing the scene just now, her impression of Yu Bing improved.

She was smart and diligent.

The sun in July and August was especially scorching.

Yu Bing was scorched by the summer heat.

Her face was pale and large beads of sweat were flowing down.

However, compared to her previous life, when she felt dizzy on the first day of going to the lower field, she was already doing much better than before.

With previous experience, Yu Bing naturally knew how to work more efficiently.

Moreover, the exercise she had done before coming to the countryside had indeed made her stronger.

In the distance, Jiang Chun was working as quickly as possible.

She wanted to finish what she was responsible for as soon as possible and rush over to help Yu Bing.

Therefore, although it was her first day of work, she was only slightly slower than the veteran team members.

Yu Yan, who was in the same group as Jiang Chun, was much slower.

Because she hadnt eaten breakfast in the morning, Yu Yan, who hadnt done much work when back at home, felt exhausted.

In addition, without the cover of a hat and under the scorching sun, Yu Yan suddenly felt a little dizzy and fell down.

Before she could catch her breath, she was called on by the team leader Li Ping.

In fact, for some of the city people who had never worked at home, it was their first time doing such high-intensity labor.

Yu Yans situation was very normal.

Although Jiang Chun was an only daughter, her family wasnt rich.

She had suffered a lot since she was young.

However, they were from the same batch.

They were also in the same group.

With this comparison, Li Ping was naturally a little dissatisfied with Yan, so she kept a closer eye on her.

After about half an hour, Jiang Chun finished her work and walked towards Yu Bing.

“Ill help you.

Go back and cook first.”

“Im fine.

I can hold on!” Yu Bing panted slightly.

Yu Bing hadnt stopped to rest for the entire morning except for drinking water.

Others occasionally slacked off, so their progress wasnt much worse than the others.

Zhao Gui saw all of this, and at this moment, Yu Bings face was even paler than before.

She said amiably, “Since someone is helping you and youre in charge of cooking, you can go back first.”

Jiang Chun said jokingly, “Go back.

We want to eat as soon as we get home.”

Yu Bing saw that there wasnt much left of her portion, so she nodded and went back first.

When Yu Yan saw that Yu Bing had left early, she felt excited.

She felt that she had caught her red-handed.

However, she didnt choose to complain immediately.

Instead, she made a mental note.

After she reached home, Yu Bing steamed the rice and made cucumber salad, stir-fried zucchini, and loofah egg soup.

After everyone arrived home, they ate their lunch with relish.

Because their clothes were already drenched in sweat, everyone prepared to take a bath before resting.

The boys werent that high maintenance.

They took a cold shower and went to rest.

On the other hand, Yu Bing had used two basins to hold water and placed them on the empty space in front of the house to dry.

The temperature of the water was just right after dinner.

Jiang Chun touched the water in the basin.

“Little Bing, your idea is really brilliant.

The temperature is just right.

Not only can we take a warm bath, but we can also save a lot of firewood.”

Yu Bing smiled and said, “I learned it from the villagers.”

The two of them had just finished showering and changed into dry clothes to lie down when Yu Yan returned from the villagers home to rest.

When she entered the kitchen, she didnt see any hot water.

She thought that everyone had boiled it and didnt leave any for her.

Even the water in the tub was empty, and there was only enough water to fill the kettle she drank from.

Yu Yan was already filled with anger when she ate at the villagers house today.

Not only did she not eat breakfast, but she also didnt wash the rice for lunch properly, causing her to accidentally bite into small stones twice.

The plates still had grease that hadnt been washed clean, and the food werent as tasty as the food Yu Bing cooked.

Thus, she threw the pot lid onto the iron pot with a bang.

She took the empty bucket and planned to get water from the well one kilometer away from the dormitory.


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