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The remaining space was divided into a 150-square-meter operation room and an 80-square-meter disinfection room.

On the left side of the operating room, there were five large boiler stoves against the wall.

In the corner next to the stove, there was an operating table with running water equipment.

In the middle of the room, there were a few long tables for the operating table for storing food.

The remaining space was filled with rows of custom-made wooden shelves that were 1.5 meters tall.

Each floor was separated by 30 centimeters, and they were used to store all kinds of canned food that had been boiled and bottled.

They passed through the small door in the middle and entered the disinfection room.

Disinfection equipment had already been placed inside.

Feng Cai bought a double-layered sterilization pot.

This kind of equipment had a wide range of applications.

It could be used in bags or cans.

It could be used to disinfect and sterilize all sorts of products, from fruit and milk products to meat and fish.

The machine occupied an area of more than ten square meters and was placed in the middle of the room.

The four walls were wooden shelves of the same specification as the operating room.

They were used to temporarily store the finished products that had completed the disinfection process.

These things would be moved to the warehouse beside it to be labeled before work ended every day.

The factorys hardware and equipment were all prepared.

Wu Jin couldnt find any problems with the factorys settings.

He only asked Yu Bing, “What other preparations are there for the factory”

Yu Bing took out a notebook from her green crossbody bag.

There were a few things that had yet to be ticked on it, so she said with annoyance, “Theres still job recruitment waiting to be completed.

Our food factorys trademark hasnt been designed yet.

After the designing is done, we still have to contact the paper factory to help us print it.

We still have to purchase glass bottles, and we havent contacted the food supply company yet.”

When Wu Jin heard this, he lowered his eyes and said, “Alright, Ill take the time to take a look at the planting situation in the orchard.

Your focus has to be on the preparation of the factory.

This is the key for us to repay the money.”

Yu Bing said seriously, “Alright, I understand.”

After the two of them finished distributing the work, they began to get busy.

At this moment, Brother Qiang also sent back news.

City Z was willing to sell 100 bottles of red oil bean paste.

According to the size of 250 grams a bottle, Xiao Sheng negotiated the wholesale price of one yuan per bottle.

The price seemed expensive, but there was a lot of oil in the red oil bean paste.

In the future, people always said that people in this era didnt have enough to eat.

It could be seen how precious oil was now.

Red oil bean paste was salty and tasty.

It was also spicy and appetizing.

Even if there wasnt a single dish, even a little bit of red oil bean paste could add flavor to a bowl of rice.

Moreover, after the red oil bean paste was finished, the remaining layer of oil could be used for cooking for an entire week.

It also tasted better than ordinary oil.

Xiao Sheng had already calculated the cost of production.

A bottle cost 0.68 yuan.

Although it was time-consuming, the profit of 0.32 yuan was still worth it!

After all, no matter how little the amount was, even a little money was money!

With the arrival of spring, the supply of various vegetables gradually followed.

The supply of pickled vegetables in the city had already been stopped.

The three vats of pickled vegetables on the mountain were also empty now.

They could be used to marinate red oil bean paste for Yu Bing.

The quantity of 100 bottles only took up two-thirds of a vat.

Because she wasnt sure how popular they would be and if they would increase the quantity, Yu Bing naturally didnt dare to make too much.

She only asked Xiao Sheng to buy the corresponding amount of raw materials according to the supply.

At this moment, the factory recruitment work that everyone in the village was looking forward to began in full swing.

The registration work was on the flat ground in the factory courtyard, and the recruitment registration information was handled by the female director, Zhao Lin.

The main reason Yu Bing chose Zhao Lin to help her was that Zhao Lin was in charge of resolving conflicts in the village and knew the situation of the various families very well.

Yu Bing was recruiting people to work, so she didnt want to attract those troublemakers!

The recruitment notice was pasted on the wall of the factorys entrance.

There were 14 people being recruited, and the age limit was 18 to 28 years old.

The number of people required for each position was five female chefs, two disinfectants, and seven ordinary workers.

The recruitment method was divided into two rounds, a written test and an interview.

Yu Bing was inclined to recruit women for the first batch of employees.

After all, it was the food industry and was closely related to the kitchen.

Women were more meticulous and hygienic, especially those in charge of making jam on the stove.

However, many people who came with hope were disqualified because of their age.

When they saw the recruitment requirements, they were very indignant.

“Yu Bing, older people are more efficient at work.

Why dont you want us”

“Thats right!”

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