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Xiao Sheng stood in the courtyard and gritted his teeth as he said to Zhang Chao, “Do you want to come out yourself or let me in!”

Since he had already come looking for him, he couldnt hide.

Hence, Zhang Chao pulled Xia Rous hand and came out.

Without another word, Xiao Sheng punched him.

Zhang Chao raised his hand to block, but unfortunately, he didnt move fast enough and was punched in the left side of his face.

Xia Rou was so frightened that she immediately went forward to stop him.

Yu Bing pulled her back.

She had to let Xiao Sheng vent his anger.

Moreover, she hoped to use this opportunity to teach Zhang Chao a lesson!

Yu Bing told Xia Rou about how Zhang Chao had almost killed Xiao Li.

Xia Rou was shocked.

She only knew that Zhang Chao had found a job, but she didnt know what he was doing.

Occasionally, he would come back with injuries.

When she asked, he only said that it was a fight with a colleague.

Xia Rou lowered her head and kept wiping her tears.

Although she knew that Zhang Chao deserved it, it would be a lie to say that she wasnt worried when she saw Zhang Chao being beaten until he couldnt fight back anymore.

Xia Rou wiped her tears and took out an iron box from the room.

She rushed to the courtyard and begged, “Sir, this is all my familys money! Consider it compensation for Zhang Chaos mistake.

Can you stop hitting him”

Xiao Sheng had already lost his rationality, so how could he stop

Yu Bing looked at Zhang Chao, who was already vomiting blood and struggling weakly.

She felt that Xiao Sheng couldnt continue hitting him anymore.

Otherwise, Zhang Chao would definitely die.

She hurriedly went forward and grabbed Xiao Shengs raised fist tightly.

She said anxiously, “Xiao Sheng! Stop hitting him.

If you continue, hell die!”

How could Yu Bing have enough strength to stop Xiao Sheng Just as he pulled out his fist and was about to continue beating him, Yu Bing shouted, “If he dies, youll have to go to jail.

How can Xiao Li and Xiao Lin fend for themselves at such a young age Also, how will Xiao Lis eyes get treatment”

Only then did Xiao Sheng stop and slowly stand up.

He glanced at Xia Rou and said coldly, “I dont want money.

He almost killed my sister and beat up a 16-year-old child working for me until his bones cracked.

Its not too much for me to break his arm, right”

Xia Rou was stunned when she heard this.

However, when she thought of the evil things Zhang Chao had done behind her back, she felt that it was good for Zhang Chao to be taught a lesson now.

If he knew how much it hurt, he wouldnt dare to act so recklessly and trample on others lives anymore.

Otherwise, if someone died, it would no longer be resolved with just a beating.

At the thought of this, Xia Rou picked up a wooden stick in the corner with a determined gaze and placed her left hand on the wooden table beside her.

Yu Bing knew what the other party wanted to do and was about to go forward to stop her, but Xia Rou had already raised the wooden stick and hit her arm.

Zhang Chao, who was lying on the ground, saw Xia Rous actions and roared with widened eyes, “No!”

“Ah!” Although Xia Rou was mentally prepared, the moment her bones broke, she still cried out in pain.

Small beads of sweat appeared on her even paler face.

Zhang Chao struggled to get up with all his might and staggered towards Xia Rou.

He cried, “Why did you do this Ill take responsibility for what I did!”

Xiao Sheng was stunned.

Xia Rou didnt look at Zhang Chao.

She endured the pain as she looked at Xiao Sheng and said, “Sir, Im Zhang Chaos wife, Xia Rou.

I believe that I still have some weight in his heart.

You hit him this time, but maybe hell continue to find trouble with you next time.

If I break my arm as compensation for this incident, itll be more effective.

In the future, Ill watch over him and wont let him hurt your people again.”

Seeing this, Xiao Sheng didnt say anything else.

He turned around and walked out.

Yu Bing glanced at Xia Rous broken arm and sighed.

Then, she followed Xiao Sheng out Zhang Chaos home.

The two of them took a cab back to the commune.

The ox cart in the village was only used during market day, so the two of them could only walk back.

Xiao Sheng looked at Yu Bing and said with lingering fear, “Yu Bing, thank you.

If you hadnt discovered it in time, it would have been too late by the time I returned.”

Yu Bing accepted his thanks.

After all, without her, Xiao Li would really be gone.

She reached out and patted Xiao Shengs shoulder gently.

“I just happened to encounter this matter.

Its good that it was resolved smoothly.

Xia Rou is Zhang Chaos most beloved.

With her around, Zhang Chao wont attack again.”

Xiao Sheng thought of Zhang Chaos reaction when Xia Rou broke her arm and felt that Yu Bing made sense.

Suddenly, he thought of what Yu Bing had said when she stopped him and asked softly, “How did you know that my sisters eyes can be treated”

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