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Older villagers tended to take advantage of their seniority.

In fact, this was why Yu Bing included the age requirements.

The establishment of a new factory included the establishment of rules.

She had to let the workers learn to obey management right from the beginning.

Otherwise, she would have to spend time managing these people.

As long as the first batch of employees could be managed according to the factory management system, even if they recruited older workers later, there wouldnt be any trouble.

Yu Bing said calmly, “The factory has just been established, and many things are still in the process of being explored.

Young people learn quickly, which helps the factory figure out the correct production model quickly.

Only then can we gain a foothold and expand production.”

After these words, everyone quieted down.

Yu Bing continued, “In the future, the factory will need to expand recruitment.

I will relax the age limit, but theres one thing that wont change.

All workers who enter the factory have to pass the written test.”

Yu Bing made this decision for the sake of the factory.

The villagers werent stupid.

The factory was the villages industry.

If the factory could do better, they could get more money at the end of the year.

Moreover, everyone felt much better when they heard that they still had a chance.

Most importantly, almost every family had people of this age.

It didnt matter if they were old, as long as their sons, daughters, or daughters-in-law had a chance!

Hence, everyone stopped protesting and hurriedly pulled their family members into the queue to sign up.

Other than Feng Cai, Yu Yan and Yao Nian didnt sign up either.

There was naturally no need to mention Feng Cai.

He had already been appointed as the chief of the sales department.

Although he was currently a general without an army, he was still a leader.

As long as the factory performed well, it was only a matter of time before he had subordinates.

The intellectuals were envious, but they couldnt do anything about it.

After all, they couldnt give the factory the necessary machines like Feng Nian could.

However, because of Feng Cais example, the young people began to rack their brains to think of what benefits their familys connections could bring to the factory so that they could successfully become workers.

Yu Yan couldnt take this lying down.

She couldnt stand being led by Yu Bing.

Putting aside her identity as Yu Bings sister, submitting to Yu Bing and being controlled by Yu Bing was worse than asking her to farm.

Yao Nian, on the other hand, was waiting for his mother to propose the idea of marriage to Yu Bings parents.

He had the intention of letting Yu Bing give him a management position, so he disdained signing up here.

There were 187 applicants.

They would participate in the written test three days after the registration deadline.

In the past three days, the He Mountain Brigade had been in high spirits!

At this time, most people had never officially attended school and had only attended literacy classes.

They rarely read or write.

As time passed, other than knowing how to write their name, because it involved getting work points, many people had forgotten how to write other words.

Over the past few days, everyone had been asking each other questions and discussing as they worked.

From time to time, they would gesture on the ground.

The high learning atmosphere of the villagers made the intellectual youths especially nervous.

They, who originally felt that they had the upper hand, suddenly lost their confidence.

Every day, after work, they took out their textbooks from their previous studies and revised them attentively.

Yu Bing was happy to hear this because it was getting closer and closer to the time the college entrance examination was resumed.

Others might not know, but as someone who had experienced the future, she knew very well that once the policy to resume the college entrance examination was adopted, it meant that the entire country would undergo a tremendous change.

She hoped that the intellectual youths of the He Mountain Brigade could seize the opportunity.

The college entrance examination had been put on hold for 10 years.

This meant that a large number of positions for high-level talents were completely vacant.

This made the country crave talents to the extreme.

Therefore, after the university students recruited through the college entrance examination three years ago graduated, they held very important positions in various departments of the country.

It could be said that it was a chance for all scholars to turn things around.

Yu Bing personally came up with an exam paper for this written test.

The language arts section tested composition and grammar.

They also had to write a small essay of about 100 words.

The Mathematics section tested addition and subtraction methods of numbers within 100 and the conversion of currency units.

In fact, Yu Bing didnt have high expectations.

As long as one could understand words and calculate, one could pass.

Therefore, as long as one mastered basic knowledge points, one could pass.

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